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Path Of the Sith (Open to Overseers and Acolytes!)

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The Path Of the Sith

Welcome to the Academy

The Path of the Sith is carved in blood; of those that came before us, and those that will come after. The Empire is rebuilding, and the doors have been flung wide open. The only choice that needs to be made is: Will you step through its doors? Will you, the alien, the slave, the noble of high expectations, break the bonds of your former life and embrace the Sith for all that we are? No one here cares about who you were, but who you will become.

There are only two ways out of the academy: victory or death. What are you waiting for?

Who are we and what do we do?

We are another Sith Academy guild, but with the sole focus on building Acolytes from the ground up. We hope that we can maintain a high influx of Acolyte characters with only a handful of Sith Overseers to help facilitate character growth and development. We do not have room for Imperials or a Sith circle. We are only a teaching guild; to help with people that want to build their characters from the very beginning, to introduce people to the Sith lore, and whatever else.

How do we keep it competitive?

We are brand new, but we do have a system in place that will help keep up that competitive edge of the Sith Academy that we love so much. We plan to utilize a points and Trials system to select one Acolyte at a time for graduation, which aids in keeping everything competitive without the looming threat of perma-death. That means that the first group will serve as our little guinea pigs, and we will likely be making adjustments based on how we feel the guild is going.

We have two types of Sith Trials: groups in which there will be one victor, and three individual tests that are specially tailored to each acolyte on a more personal level. During this time, the Sith will earn special privileges like earning their warblade, learning better skills, and more. To graduate, they must complete their final trial, which grants them their lightsaber and their first mission for the Sith Empire.

Roles Within the Academy

The Head Overseer

The Head Overseer is in charge of keeping the Academy running smoothly.


These are instructors that oversee groups of Acolytes from beginning to end. They have a knack for teaching, and rank is not often a requirement. Many Sith Overseers are Lords.

Assistant Overseers

Graduated Acolytes that have a talent for teaching can learn alongside Overseers.

Veteran Acolytes

Graduates that are looking for masters.


The students of the Sith Academy competing for the chance to be taken up by a master.

Public Events

Every once in a while, we will hold a public event that will allow those that play Sith Masters to meet with and seek out potential apprentices. We hope that this will offer an opening for Master/Apprentice roleplay and that we can assist in finding an ideal partnership for both.


Our recruitment for Acolytes is: OPEN

We are OPEN to recruit Overseers. We would like to do this without a long application process, so if you are interested in this position, we ask that you send any of us a message or ping us on Discord. We will be a bit picky about these positions, as they will have some officer privileges to include DMing events, recruiting, creating events, and developing characters. We'd like people that are not only knowledgeable about whatever it is they desire to teach, but also have a knack and ability to help develop characters. We're conducting In-Character and Out of Character interviews for characters interested in instructing: History, Philosophy and other things.

Our Website:

We also have Discord.

Contact Us

The Sith Path (Enjin Messages Only)
User (Discord: Angry Bowling Pin#7987, In-Game: Torriax)
Mombie (Discord: mombie#8998, In-Game: Overseer I'jatti)
Posted Oct 6, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 12, 18
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We have set this guild to open to receive Acolytes until we have a healthy amount of characters to torture teach. :)
Posted Oct 12, 18 · OP
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