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<Current Events> Agent Skorm and the X Foundations

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Chapter 1 - "Hang 'em High"

Logan Skorm. A prized veteran. He was tried of being the runt of the pack. He decided now would have been a good time to return to the field once again. Having exemplary military training, he knew he was the best pick for the job. The imperials around him in the base were shocked to see the pitch-black haired chiss again. "Wasn't he discharged. . .?" One of the engineers whispered to his co-worker. "Yeah, I didn't think we'd be seeing the chap again. . ." Logan gave a menacing stare to the engineers whispering, though unaware, he was angry at them for some apparent reason. The engineers quickly turned back to their work, obviously startled. "Do you think he's mad at us. . .?"

Engineer 1 -"I doubt it. He always makes that face at everyone."

Engineer 2 - "Hope your right. . ."

Logan came into his old CO's office in a rush. "Hey, Yevara. . ." The imperial looked at Logan surprised. "Logan Skorm? What in the force's will are you doing here?" The CO was curious at Skorm's intentions. "I want to come back to Special Forces for the X Foundations case."

Yevara - "Absolutely not! Skorm, this case gets rough! I just lost three SO squads on this case and I sure as hell WILL NOT lose one of our best men. Go back home. I already had your discharged filed a year ago, why the hell would you want to come back so suddenly?" She didn't seem too happy about Logan's past incident.
Logan slammed his fist on Yevara's table. - ". . .Listen here, you god-damned senseless bitch. The CEO of the X Foundation took out my comrades. MY squad!! I will be DAMNED if I let that bastard live!!!" Yevara obviously was slightly convinced. After all, someone's revenge was her sweet spot. "You want at the guy that bad? Hmph. You're persistent as all hell. . .fine. I'm commissioning you to join the SpecOps again. Your first assignment begins on Dromund Kaas. We'll be having a member of the X Foundations in our custody. The guy's name is Kailin Zavik. He had murdered an imperial trooper last night after attempting to scam him into the Foundations. Sgt. Everett was the trooper's name. Was a good soldier and good soldiers are potential resources that we can't afford to go away in vain. I want you to interrogate this man, find out who issued the murder and the decision to execute him or throw him to jails are yours. Pick carefully on that-- and take precaution. The X Foundations are deeply related towards the Hutt Cartel and we don't want any problems like the last time. . .if you know what I mean." Logan quickly nodded. "I'll do what I can."

Yevara - "Exactly the words I need right now. This is your chance, son! Don't fail me!"\

[x foundations tower - nar shaddaa]
[0700 hours]
Many spices and goods are being transported to starships and shipped to Makeb. A man with an 'X' scar on the top of his bald head and face looks to the work being done. He sat in a throne with two rattataki slaves by his side. A trooper with an 'X' on his chestguard bows before the man. "Chairman X. . .we're almost done with the blaster cannon. We'll deliver it to the republic within it's finish."

Chairman X - "Good. The Empire will pay for their betrayal. Prepare my starship! Set your troops to Dromund Kaas. And one more thing. . .bring me the head of AGENT SKORM."
Posted Jun 11, 18 · OP
Chapter 2 - "Murder of Broderick Tivani"

0700 HOURS
Agent Logan Skorm Badge 8765

Logan comes out from his vehicle, looking towards a man with a blaster shot in his heart. "Out of the way!" A man with a holocamera snaps a picture of the corpse, and Logan smacks his camera from his hands and punches him clean in the jaw. "You have a problem, you disrespectful bastard? That's a dead man, so you better show some respect!" Yevara looks at Logan. "Skorm. You have a new partner. He's a combat medic and doctor." A man extends a hand. "Hello, sir. Doctor Friedrich Venzshan." The man spoke in an accent of sort. Logan shakes the doctor's hand. "Logan Skorm. A pleasure. We have a man shot dead here, you think you can take a look at the wound?"

Friedrich examines the blaster wound, nodding. "Nothing out of the ordinary. . .not too much of a blaster shot, looks as if he was killed by a holdout blaster. See if you can take a look around." Logan nods, looking towards a trash canister, a blaster with the signature of an odd-looking X formation could be seen on the grip. "Great. . .good ol' Hutt Cartel. . .looks like someone didn't pay 'em back..." Friedrich looks over at Logan, walking to him. "I found the identity of the man that was killed with this particular holdout blaster." Logan looks over the blaster a little more. "Looks durasteel-plated. Send the droids over, they'll have a look at it. Get that fucker with the camera out of here." Friedrich nods. "Will do." Logan looks to Yevara. "Yevara. This holdout blaster. . .it's almost the same one Kailan Zavik used." Yevara looks over the blaster curiously. "Oddly strange. . .but Kailan's blaster had a different plating, if you remember."
"Yeah, I remember."
"Keep investigating," Yevara ordered. "I'm sure one of the workers in the trade network would be able to figure out. This man worked as an armor vendor. . .Oh, Skorm. . .I'm working on getting your armor pressed."
Logan nods, smiling. "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind." Logan continues on working the investigation, hours pass. . . .<TO BE CONTINUED>
Posted Jun 24, 18 · OP