The Galactic Syndicate

The Galactic Syndicate is an interstellar corporation specializing in galactic trade. We role-play across borders and politics, maintaining a Republic side guild for our alts as well. The syndicate is a 'peer centric' guild where members are on equal footing with each other. Be your own boss, and take orders from no one. Members are shareholders in the syndicate, and as such, have voting rights both IC'ly and OOC'ly.

We've all types of IC members including Jedi, Sith, Merchant Captains, Ambassadors, you name it. The syndicate remains neutral as a corporation, but does not dictate politics to it's members. The one thing members have in common is their desire to operate outside of their respective government's or organization's purview.

RP tours of our facilities are available.

For more detailed information, please visit our site or whisper / e-mail Miauwlory Ffaoso in-game.

Good Hunting!