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[CORUSCANT RP] Coruscant Security Force: Looking for willing citizens

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Evening, lads! I had already created a topic about the CSF long ago, before the servers had even merged. Still, the project wasn't quite achieved at this time. The purpose of posting the project in a more developped angle in here is to open the debate, this time not only with the Ebon Hawk RP Community but with the Starforge Community, which is, I'm sure, significantly more populated since it regroups several former servers. And also to find out whether some of you are actually roleplaying as members of the CSF or willing to do so.

Though, before we get started, I would like to evoke the InGame character classes. I've seen a lot of RP circles which kind of exclude Jedi classes from their own ranks in order to have non-Force users only. I actually do think that Force users like Jedi are not supposed to be numerous at all in a military force; and quite indeed they're technically entirely absent from the CSF's ranks, as Jedi Peacekeepers rely on the Jedi Order and simply assist the CSF without being officially part of it. Still, it can also be said that InGame classes aren't a big deal in RolePlay. Every class should be accepted as long as their characters aren't Force users In-RP; they could actually use vibroswords and stunning electrostaffs as their service weapons, which would make a lot of sense for a police force. I prefer to start with this point, because I would feel bad if people playing Jedi who aren't actually Force users In-RP felt excluded from such a projet: this is not the case at all.

This thread is, indeed, a basis which can be approved as well as debated; I am well aware of that. Please note that I am not here to try and put some obligations over every single player who would like to roleplay as a Coruscanti cop; although, I am to tell you that I use the Wikis as my sources and try to make this project as lore-friendly as possible, except for other uniforms than the standard one, since I have found no sign of example of uniform in any era for these divisions (this is, I guess, one of the points which could be debated).

Henceforth, in order to initiate the creation of a network between players of CSF-related characters --or maybe even a guild, who knows-- I make this thread, which is actually a basis I have been working for, for an eventual future CSF Roleplay between several players. Hope you will enjoy and answer!



CSF Senior Commander
Chief of Detectives

Specialised Divisions and Units

Coruscant Security Force Dispatch: Also referred to as Coruscant Central; central structure organising and dispatching units from all patrolling or intervening divisions of the CSF.

Coruscant Control: Space traffic central assigned to control ships coming and leaving the planet as well as monitoring the space traffic in orbit of Coruscant.

Traffic Division: Regular policemen of the CSF, monitoring the skylanes and patrolling populated zones of the Galactic City; regular police officers can also investigate minor cases.

Customs Enforcement Division: This division keeps an eye on the arriving and departing commodities/people on and from Coruscant and structures the spaceports' security; Custom Enforcement Officers are always assisted by droids.

Detective Division: Investigation cell, regrouping the investigators of the force; the lower-rank of this division is 'Detective'; from the rank of Lieutenant, investigatiors should be called 'Inspector'; this division mostly investigates major crimes, but CSF Detectives can also be led to occasionally help on minor cases.

Coruscant Security Special Investigation Panel: Charged to investigate the termination of individuals by law-enforcement personnel, including Jedi, and to grant the involved person the bounty if the termination was legal or, otherwise, to prosecute them.

Forensics Unit: Composed with Scenes of Crimes Officers who work alongside with investigators, analysing crime scenes and pieces of evidence on the scene and in CSF laboratories.

Ordnance Disposal: Special unit composed with Bomb Disposal Experts, called to neutralise dangerous devices, mostly bomb defusal.

Special Tactical Unit: Bridge between the CSF and the Military, Special Tactical Units are called for dangerous interventions and counter-terrorism; in their case, the same hierarchy as the Republic Army is applied -- these units are composed with tactical-trained police officers and military personnel, but both of them depend on the CSF Senior Command and wear the colours of the CSF.

Anti-Terrorism Unit: Special cell assigned to react specifically on cases of terrorism, espionage or other major, planetwide threat; they can conduct counter-intelligence investigations as well as tactical interventions, in which case they might be granted the help of additional ressources such as a Special Tactical Unit or investigators from the Detective Division.

Spoiler: Standard uniform of the CSFShow
Spoiler: Suit worn by Scenes of Crimes OfficersShow
Spoiler: Tactical gear for the STUShow
Spoiler: Body armour for Bomb Disposal ExpertsShow

Spoiler: Standard-issue blaster pistol -- C-210 Elite Watchman SaboteurShow
Spoiler: Standard-issue blaster rifle -- E-301 Repeating CarabineShow
Spoiler: Intervention blaster rifle -- E-14 Riot CarabineShow


Coruscant Security Force Application Form -- Willing to make the Galactic City safer? Join the Coruscant Security Force today!

Special Tactical Unit Recruitment Form -- Coruscant Security Special Tactical Program is accepting CSF Officers as well as field-ready personnel from the Republic Military, proposing a part-time duty to its applicants.
Posted Apr 1, 18 · OP · Last edited Apr 2, 18
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This looks great! If only I didn't have a criminal record...

I love seeing projects like this.

A few years ago, there was a guild project based on two rival street gangs on Nar Shaddaa. Real Sons of Anarchy type stuff. The idea was to get away from the huge galactic-wide cartels and criminal empires and to keep it small-time. There was significant interested, but unfortunately RL happened and the leadership had to disband.

I've been out of the game for a while, as I'm a full-time student, working part-time;however, the semester is coming to an end and I'm really interested in coming back.

I'm still interested in doing criminal type RP and have even pondered actually trying to get something together similar to the aforementioned rival street-gang style guild. As it happens, I wanted it to be based out of Coruscant, but I wasn't sure how much RP interest was there.

To circle back toward the original theme for this post, if I were to get something going-- or even if it's just a handful of people in playing criminals, it would definitely give the CSF some bad guys to chase, crimes to investigate, arrests to be made, weapons/contraband to confiscated. Alternatively, it opens up opportunity for crooked cops to be bribed, or politics to be played(again, really "Sons of Anarchy" type stuff).

There could definitely be some serious collaboration if you're interested. And people don't have to wait around for me to kick this off-- if somebody wants to steal the idea and get things going, feel free to run with it.
Posted Apr 25, 18
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Well I couldn't agree more with you; as I said to someone a few days ago, Coruscant needs all the activity she can get -- so whether it's about criminal organisations, legit trade companies, government institutions, simple cantina RP or people willing to join in the CSF, I am equally delighted to notice that some people still pay attention and interest towards Coruscant.

I highly encourage your project and hope it will lead somewhere and enable some rather "regular/neutral/legit" RP to be generated amongst the Coruscanti activity to complete the mix. As for the CSF project, I currently have one person who's confirmed to be interested in directly joining in and I have already talked with roleplayers from some Military RP guilds to anticipate eventual future joint training programs/anti-criminality operations.

I am still looking for roleplayers interested in playing as policemen, whether you wish to be a computer expert, a bomb expert, a forensic/coroner, a regular patrolman, an investigator, a custom officer, and so on. There are a lot of ways to RP as police in a general matter, so feel free to let me know if any of you reading this thread is interested in having one's character to work with or in the CSF.
Coruscant Security Force Application Form -- Willing to make the Galactic City safer? Join the Coruscant Security Force today!

Special Tactical Unit Recruitment Form -- Coruscant Security Special Tactical Program is accepting CSF Officers as well as field-ready personnel from the Republic Military, proposing a part-time duty to its applicants.
Posted Apr 27, 18 · OP