We are a newly formed guild, focused on role play, PvP, and PVE. Looking for members who would like to role play as an imperial intelligence operative, and also those who would like to take a leadership role and help the guild grow. We are accepting all classes, you only have to decide which area you wish to participate in. No lengthy applications.
Watchers: Those who wish to help the guild grow through recruitment. Would also like to have watchers who are interested in being a GM during rolepay sessions. They will also act as diplomats with other guilds when we are able to work on storylines together.
Minders: Those who wish to role play as internal security. They will be the auditors, and police the sphere, always watchful for traitors and double agents
Agents: The backbone of our sphere. They are out doing the legwork in the field.
Cypher Agents: The best of the best. Highly skilled counter intelligence agents who work independently the majority of the time.
Please mail or PM Veyatus for more information or to join the guild