The Bastion Directorate

"Simply put, the Directorate exists to ensure that the Empire will always survive. The traditions, values, and practices of the Sith Empire may be weakening throughout other sectors of the bureaucracy, but not within the Directorate."

-Darth Vindicus, Commander of the Bastion Directorate

The Bastion Directorate is the primary venture of Darth Vindicus's powerbase. The Bastion Directorate is a guild that is focused on creating a high-quality RP environment for roleplayers of all stripes with weekly RP events, daily RP, and an active group of like-minded individuals. The guild's primary goal is to create great content. We intend to provide enjoyable plot-lines for both our members and the community at large.


Whether one serves as a soldier in the Foreign Legion, a sailor in the 2nd Mobile Fleet, a Cipher in the Office of the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence, in the Dark Bulwark as a Sith associate, a mercenary in the Horizon Private Military Contractors (LLC), their service will not be forgotten.

The Imperial Foreign Legion -
Originally the key part of Darth Tharnus's powerbase, the Foreign Legion consists of two full divisions and serves as the primary ground force for the Directorate. It has a secondary purpose, as well: turning xenobiologicals and subjugates into loyal, competent soldiers through a revolutionary training regime.

The Second Mobile Fleet -
A strong fleet always ready for action and currently being reinforced by even more assets, this fleet is the naval force that forms the backbone of the Directorate's power. Imperial Naval officers have long found that crewing aboard the flagship Implacable was a quick way up the promotion ladder, as Darth Vindicus takes special care to promote bridge crew officers that do their jobs well.

The Office of the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence (ODDNI) -
Without accurate information, no force is ready to do anything. Watchers, fixers, and every other Intelligence asset are more valuable than a Destroyer. Ciphers are irreplaceable! Finding qualified, competent black-ops agents is a task that Darth Vindicus and his powerbase's Lords have spent time on, to little avail.

The Dark Bulwark -
And of course, no powerbase is complete without the addition of more Sith. Those loyal to the ideals of the Empire are always welcome under the Directorate's banner - so long as they also swear themselves to Darth Vindicus.

Horizon Company PMC (a Limited Liability Company) -
Mercenaries, good ones anyway, are in short supply around the galaxy. Darth Vindicus realized that providing high quality mercenaries could be profitable and suitable for his own needs.

***Several other business ventures are also linked to the Directorate in various degrees. There's rumors of a new mining company called InterStellar Consolidated Mining Consortium that has three major operations, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.***

Player Information

IC Base: Axxila, 700 Imperia tower
OOC: Nar Shaddaa SH
Flagship: Publicly Listed, Implacable
Website Application and IC Interview are required!