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What planets were under Republic, Imperial and Hutt control?

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Hey there!

This might come off as a silly, but it's been something that has been somewhat annoying me as of late. We all know that the Star Wars universe is massive and that it covers different eras across 30,000 years. I've been trying to get more information on worlds and known civilizations that were part of the Old Republic era; apart from the ones that we can visit in-game. The ones that do exist in the lore but we just can't visit them as a player character. Worlds that belong to the Republic, Empire or even the Hutts? Any chance there are any worlds out there that have no ties to none of these factions? Neutral planets?

I understand this might be quite a lot... but if there are any useful websites that you could link me, I'd appreciate it!
Posted Aug 6, 18 · OP
Alot of worlds are within the Republic even this early in Galactic history but it's also hard to say given that many that are member worlds as of the Clone Wars may not be members during this period in Galactic history. Balmorra is one such example. It is Core World but was a part of the Sith Empire for a time. Unless the story devs release a galaxy map with territory borders, we can't be one hundred percent certain. If you want to find neutral worlds, simply look up various worlds on Wookiepedia and see if they are tagged with belonging to the Republic or Empire. If not then you are good to go.
Posted Aug 7, 18