((I might just throw in some IC moments where Elayne reflects on the happenings in her life. Would you like a look into what she thinks? Without further ado, the first 'train')

It was a breezy, humid day where she stood. She had picked her favourite spot and sat down to watch over the horizon that consisted of the familiar temples and the vast ocean of trees. Hunting was needed soon, she was running out of food. But for now she enjoyed the view.

She closed her eyes as thoughts of the past raced through her mind. Questions about the whereabouts of her sister, her inevitable return to Nar Shaddaa with the line of work she was in. How would she respond? Would she want to visit the old place? And if so, did someone live there? What would it be like?

She smiled. Lieenha used to get them in trouble when they were younger. Elayne hoped vehemently that her sibling had learned to keep her mouth shut at the right time. Some pirate almost put a bounty on her once. She shook her head.. Nope, not learned her lesson.

Her thoughts now went to the present.
She met a lot of new people. Many due to her new line of work. Or ones that stopped by a town on Tatooine. How many were trustworthy?
Would she able to hold out near all those potential employers?

She took a deep breath. In the distance she heard birds fluttering up from the trees in what she had learned was distress. She opened her eyes and looked focussed, looking at the spot. She smiled and got up. Time to hunt..