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Cymon Kildare - Bounty Hunter

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Cymon Kildare
- Registered Bounty Hunter -


Basic Informative Data
Name: Cymon Kildare
Age: 32
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 177 lbs
Planet of Origin: Corellia - Rishi
Species: Human (Cyborg)
Marital Status: Single

Personal Information
  • Father: Alestar Kildare <Deceased>
  • Mother: Caila Kildare <Unknown>
  • Sister: Marta Frost - Active File - Sith Academy - Korriban

Known Associates: K1-L0 (Kilo) - Czerka Model Hunter Killer Droid
Notable Enemies: Remie Desange - Republic SiS Agent

Base of Operations: Armageddon Keep (Rishi), NSS Armageddon (Starship, Neutral Registration)

Hunter Registration Data
Hunters License Number: 028841-25881

Bounties Assigned to date: 53
Bounties Collected to date: 51
Bounties Currently Tracking: 2
Live Captures: 19
Terminated Returns: 32

  • 09 BTC: Born on NSS Armageddon in deep space -- Relocated to Corellia -- Raised by paternal Grandparents
  • 01 ATC: Parents Alestar and Caila Kildare killed in hyperspace accident with Shuttle 1 from NSS Armageddon
  • 03 ATC: Arrested for petty theft in Coronet City -- Confined to Juvenile facility 60 days
  • 05 ATC: Hired on freighter Dasilof as general labor and engineer apprentice
  • 09 ATC: Promoted to Secondary engineer on Dasilof -- Awarded Engineers Certification
  • 10 ATC: Dasilof destroyed over Hoth after being fired upon in pirate attack -- 22% of crew captured
  • 10 ATC: Kildare and remaining crew rescued by Imperial relief forces on Hoth during raid on pirate base
  • 11 ATC: Hired on to assist Bounty Hunter Keidan Bolst and train as apprentice
  • 13 ATC: Registered with Bounty Brokers Association
  • 13 ATC: Collected first bounty, former hunter and mentor Kaiden Bolst
  • 14 ATC through 16 ATC: Primary Contracted with the Hutt Cartel
  • 16 ATC: Cymon Kildare sets up operations on Rishi in his parents original base
  • 18 ATC: Continues working in outer rim territories to avoid complications with Eternal Empire
  • 23 ATC: Returns to hunting in core worlds, and territory with the end of the Eternal conflict (Current Events)

Spoiler: Theme: Bad ReputationShow
Spoiler: Face Claim: Manu BennettShow
Posted Aug 4, 18 · OP · Last edited Aug 4, 18
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Posted Aug 4, 18 · OP
Posted Aug 4, 18 · OP