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The Inheritor's Project (Multi-Guild/Empire RP)

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Hello fellow Star-Forge role players! My guild, The Inheritors, and I have finished building our project “The Inheritor Project”. It is a dynamic and unique RP experience that is intended to branch across many different guilds and make connections across the RP community. It will encourage RP out in the world and there will be weekly events that could shift the balances of power considerably. You can participate whether you are in a guild or not! You do not need to join the Inheritors! Before I continue with a quick explanation and follow up with our website and discord link, here is a quick opening to set the scene.


*When Darth Polemy died, something changed. His apprentices felt the call, not to the front lines, but to the places where their stories began. A new patriarch rose from the ashes of Polemy’s fractured legacy, a shrewd executive saw a lucrative opportunity, and an ambitious scientist looked to uncover Polemy’s secrets. Of course, others were drawn to the conflict as well…An outsider, building the foundations of his Empire on the backs of the disenfranchised and a Cabal seeking to hide away and repurpose the very legacy that was once a pillar of the Empire. Scattered across the galaxy they left everything behind in search of something greater. The Force works in mysterious ways and each Inheritor knew that the path to power could be found within Polemy’s empty kingdom. A new dawn arises, but only one will claim their inheritance. *

The way it is set up is that there are factions (5 currently). Each faction is attempting to take Darth Polemy’s powerbase and secure their inheritance. New factions will arise and fall, but there will only be one inheritor. If you are interested, here are a few ways to get in contact with us!
1. Discord (I recommend this, so you can get to know the existing community and talk with most of the faction leaders!)
2. Guild website!
3. PM me! You can always contact me to figure out how you would like to approach this. ( Krehein#3853 on discord, Syleon in game )
Be sure to look at the google slide shows! They provide a lot of information and visuals!
Posted Jul 15, 18 · OP · Last edited Jul 15, 18
Empire (non corrupted link)
Posted Jul 19, 18 · OP