Malrev's Pact
Deputies: Kord, Javo, Dokar, Rhean
About Us

Malrev's Pact was formed by a group of friends on the Starforge in early 2017 as a guild founded on the principle of allowing role players the chance to tell their character's story and develop them in an inclusive community. Since then Malrev has grown into a heavy roleplaying guild that also offers PVE and PVP and is home to a large and diverse base of mature players from all walks of life who gladly call themselves friends and family with our friendly and engaging community. Just like every other player out there, we're in this for you because we love Star Wars and we love telling the story of our characters, and want you to tell yours as well.

A History Lesson On Malrev IV

The year is 3630 BBY; only 23 years have passed since the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. In the Outer Rim, a planet known as Malrev IV, rich in resources, became the target for governments, Mandalorians, and pirates in the aftermath of war where resources were scarce. Due to the hostile Irrukine residing there, no one was able to capitalize on the resources until the Sith Empire arrived, forging an alliance with Aliit Echoy’la. For the longest time, the two worked to maintain control of the planet while staving off a rebellion from the Irrukine and natives alike but tempers continued to flair and finally, with civilians beginning to show up the Empire had enough.

What We're Looking For

Malrev's Pact is looking for mature role players who are 18+ and wish to be apart of a player-driven community. We are lore friendly, story driven, offer daily events (RP, PVE, and more), a mentor/mentee system, GSH/FS, guild bank, Discord server, and much more. If you have a love for role-playing, an Imperial-side character of any race/class, and a desire to be a part of something big, then we want you!

The Sith
The Sith at Malrev IV have come from all walks of life. Some are loyal citizens from the beginning of the Empire of Empress Acina. Some remember a time before her and the rule of the Zakuul Empire. Some have come from rebellion. All are welcome in the Empire. The only rule is to dedicate themselves to said Empire. Arriving on Malrev IV, the power structure is simpler than elsewhere. The leaders consist of the Darths, with one Darth guiding the Sith per the Empire's orders. The in-fighting and political manipulation is present in this place as in any other Sith occupy, getting worse the higher one ascends up the ladder of power. There are deals brokered, Legacies developing, and still, there are pressing matters to attend to.

The planet is at a tenuous peace with the Mandalorians, Sith, and Imperial Military all learning to work together. Keeping the treaty is a priority, but there are various threats that also must be dealt with. The natives are only the first of many that can be engaged with, and while exterminating them all seems the fastest recourse, the Empire knows the usefulness of any potential tool. Where the individual Sith's path will take them on this temperate planet filled with new adventures and opportunities to seize power is entirely up to their beliefs, their will, and their strength whether in the Force or physically.


The Mandalorians
Aliit Echoy'la was founded approximately five years prior to the arrival of the Sith Empire on Malrev IV by a group of Mando'ade who had all experienced loss from their former Aliit. Banding together they became family under the original leadership of Takuu Neketu for a period of time and now are led by Alor Turlehs.

Here on the planet, many come hearing tale and rumor of an easy experience and path to becoming Mando'ade under what some say is one of the more liberal Aliit in the galaxy only to find that they are often quite mistaken. The path is hard and long, the road a challenging one thanks to those who inhabit the planet and the challenges each face. There are hunts to be made, skills to be learned, knowledge and strength to be gained, profits to be earned, and so much more waiting for those who are willing to push themselves and live for the honor of themselves, their Aliit, and for Mandalore. And if they do the rewards one can find in knowledge, growth, and family is beyond comprehension.

Imperial Military

The Imperial Military has sent a mixed array of both it's best and brightest, as well as it's most challenging soldiers and officers to Malrev IV to serve the Empire alongside the Sith in order to secure its interests on the planets at all costs. Under the command of Colonel Fin Soulden, the Imperial Army forces handle everything from planetary and base security, raids and assaults to clandestine missions. Also apart of the military forces are intelligence officers, a first for the Imperial Military since the disbanding of the Empire's official Intelligence Agency. Some may serve as attaches to Sith or the Civilian government while others work to spy, slice, and provide other clandestine support as needed. Finally under the command of Captain Nlova'nsab'lighi is a small Naval detachment. Many swear they just do a lot of paperwork in their overly large cruiser that orbits the planet, but no one would ever tell the Captain that to her face. Unless they're crazy...