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Honor, Loss, and Vengence - Tak'isis

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((OOC note: Zakuul lore isn't the most complete, so I did the best I could with what I could find. If anything seems... offensively non up to lore snuff, please politely let me know. This is my first time writing SW in years. :d ))

3648 BBY 5 ATC Age 6

Tak'isis sat alone as the other children gathered. Some worked on their training, others ran about and played games. Tak was not a very sociable kid, and her time outside of the classes was normally spent alone. She was eager to learn, but she was shy. Plus, her force presence was naturally small, so unless she was in plain sight, she was easily not noticed. This was fine for her, but today, things were about to change.

"Hiya!" a friendly voice chimed in front of her. Tak looked up with a start to see another child was looking at her. The girl was clearly about her age, with caramel skin and dark hair cropped short like the others. She had bright emerald eyes and full lips that seemed to default as a smile. "What's your name?" the girl asked after not receiving an answer.

Tak blinked a few times, and pulled her self into a ball. Her presence in the force got smaller, and her very form was hard to focus on. She wanted to be alone. The new people were scary, this girl was scary... she wanted to go home. The new girl however, remained. Her face scrunched up a bit as she tried to focus on the girl, but sensing the anxiety, she decided to sit next to her new introverted friend.

"My name's Demitra." the girl said after a moment of silence. She looked to Tak and grinned. "My friends call me Demi... so you can too." Tak remained silent, but the anxiety Demitra was sensing was fading. Encouraged, the new girl started talking more. "Isn't this exciting? We are going to be knights! We'll protect everyone and keep them safe!" she smiled to Tak, an enchanting smile that caused Tak to mimic on reflex. "Think of all the good we are going to do."

Demitra decided to sit with Tak for the rest of their free time. Then, she did so again the next day... and the day after that... and the day after that. Each day, Tak remained quiet, and Demitra would do the talking for them. Telling Tak about her day, her dreams, and any joke she could think of. Each day, Tak became less stressed around her, until on the seventh day, when they were about to be moved to their next assignment, she finally spoke.

"Tak." the shy girl mumbled.

Demitra grinned at that and jumped over to give her friend a hug, causing a squeak to escape the smaller girl. "Tak! That must be your name! I'm so happy!"

3640 BBY 13 ATC Age 14

Tak stood in the middle of the gathered knights, holding a quarterstaff. The knights were similarly armed, and it was Tak's turn to train on her progress. The knights moved in, attacking the girl. She moved quickly, spinning the staff around her to parry, and at times planting the staff down in the dirt to lift herself up to snap a kick at a knight. As the exercise wore on, she held her own, not being touched, but not taking her opponents down. Finally, the captain called for her to stop, and the small teen rushed to her companion.

While Tak remained small and with an athletic build, Demitra grew like a weed and quickly started to blossom into a young woman. It was obvious that by the time she'd be an adult, she'd have a lovely figure, and that caused the boys to draw to her. Demitra used this to her advantage. Getting herself or Tak some extra sweets, or getting a favor here or there. Demitra looked to Tak and gave her classic full lipped smile and leaned down to whisper to her.

"I saw you holding back.... you need to stop that."

Tak flushed red, but didn't say anything. Demitra smiled, knowing that Tak knew she was caught. Tak didn't speak much, so Demitra had to learn to read her body language.

At the captain's prompt, Demitra sashayed into the center of the nights, and held her staff at the ready. At the command to start, she moved fast. Blocking the first few blows, she then started thrusting out her hand, sending knights crashing into the wall behind them. The final one was never lucky, being raised by Demitra, gasping for air. The captain quickly called for the fight to stop, and Demitra smugly walked back to Tak. Tak looked up to Demitra with wide eyes, and Demitra could easily sense her adoration.

3637 BBY 16 ATC Age: 17

Demitra and Tak stood proud as they reached the end of their training to become knights. They stood in formation, armor on, and shields and pikes in hand as they began the final ceremony. Before anyone could speak however, they were interrupted by a broadcast from the Emperor's son, Arcann.

"People of Zakuul, the unthinkable has happened. Our beloved Emperor, Valkorion, is dead - murdered by an Outlander who sought to shake the foundations of our great society. The assassin will receive swift and just punishment, and this act of unprovoked aggression will be answered. As your new Emperor, I can promise you this: Zakuul's enemies will face the full power of the Eternal Throne. They will answer for their warmongering ways... and every last one of the Core Worlds will burn!"

The entire crowd remained silent. Tak was in silent shock... but a quiet sob escaped Demitra's armor. While she herself was just as shocked, she was overwhelmed by the people around her's sadness. Their leader was murdered. And now, though they were just barely new recruits, they were on their way to war.....

3637 BBY 17 ATC Age 18

Tak, Demitra, and their squad of knights and commandos were in a briefing the night before they would join the battle on Alderaan. The young knights, though only having been knights for a few months, were already becoming hardened war veterans, and each had their own roles to fill. Tak was quickly used as a scout and an infiltrator. Her experience with using the force to hide herself made her valuable to taking out priority targets. Demitra, with her growing power, was all but the leader when a captain wasn't present.

"Alright, this is one of the last planets holding resistance to the Eternal Empire." the captain said to a few grunts of approval. "Tomorrow, you are going to be dropped... here" he points to a spot on the map. "And move in on this enemy encampment." he points to a spot marked red on the map. He then looks to Tak. "Tak. You and some of the commandos are going to branch around and take them from behind. Understood?"

Tak nodded and gave a salute. The captain nodded, not bothering with fighting over how much she spoke anymore.

Later that night, Tak woke to a quiet knock at her door. Moving silently to her door, she opened it to a smiling Demitra, who quickly stepped inside. She looked to Tak with a warm smile, and spoke softly.

"Tak.. this might be the last fight we have to do in this war.... afterwards..." she shifts a bit awkwardly. "Lets... get married..." the woman, normally the bold one of the group, was a dark red. "I... look... I love you and I have for a while... I'd be lying if I said I couldn't sense the same... and... well... then we could stay toget-"

Demitra's offer was interrupted by a kiss from the smaller woman. For their last night before the battle, the pair finally shared a room....
The Next Day

The battle was over fairly quickly. Tak's force caught the enemy by surprise, and they slowly crushed the Republic between the two walls of shields.... however, something wasn't right. Where were the rest of Tak's squad? The next feeling, caused her to realize what happened.....

The feeling of any Force Bond shattering is painful. One that has lasted a decade is likely agonizing. One of the depth and intensity that Tak and Demitra shared was soul-breaking. Tak fell to the ground in agonizing pain as she felt the agonizing ends of the bond shredding. Tak was evacuated with the wounded, unable to stand after feeling such pain....

Emperor Arcann left Star Fortresses over the conquered worlds instead of military occupation, so it was weeks before Tak was able to get back to Alderaan and find the last known location of her love. Entering a clearing, she stopped to see a line of graves.... one marked with an intricate gravestone, the others with her squad's armor...

Tak wept as she saw her love's helmet. She'd know it anywhere. She pulled it from the grave and watched the last recording the HUD was able to take. It was all working according to plan, when a jedi jumped in the fray. The jedi put up a fight, but eventually, was cut down.... Seconds later, the feed cut to static... whatever killed Demitra ruined the video.

Tak checked all the other feeds and finally got what she wanted... a face. One of the nights got a clear look at the male jedi... the one that cut down Tak's squad and her love.... she didn't know who he was... or how she'd find him.... but that day, she swore vengence on him....
Posted Oct 2, 18 · OP
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((Also, if anyone has a Zakuulan or somethin that they wanna have part of the backstory, hit me up yo!))
Posted Oct 2, 18 · OP