"I am the toxic fumes that will guide you to your darkest tombs."
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Basic Information.
Name: Saxian Ziveri. (obsolete, changed to something else)
Aliases: Darth Necriss, the Warmaster, the Blademaster, The Infernal, Arch Marshal, Lord of Arrakis, Chief Commander of the Sixth Imperial Fleet.
Marital Status: Unknown.
Children: Rayarja Ziveri, Special Forces Lieutenant, Gida Ziveri, Sith Apprentice, Seela Rar, Sith Apprentice.
Holocom Frequency: Available upon request.
Physical Information.
Eye Colour: Orange. (Formerly vibrant green)
Skin Colour: Natural Red. (is not painted red.)
Height: 7 feet, 3 inches.
Weight: 350~ lbs.
Species: Twi'lek.
Distinctive Traits: Various tribal Sith-styled tattooes all over her body, orange eyes.
Known Gear: Various robes, battle armors, swords, lightsabers, personalized holocommunicator displaying things in red hue, communicator, grappling hook, dataspikes.
Known Weaponry: Lightsaber, the Force, Martial Arts.
Hidden Weaponry: The Force, Martial Arts, her claws.
Personal Information.
Favourite Drink(s): Varies.
Favourite Food: Varies.
Likes: Discipline, order, subordination, the Sith Ways, Dark Side, history, logic, tactical approach to things, when things are playing out in her favour, battle, being in charge, poetry, writing, sensible chain of command, hierarchy, Sith who act like Sith, art, unity, Mandalorian Culture (partially), Empire.
Dislikes: Twi'lek society, Idiots, insubordination, discord, appearing something they are not, lying, cheating, being held in the dark, Republic, Jedi, fluffy Sith, lazy people, strippers, prostitutes, Nar Shaddaa, Hutts, Bounty Hunters, Mandalorians.
Motivations: Survival of the Empire, betterment of the Imperial Forces, unification of the Sith.
Disposition: Calm, cool-headed and analytical, authorative.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral, inclined to Lawful Dark. Dark Side of the Force.
Professional Information.
Previous Appointments:
Fifteenth Imperial Expeditionary Fleet, Command Staff.
Sith Crusaders, Battlemaster.
Halcyon Order, Warmaster, later Hand of Darth Eosfor (Council member.)
House Artuk, Second in Command, Hand of Darth Empor.
Dark Dominion, Hand of Darth Empor, later on The Infernal.
Threx's Unity, Military Councilor.

Current Appointments:
The Sith Coalition, Command Staff.
Sixth Imperial Fleet, Chief Commander.
The Legion, Warmaster.
The Paragons Covenant, Ally.

Professional Associates:
Darth Eosfor (Military Offense.)
Major Naeksaan Tavish (33rd Paratrooper Battalion Commander)
Darth Zerathus. (Ancient Knowledge)
Darth Tarasirs. (Diplomacy and Expansion)
Lord Krayta. (Mysteries)
Darth Enigmus. (Ancient Knowledge.)
Darth Karza (Military Offense, Shadow Hand.)
Apprentice Jamier. (Military Offense.)
Lord Xiaan'rar. (Military Offense.)
Darth Inkasi. (Ancient Knowledge.)







Out Of Character notes.

Languages: Ryl, Basic, Sith, a little of Rattataki. Able to comprehend Mando'a.

  • Is pretty much that kind of a character which will try to maim your character if you annoy her, even kill if anger.
  • If she's mean to you - it's the character, not me.
  • Has been Roleplayed for over six years.
  • The "UNAVAILABLE" you see is the information which was purposefully hidden by Necriss. Accessible IC, if you try hard enough. Just hit me up for that! I'm almost always available on Discord, Unceasingly Angry Necriss#0916
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