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[G.N.N. - Broadcast] 200 Civilian Lives Lost by Brutal Imperial Attack.

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The Following Broadcast would be made briefly and broadcasted several times throughout the day. A brief clip that shows the atrocities of war, but specifically paints the aggressive nature of the Sith as it is. The Recording was provided by a Special Forces Unit that works as an extension to the Republic's own Military Chain of Command. It should be noted that the filming quality and the voice over could have been edited but its unclear.

"Welcome to G.N.N. Nightly Broadcast. I am your Anchor Negar Castillo and I'm coming to you live with a recording brought to you by the Republic's newest Battalion, the 202nd. Here you can see through this grainy recording Imperial vessel's moving in to strike an Envoy being escorted by Republic Fighters. It is to be noted that Major Azera Barigan has stated that it was not her Battalion that had released the footage yet we have sources that say otherwise. Major Azera Barigan was a career politician when she hit the rank of General and a patriot through and through. She made it to the rank of General but lost her commission after she had won a battle that was believed to have been lost. Why would this cost her the rank she strived to achieve her entire career you ask. Its because with her victory came a great death toll, thousands of good men and women died under her command to see the republic win what was believed to be an unwinnable situation. Regardless the Republic's in short supply of experienced leaders and so here she is at it again!

Regardless of this information the video does seem to be authentic and our prayer's and thoughts go out to the families of those who had been lost. May the force be with them and may the force be with our brave men and women who serve... Let us go to commeri.."

A awkward pause would commence as the Anchor would break in.

"This just in we have the Major in question on the Holofeed as we speak. We'll pan you right over.."

The Camera would pan over to the Holographic Projection of one, Major Azera Barigan. She is dressed from head to toe in her Military Uniform with two Republic Banners proudly displayed behind her.

"This is a warning to all those who would oppose Democracy, Liberty and the freedom's of our great society. The Republic's finest will no longer take a back seat to the war mongering dogs of the Sith Empire. The 202nd Specials Operations Battalion will be there to defend the Republic's people, it's interests and its Idealisms and will make a bolder stance against the Empire's corrosive nature. We will not stand for criminal actions by a barbaric society who feels the need to fire upon helpless civilians for some fear mongering campaign that they have decided to wage. I promise you this no matter how much the Empire may push us, we will push back harder. No matter how far the empire may push us back we will push back further. No matter how far their wicked machinations may stretch, we will be there to stand in their way. For Democracy, For Liberty, for Civility and most importantly for the Republic."

The Transmission ends and the Network goes to Commercial.
Posted Sep 7, 18 · OP · Last edited Sep 7, 18
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The Keeper of the Dominion watched on as the broadcast ran, scoffing lightly to himself. "Keeper, do you think they are a threat?" His young advisor asked.

"A fool would say no out-right, but an idiot I would be to say yes outright... Only time will tell." The masked man said from his chair. "That said, put out the word to our contacts. I want all information we can draw together on this Major and her unit."

"Yes sir, it shall be done." The young advisor said with a salute before exiting the room.
Now I'm nailed above you
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It's with your sins that you've killed me
Thinking of your sins I die
Posted Sep 8, 18 · Last edited Sep 10, 18
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