Information taken from Imperial Intelligence:

Name: Raza Val'osh (Imperial: Raza Val'osh / Raza Va'losh / Ra'zaa. Alliance: Raza Valosh)
Race: Zabrak
Age: 32

Former affiliations:
Black Sun
White Maw
The Exchange

Assassination of Imperial/Republic Officials

A for-credit assassin and spook, none are quite sure where he got his start, just that he became an enforcer for the Exchange at the age of 20 and worked his way up until he fell off the radar, being picked up once more with the White Maw. After a few years under their command, he vanished once again to appear within the Black Suns until disbanding from them as well, reasons unknown. Currently spotted within the ranks of the Talon Company.

Wanted for war crimes and piracy charges on Alderaan, Balmora, Makeb, and Hoth.

Target assessed as highly dangerous. Approach with caution.

(As an aside, no matter what character is being used, the character is an operative that uses guns, bladed weapons, explosives, and poisons. Zero Force capacity whatsoever.)