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Anyone interesting in forming a pre-ROTHC guild?

2 replies
Guild's timeline would be pre-ROTHC. I find the game's story and timeline to be absolute trash after ROTHC came out. The vanilla game's story was pretty good. I like the Empire vs Republic story line, and there doesn't seem to be much of that anymore, even in RP. I'd prefer to start a guild like this on the Empire, but I'd also be willing to do the Republic as well.
Posted Jul 14, 18 · OP
While I am in favor of "To each their own" be fore warned, especially in the broader community sense, you'd be alienating yourself and all who'd join you as a majority of RPiers keep in line with the game events and try their utmost best to stay within boundaries of each game update and story content alongside their own. While there is a bit of "Creative liberty" with RPiers telling their own stories. I'm sure you been reading the holonet and other stories and articles about the many people bringing our galaxy to life. It is generally understood that many are working up to this post-Nathema Conspiracy timeline we are heading toward.
Spoiler: Post Nathema-Conspiracy stuffShow
Posted Jul 14, 18
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Wherever the official storylines goes, I still think there's an obvious compromise.

I think of all the Sith who remained Imperialists despite the galactic truce. I'd doubt a mass culture shift to be unanimous, even with a common enemy in Zakuul: surely there'd be Sith who bent the lines of ceasefire with the Republic. There were certainly those who bent it during the "Cold War." What of the Sith who see the new Empress as flimsy at best, and are biding their time (or actively supporting) for a coup or regime change.... some might seek to climb the ladder of chaos, some might seek a return to old teachings or war-time, some might support this New Imperialism yet want different laws/leadership... etc. etc.

Upon returning to the game, I see Imperial jurisdiction isn't the same as it was with several Spheres and hierarchies to monitor every citizen's move. Perhaps this lends greater freedom to Imperialists? I think a secret division, or an old team that reconnects, or even a loose alliance of contacts would be feasible; I think of an archetypal team of underdogs that (even unsuccessfully) works to nip away at leg #3,674 of their great overlord. Any way, I love that you're targetting a sort of rogue audience. Since I think there's plenty of IC rogue audiences still lingering in the Empire, I say a separate timeline isn't even needed!

Any ideas about the type of RP a group like this might work toward?
Elysaren Cortess - Sith Diplomat
Nirasa - Cathar Padawan
Posted Jul 15, 18