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Dossier: Talorn (Darth Malice)

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Personnel File


Basic Information
Name: Talorn (No Last Name)
Title: Darth Malice
Race: Miraluka
Planet of Birth: Unknown, first known planet was Nar Shadaa

Physical Characteristics
Age: 44 (appears to be on mid-30s due to using Curato Salva)
Eye Color: N/A
Hair Color: Silver
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Weight: 64.2 kg (122 lbs)
Skin Tone: Olive
Tattoos, Scars, Markings: None visible
Description: Talorn is slender with a healthy, slightly curvy build, olive skin, and silver hair that she keeps well styled. She takes pride in her appearance and wears the latest fashions, if somewhat conservative. As a miraluka, she often wears a visor rather than a mask, knowing her features are elegant enough to use as a boon rather than hiding them. She shows surprisingly little physical signs of dark side corruption.

Parents: Deceased
Brothers: Kelisar (Darth Severance, Sphere of Diplomacy and Expansion, Kaas City)
Sisters: Keltari (Former Sith Apprentice, captured by the Jedi in 12 ATC (After Treaty of Coruscant, or 3041 BBY)
Other Notable Relatives: None

Sith Record
Sith Name: Darth Malice

Expertise: Force Sight, Force Sense, Force Empathy, Telekinesis, Niman

  1. Military Strategy (Alderaan, 2 years)
  2. Expansion and Diplomacy (Alderaan, 8 years)
  3. Expansion and Diplomacy (IDN Resurgence, 10 years)
  4. Current: Military Strategy (IDN Resurgence, recent Sphere reassignment)

Master: None. Previously Lord Tella Vyshani (deceased), Darth Ebonkar (deceased), Darth Mhorbane (missing).

Active Apprentices:
  • Lord Taradyn Veldras
  • Lord Skylarke Serras

Professional Record
  • Taken into Imperial custody at Age 12 ( 9 BTC) during a customs stop of a freighter with illegal refugees originating from Nar Shadaa. Talorn, as well as her brother and sister, were taken into custody and all tested positive for Force sensitivity. Talorn is admitted to Sith Academy at Korriban.

  • Graduated at age 21 (0 ATC) under an accelerated program with remarkable scores in Sith Philosophy, Force Mastery, and Force Perception. Assigned to Lord Tella Vyshani (Military Strategy) on Alderaan. Talorn saw combat and was reassigned to Darth Ebonkar (Expansion and Diplomacy) when he pulled strings after Lord Vyshani's assassination by House Rist. Talorn was noted for ability to perceive House Rist assassins and utilized against House Rist until reassigned.

  • Served as a diplomatic aide under Darth Ebonkar, Special Envoy for Sith Relations to House Thul. Ended assignment on Alderaan in 8 ATC upon death of master and concurrent investigation and was reassigned to the Imperial Diplomatic Service in Kaas City, Dromund Kaas.

  • Talorn promoted to darth under the request of her master, Darth Mhorbane, and Darth Ahkos. Reassigned for special assignment to a Project codenamed Resurgence in 11 ATC after a special tasking in Hutt Space from Darth Ravage. Removed from that project shortly afterwards and reassigned to Darth Mhorbane.

  • Disappeared from known space in 16 ATC along with Darth Mhorbane and personnel from their Resurgence project. This aligns with when the Zakuul attacked the Empire. Reported missing until 21 ATC. No Imperial records indicate where the personel or materiel for the project were, indicating a high-level classification or purging of records.

  • Approached by Lord Stakra, an emissary from the Imperial Court, in 21 ATC to negotiate repatriation to the Empire. Attacked by the Eighth Imperial Fleet, which was under orders to treat Resurgence as a rogue Imperial unit. Darth Malice led various naval battles culminating in the defeat of the Eight Fleet at Rishi, the death of Darth Skaros (Military Offense), and the capture of Darth Requias (Expansion and Diplomacy), who was returned to Imperial space upon request of the Imperial court in return for a ransom.

  • Publicly disavowed from Imperial service in 22 ATC due to leading a daring rescue mission on the Zakuul home world. Went into hiding between Imperial Space and Hutt Space to deter Zakuulian efforts to locate Darth Malice and her fleet.

  • Darth Malice's fleet was used to reconstitute the Ninth Imperial Fleet, of which she assumes command. The fleet was placed under Military Strategy efforts to establish Imperial control in the Outer Rim and also faced the 22nd Republic Fleet and its support bases. The 22nd was assisted by former legendary Imperial Watcher Rallin Montevor, who betrayed the Empire when Imperial Intelligence was disbanded. The Ninth defeated the 22nd and kills Montevor, winning approval in Kaas City.

  • Darth Malice declared a Kaggath against Darth Kurios (Laws and Justice) after denying an arrest warrant for authorizing the release of a Moff implicated with Imperial subversives. The Ninth Fleet attacked Darth Kurios' power base at Livien Magnus on Ord Radama, defeating his forces. However, the two darths mysteriously concluded their Kaggath with a treaty, breaking millennium of tradition.

  • The Ninth was pulled from an Imperial campaign at Chardaan under the orders of Darth Salvarion at Imperial High Command to assist with rooting out a network of Imperial subversives calling themselves "Sovereign." The network had confirmed ties to deceased former Watcher Rallin Montevor.

  • The Ninth was deactivated in 22 ATC from active duty and relegated to garrison at Vaiken Space Dock after failing to dismantle Sovereign.

  • The Ninth was reactivated in 23 ATC once more under Military Strategy, under the command of Darth Malice and Darth Valias.

Public Profile/Rumors
  • Darth Malice has been investigated by Laws and Justice for infractions including killing her highly-placed master, Darth Ebonkar (unconfirmed) on Alderaan and releasing Moff Ghast, a confirmed Imperial rebel, from custody. All charges have been resolved at this time.

  • Darth Malice has a reputation for having closely adhered to Empress Acina's vision. Rumors are that she accepted the Imperial disavowal of her unit following its raid on Zakuul in an effort to politically shield the Empire from breaking the terms of its Armistice with Zakuul.

  • Darth Malice is known to be a savvy politician who has survived many attempts to discredit her. Her public persona in Kaas City ranged from capricious to icy and aloof. Her political views have been assessed to range from traditional to moderate to progressive depending on the claimant.

  • Many in Kaas City see Darth Malice as an enigmatic figure. Following 10 years on Alderaan, she has largely remained in the shadows or the outskirts of the Empire, though her unpredictability has been confirmed on many occasions ranging from fighting against the Eighth Imperial Fleet, conducting a covert strike on Zakuul during the Armistice, declaring a Kaggath against a highly ranked Laws and Justice official, and disappearing from Imperial Space for five years.

  • Some who have served under Darth Malice claim she's a skilled battlefield commander, but much of that credit goes to her former second-in-command and current co-leader, Darth Valias, from Military Strategy/Defense of the Empire. While Valias has an impeccable record, Darth Malice was able to secure impressive naval victories of her own at Raxus Prime and Rishi before Valias joined her.
Smooth seas do not make a sailor.

Public Dossier
Imperial Accord
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Smooth seas do not make a sailor.

Public Dossier
Imperial Accord
Posted Jan 11, 19 · OP