The Bastion Coalition

Guild Leader(s): Darth Atarous, Darth Xanatos, Darth Daran

Guild Alignment: Empire

Guild Type: Heavy RP (PvP/PvE)

Website: Currently in Production

Reputation: Though brand new on the Galactic Scene, The Bastion Coalition has begun making a name for themselves in earnest, fighting against any and all enemies who threaten the Empire. Behind the experienced leadership of Darth Xanatos, Daran, and Atarous, the Coalition has been making steady strides in its efforts to defend Imperial Territories, secure new resources, and retake planets lost to the Republic (or other factions).

Short History: Created after the battle of Bastion Station, the Bastion Coalition has begun expanding rapidly, securing new territory and resources for the Empire, as well as defending Imperial Territories.

What we seek: The Bastion Coalition strives to be influential and beneficial to the sever by bringing an element of storytelling back to the world of swtor. We seek RPers who aren't afraid to build themselves up in character, developing their characters and bonds in and out of the guild. We seek Sith who aren't afraid to learn, but also teach. Imperial Soldiers who can follow orders, and give them when needed. We need people willing to tough it out with a new guild, as we gain a feel for how we are going to progress forward, and those willing to help us build the guild from within, while building the Empire as a whole. People willing to go to events, follow instructions, and enjoy good old fashion dice roll combat, as well as PvP for those who enjoy it, and possibly even some PvE. Most importantly, we are looking for people who are flexible, and want to have fun. I know my hours are not always consistent currently, nor are Daran or Xanatos', but we strive to be on and do our best.

How to join: It simple, really. When our website is up and running, simply fill out a form on it! Until then, in-game whispers or mail to Ataröus (alt 0246) can get you set up with an IC meeting, or simply PM me on enjin, or Discord @Björn#5377 (alt 0246).

How would your character know about us/Get in contact with us:
This is entirely up to you, whether you want to have IC meet and greet for the first time, or your character has heard of the Coalition, or one of its leaders, and is trying to get in contact with us, the choice is yours! We will do our best to support whatever decision you make, as it could lead to interesting RP. Interested in talking out a scenario? Shoot a PM to myself, or one of the other Guild Leads, and we will see what we can do!

About us: The Bastion Coalition was established by a group of friends on the Starforge Server, where its members had all kinds of fun RP and PvP with many other people on the server, building our characters from the ground up in the awesome Roleplay community. Though we each had separate guilds in the past on our Sith toons (Myself being in Tave Darjunas with Ventu), we recently decided to come together to form a Guild of our own, to progress our characters, along with other people's toons, even further along. We are hopping to gain new members, and to go on exciting adventures! With a new, revitalized guild ranking system and all new ways of progressing your character, we plan on creating brand new DnD style campaigns and story arcs, hunts and much more! We are also looking to help rebuild the community as a whole, with possible plans for community wide events in the future already in the works!

Character Sheet: This is the new revamped Character Sheet system, courtesy of combining aspects of a few different types Xan and I have encountered over the years. This is still a prototype, so changes may occur down the line.:
Spoiler: Character SheetShow