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(RP offer/Interest Check) Anti-Hutt/Slavery Resistance movement!

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Well howdy there, name's Anti, been around haven't I? Anyways, I run or...sometimes hold, small scale RP events and scenarios based off deus ex style missions, set in a large planetary area where people can explore, and recently, I've had a few folks say they enjoy it and the idea of working as Slave-Resistance fighters, so I had an offer. My Imp-side main, Sleeazo and pubside alt, Banders Greffik act as parts of a small Underground Railroad to fight against slavery, hedonism and debauchery. The whole theming is normal joes sticking their neck out to try and fight against those sex-crazed maniacs who run the galaxy. Be them Hutts or Sith. The offer stands for anyone who would be interested in joining up. Got a Slave who wants to RP a breakout and join a group for freedom and re-integration to society? Got a lightside heretic in the Empire? A Republic infiltrator in the Empire, Lightside heretic or otherwise? Have an Imperial who's become sick of the Empire's bullshit? Well, here you are. On Pubside, we have Banders Grefik, while on Imp we got Sleeazo, my main. Anti-ERP #7189 for more personal details and speaking. Catch you on the MOTHERFUCKING FLIP SIDE YO.
Posted Apr 11, 18 · OP
Haven't played in a while, though I do have a cyborg pirate character who has been known to dabble in slave trading. Hit me up if you want a bad guy for an event.
Posted Apr 12, 18 · Last edited Apr 12, 18
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