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Flashpoint: The Nathema Conspiracy

FP advances the game story, bringing the Eternal Alliance traitor arc to an end and reportedly laying the groundwork for a return to the traditional Republic vs. Empire dynamic. Story set in the Chorlian sector, in Imperial space. Codex entry suggests Imperial members of the Eternal Alliance are returning to the Empire in droves and all-out war between Republic and Empire about to resume. Resource crisis continues, important to consider for RP. Most stunningly, several important NPCs from the class stories appear as apparently working with the Order of Zildrog to destroy the Alliance Commander. These character's have joined seemingly just motivated by their personal vendettas, not because they are Zildrog worshippers or anything. The returning characters include:

Sith Empire

* Darth Baras, former Dark Councilor heading the Sphere of Military Offense. Pretended to the position of Voice of the Emperor. SITH WARRIOR story character.
* Darth Mortis, former Dark Councilor heading the Sphere of Laws and Justice. Appeared in the SITH WARRIOR and SITH INQUISITOR stories, but also appeared to all Imperial classes in the macrobinoculars arc.
* Darth Ravage, former Dark Councilor heading the Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy. Appeared in the SITH WARRIOR and SITH INQUISITOR stories; later mentioned in the INQUISITOR class mission on Rishi.
* Darth Zash, former master of Lord Kallig. SITH INQUISITOR story character.
* General Essith. General Rakton’s successor. Rakton appeared in the REPUBLIC TROOPER story.
* Lord Vindis, Darth Tormen’s apprentice. Tormen appeared in the BOUNTY HUNTER story.
* Servant One, formerly of the Emperor’s Hand. SITH WARRIOR story character.
* Shara Jenn, formerly Keeper of Imperial Intelligence. IMPERIAL AGENT story character.
* Nexia Kirill, Grand Admiral Harridax Kirill’s (Voidwolf) daughter. The Voidwolf appeared in the SMUGGLER story.
* Khem Val, former SITH INQUISITOR follower.
* Sophia Farash, Republic ambassador who was actually a Child of the Emperor. Appeared in the JEDI CONSULAR story.

Galactic Republic

* Master Bela Kiwiiks, former Jedi High Council member. JEDI KNIGHT story character.
* Gaden-Ko, Voss mystic. JEDI CONSULAR story character.
* General Garza, ommander of Republic Army Special Forces Division. TROOPER story character.
* Malea Janarus, wife of deceased Supreme Chancellor Janarus. Supreme Chancellor appeared in the BOUNTY HUNTER class story.
* Marcus Trant, Director of the Republic Strategic Information Service. Appeared in the comics.
* Master Sumalee, Jedi master. Appeared in the SMUGGLER class story.

* Chela Nayss, unknown.

Codex Entries

Abandoned Listening Post. Probably only the last Imperial Minister of Intelligence and Imperial Intelligence personnel stationed at this facility would even know about it. No sense in incorporating into military RP.

The Order of Zildrog. Mentions the group’s membership is comprised in part by a handful of Core World citizens with personal vendettas against the Alliance and Outlander. Presumably, this would also include former Imperials. The Sith Empire may be interested in exploiting the group’s adversarial position toward the Alliance to weaken the Outlander’s influence, but the group is not an ideal long-term partner for the Empire.

Alliance Update – State of the Galaxy. The Republic and Empire are redoubling their efforts to hoard supplies, munitions, and fuel in anticipation of renewed hostilities. The resource crisis in ongoing. Many of the Alliance's forces have returned to their original sides and wait for war to reignite. The Alliance's military force is substantially reduced and operating principally in Wild Space.

Nathema Reborn. Before records of this system were concealed by the Sith Emperor, the planet was part of the old Sith Empire. The “re-discovery” of the planet, its location in deep Imperial territory, and the return of life to the system, will make it desirable for the Sith Empire to reincorporate the system into its civilization.

Cartel Market Items


There are seemingly several fantastic decorations that can enhance the ambience of strongholds decorated for Imperial military RP. Among the prospective decorations are:

* Imperial Commando
* Imperial General
* Imperial Vanguard
* Sign: Empire
* War Camp Shooting Range
* War Council’s Long Table


Images of weapons here

* Imperial E-1 Enforcer Blaster
* Imperial E-1 Enforcer Blaster Rifle
* Imperial E-1 Enforcer Sniper Rifle

This will be the only thread I create about future game updates’ impacts or implications on Imperial military RP. Future threads of this nature will be posted to the developing <Imperial Ministry of War> guild website at Feel free to register at the website and participate in discussions on Imperial military RP.