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Titan from Talon Company has arrived on Nal Hutta to find new recruits. [Amàya/Instance 2/Empire]
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Titan from Talon Company has arrived on Nal Hutta to find new recruits. [Amàya/Instance 2/Empire]
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Empire [8/27] Adumbrate Academy Conference

4 replies
Quick Information

Host: Anihrul (Empire)
Who: Sith and citizens loyal to the Empire who have an expertise they wish to impart to others or who wish to acquire information from the guest speakers. Any character loyal to the Empire interested in forming contacts.
What: Social and informational event.
Where: The Adumbrate Academy base (guild sh), Yavin 4. Will need to whisper Anihrul for invite.
When: Monday, August 27th, 8pm - 10:00pm eastern.

Scene Premise

The Adumbrate is pleased to invite all those with extraordinary skill or knowledge to come speak at its first public conference, and all those loyal to the Empire to come attain new knowledge and contacts.

This will be a casual and catered event held on the Academy grounds. Guest instructors will come from all over to answer questions and hold discussion panels on various topics and give demonstrations.

We open our doors and encourage all who strive to help unify and strengthen the Empire to join us.

Character Involvement

Any character loyal to the Empire will be welcomed, and the information of this conference will be widespread. This will be a casual social event centered around guest speakers.

Out of Character Information

*If your character would like to give a guest lecture or demonstration, they should contact Darth Anihrul IC.*

We will have 6 twenty minute slots available for anyone who would like to lead a discussion, give a lecture, or give a demonstration of their particular expertise. Audience participation through questions, comments, debate, or demonstration help is highly encouraged.

This is a social event with the goal of introducing rp contacts, increasing knowledge of characters, and inspiring further rp.

Because the invitation is widespread and would be easily known, the Academy grounds will be heavily defended. If you bring a character who is wanted by the Empire, a D20 roll of 14 or higher will allow them to be successful in sneaking in. Realistic consequences for character choices and behaviors will not be precluded during this event.
Posted Aug 9, 18 · OP
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Looks like a good time!
Posted Aug 10, 18
Greatly enjoyed the meet and greet. Definitely intend to attend! Hope lots of folks go.
Posted Aug 10, 18
This looks awesome, I simply must try to attend. It's an awkward time for me (Swede as I am) but I am definitely going to try to make it work. Thanamon would want to hold a lecture!
Posted Aug 11, 18
Would definitely be interested in holding one of the open slots for a debate or discussion sounds like a very interesting premise :)
Posted Sat at 11:44 pm