Global Rules of the Board

These are the rules that apply across the bounty board in its entirety. They must be followed and respected by those taking part in any activity involved on the board. They are rules of common sense and courtesy, so failure to follow them is going to reflect badly on yourself. It can and will also lead to being blacklisted from taking part in the board itself.

Failure to comply with these rules removes your right to partake in the contract, and the Mark has the right to ignore your attempt/participation in the contract.

These are what you must follow when taking part

  • Contractor/Marks are an invitation to roleplay with the Mark in a setting they present with a specific focus. They are the DM of the event. That means you listen to what they say and you do as they say. If you have issues with something, walk away and bring it up with Contractor Board runners.
  • You must announce on the thread that you are taking part, so the Contractor/Marks knows they have interest. If you form a team for a contract, you must announce this and who you are working with.
  • The system of the Bounty Board is meant to outline how contracts are done, unless otherwise specified by the Contractor/Mark. It is designed for a quick, smooth and somewhat equal playing field. Follow the system in place, or any additions the Contractor/Mark specifies. For clarifications, contact the Contractor if any questions arise in regards to a specific contract. In other cases, the moderator(s) of the Bounty Board are always available.
  • Poor OOC conduct and behaviour towards other players, as well as bringing such conduct into IC situations will be not tolerated.
  • Godmodding, Powergaming, or any attempt or method of trying to force a result or roleplay onto others will not be tolereated.
  • People who turn up after a contract has started must request permission by the Contractor/Mark if they can join in. If they are summoned by the reinforcements mechanic, they must obey the rules of that mechanic.
  • When a contract/bounty is active, the Contractor/Mark should announce that they are open to attempts by stating it is active. If the Contractor/Mark is found roleplaying without posting an alert, please ask permission before engaging.
  • Common decency and manners are expected. The other players are people behind a computer too. Do not use these boards or contracts for OOC drama. It won't be tolerated.

If something occurs that is not listed here, then Contractor Board runners will act as mediators on the situation and decide on the outcome of the situation. This does not mean go out of your way to find loopholes or ways to get around the rules. Doing so will be an assured way to place yourself on the Blacklist.

The Blacklist

Here are players who could not abide by the rules, common courtesy, or decency whilst attending a contract listed on the Board. As such, any attempt to take part in the Board will be ignored, refused and denied any participation.

Finding your name here is a brand that allows many other players know what kind of person you are, as well as the poor conduct you have.