Elayne travelled to the outskirts if a small town. She had left her stuff at Mos Anila and heard about a Hutt that put up slave fights. She chose to investigate and would soon reach this town. A small arena had been set up with an audience around it. She paid for a ticket, which wasn't even that expensive and went up the stairs to the highest spot up in the audience and sat down.

She watched fight after fight. Most of them were to the death. The sand soon coloured a dark crimson. The tournament continued and the champion would fight 'Ricky' a large brown chained up Rancor that hadn't been fed for a week. Or so they were told. If none survived the rancor would be fighting a pack of Nexu.
A wookie was among the fighters. He was either loved by the audience or hater for what he was. He was a skilled fighter, Elayne noticed.
His brute strength got him through most fights.
Bruised and a little bleeding he got to the finals and was suppose to face the rancor.

She sensed his bravery, also his fear. He didn't want to die a slave. Her trailing off, feeling his emotions was rudely interrupted by a voice through a loudspeaker.
The Hutt that organized it would offer double the sum to anyone taking the wookie's place in facing the rancor.
Before Elayne realized, her hand was up in the air. The audience that had seen her raise her hand on a screen had now turned to look at her. Her silver gray coloured helmet would be bright in the light of the twin suns as she stood up. Even the wookie looked up from the arena to see who had volunteered in his place.
Elayne walked down and hopped over the fence down to the arena. She had lifted her hand at the wookie slightly before facing the hutt up in his VIP air conditioned sky box. The wookie easily towered over Elayne with an almost extra two feet, and yet.. She knew she was more determined than the wookie was, who simply stared down at her in shocked surprise.

The hutt laughed heartily and Elayne didn't speak.
"Let the fight begin!"
Gates cranked and opened up making a creaking sound. The door was now opened and the audience was dead silent. Thundering footsteps were heard and the ground shook a bit. A brown claw the size of a large chair would be holding the door opening and the next moment the head shot forward with a loud roar in her direction. She looked around and saw a chained up wookie being dragged off to his cage again under loud protest by four gamorreans. This angered her a bit. She turned back as the rancor was sniffing her out.
She gripped her short blade and took her stance. The rancor sniffed danger and would strike with one of his long arms. She ducked and rolled but made sure she got his hand by leaving very deep cuts on them. As it finished the swing blood spurted from the claw against the audience. The rancor shrieked in pain and would want to step on Elayne next, but she was too quick for the big creature and her hunting skill made her guess its weak spots and sliced around its ankles and lower part of the legs. The rancor shrieked more in pain and became wobbly on its large feet. Dark blood coloured the sand red. The crowd went berserk as the rancor seemed to slowly be incapacitated. It's other claw was soon missing a digit and more blood spurted all over the place. The rancor became weaker and the hutt up in his VIP lounge became more angry and that was heard audibly.
Soon the rancor was too weak to process what was going on and didn't seem to notice as Elayne had climbed on top. The next moment she ended its suffering by jabbing her blade into its skull, making the rancor go limb and collapsed to the sandy ground.

The Hutt yelled in huttese "NEXU, release the NEXU! Kill her!!"
Several running padded and clawed footstepes were heard and a moment later at least seven nexu entered the small arena, two of them leaped up on the heap of what was once a living rancor.
She looked up and to the side as the pack crept closer to their mark.
From above the wookie yelled in rage about the unfairness of this choice of the Hutt.

Elayne however holstered her blade. The crowd up above 'oooo-ed.' The pack neared her. And its leader was the closest up front nearingher from her front. She then stopped from backing away and reached out a hand.
The most peculiar thing happened as the leader sniffed the hand and dipped its snout at her hand. Beneath her helmet she smiled and looked up at the hutt. The leader backed away and turned to also look at the hutt.
A moment later it pelted up and started to scake the wall up to the VIP lounge. His pack followed and did the same. Shrieks of fear and people running from the VIP lounge. Twi'lek dancer had dashed off and other people of the Hutt's entourage had left the hutt by its lonesome in his lounge.
Soon the first nexu reached the VIP lounge. The hutt had tried to get away but the first nexu got to him and lunged at his throat. Soon the other six were all over the hutt tearing him apart. It was chaos, the hutt screamed in agony but soon there were no longer screams, just the sound of tearing flesh as the hutt was torn apart. Elayne stood watching only a moment but jumped up to the audience to hop over the fence. That jump was hopefully gone unseen since it was a higher than human possible jump unless...
She reached the cage where the wookie sat who had see what she did. He saw her control the beast. He had his eyes narrowed and at the same time looked intrigued.

She unlocked his cage by destroying the mechanical lock with her blade and held it open for him.
"Come." She simply said and turned to walk away in the midst of ongoing chaos. The wookie followed the bloodied warrior..