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Journal of the Diamond Star

2 replies
Day 1:The Empire

Dev's note:The typing is made that way on purpose. Somewhat inspired by Flower for Algernon :)

Im nervous. I dont know what's ahed of me Where am I going from here What do I do There's no way I'll last a second in Imperial space let alone after getting abducted by Kosian nobls yeers befor I mis my family I don't think Ill ever get them back. I started wandering around a little bit and I couldn't find anything I contactd Ivanel but ever since the Zakul War Ive gotten nothing from him I'm sixteen for crying owt lowd I shudnt be wondering arownd a spac dok by my self with out any one My new uncle Zelus Bladeteror said there was nothing to worry about too What a lie

I figurd out a couple things aftrword I dont find a lot of things interesting in the long run My way of even reading is terrible already I visitd the can tina and herd of a group cald the paragawns covinent Maybe I culd find somone
there I just hope things start to look up for me
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Posted May 15, 18 · OP · Last edited May 15, 18
Day 2:Asthasov Zullar (Maliginov), Komi Egren, and Hanael.

Finally got the typing thing down. I met these three people when I was brought in the Paragon's Covenant. They go by the names of Astha. . .Ast. . .Astha-something, another going by Komi. She's cute, though she is kind of on the *pudgy* side. And then Hanael. She's nice. The kind of person that makes you feel safer than normal. So far, I'm liking the covenant. I don't know what's really in store for me, but I hope for the best. Force knows every time I do that everything goes backwards. Hours later looking through some old family memos I managed to swipe when I was 12 and I snuck out of my adoptive father's home, I found an odd-looking helmet. My father was a person for fighting, so I guess there's a reason for it to be here. I wonder what it could mean. . .
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Posted Jun 4, 18 · OP

Eliza, the girl with the eyes of gold, sits down upon her father's recent grave, beginning to speak. "My brother's carnage has outlasted even today. I fear he is beyond help... Even now his intentions have remained ever the same and I realize that the only way to stop him is to put him down... Like an rabid animal. As feral as he is, he remains my brother and I will love him as such.

A moment of silence fills the area for a moment until she begins to speak again.

"Mother wanted to call me by my title; the Diamond didn't like that. Always thought it'd be pointless to name a newly aged child by such a name without having ever done anything noble. That's what it was all about for you when we first grew such prosperity, money, and agricultural . Nobility. And now here I am...choosing to honor my father by killing my brother." She began crying upon the gravestone as she placed down her father's spear and great sword.
Posted Nov 6, 18 · OP