[to the tune and meter of.]

Fidgit, Widgit, and Mod one day
Flew off in a rusty ship --
Flew on a lane called the Hydian Way
Onto a special trip
"What things can you fix, and what can you do?"
The zabrak asked the three.
"[We bring gadgets -- not new -- and some ammo too
Scavenged in the dry Dune Sea;
Pieces of scrap and parts have we!]"
Said Fidgit, Widgit, and Mod.

The courier laughed, and cursed a lot
As they drifted in the MANTIS craft
And the hyperlane would deliver not
So the zabrak then turned aft
The bright lit moon of Hutta there
Filled with delight and glee--
"This is your new home, a city where
it will never be sandy";
So spoke the courier to the jawa three;
Fidgit, Widgit, and Mod.

So deep in the night, Amelia did land
In the midsts of the sparkling lights --
Then down came the brow of the ship so grand,
There were many amazing sights;
'Twas such a big city, they'd never have seen
Not in Tatooine before,
And they couldn't imagine what would've been
If they had stayed ashore --
So with their brother Tinker, they were four:
Fidgit, Widgit, and Mod

Fidgit and Widgit are two twin fixers
And Mod is their dear Papa
And the MANTIS craft with its elixers
is called the Amelia
So in their room, they're once more
Working on grand projects
And you can buy all sorts of parts galore
Even the broke rejects
Where the courier has built his only complex:
With Fidgit, Widgit, and Mod.