So, I have this whole plot planned out.... And I am searching for two people who would be interested in playing A Pureblood Darth ((Tressie's father)) and a Pureblood young man. ((Tressie's younger Brother)). These character will eventually be killed off.

Tressie was born into her family without the Force... And her father absolutely hates her for it. She is a abomination. Her father killed her Mother off after her Mother handed Tressie over to a gang of space pirates to keep Tressie alive and hidden away from her Father. Since then she's been weaving her way though the underworld parts of the galaxy and building her own crew... Avoiding her Father's advances to kill her off and building her very own Crew to challenge her Father in the near future.

Tressie has no clue she has a younger Brother... And her father is using her younger brother to lure Tressie out of her safe haven, the Underworld Elysium.

This was the most recent Rp post about the Father and Son duo:
Spoiler: FatherAndSonShow

Please! Contact me if you're interested! :) I wanna make this challenge fun for the Crew members ((Players)) Who are in Tressie's Crew along with guildmates ((The Underworld Elysium players)). :)