Introduction: What the fuck is this?
Right, hi. Name's Anti, or Sleeazo since I basically rp them all the time. Anyways, this is a little guide? Idea? Draft? Something I put together based on stitched together information from books, the game and personal conceptions. Any ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated, feel free to say it's 'Fucking stupid' or whatever you desire, I don't discriminate.
Basic Rights
The Empire itself is an autocratic, semi-religious, totalitarian state in which there is many preconceived notions of who holds power, which would be the Sith. The military holds the ability to execute, imprison or torture anyone without trial at any given time, and are generally told to do so constantly. Even through recent 'reformations', that has had little to change grander Imperial policies. This brings is into Citizenship and holdings of rights. To state it bluntly, you have no /Inalienable/ rights. There is no constitution or bill of rights that guarantees inalienable rights, save laws and principles. Citizenship can be revoked, but still has high-advantages. Citizenship is obtained via:
1. Being born to a pair of registered current Citizen in Imperial-Space, along with proof of blood.
2. Being the child of proven citizen and a client-civilian (non-imperial human) in a Imperial-colony, and being registered under the age of 2 standard-years.
3. Naturalization via proof of Sith or Noble blood.
4. Naturalization via service to the Empire as a client-civilian.
Citizens hold the right too
1. Be conscripted into Imperial service.
2. Access to Imperial public services
3. A citizen identity
4. Has to be payed for labor
5. The right to gain permits from military personal and Sith.
6. Access to rationing in times of crisis.
7. Right to express public-patriotism in attendance of rallies.
8. Movement upon being given proper registration.
9. Tax-appeals if part of a registered and proven house of Imperial-Blood.
10. The right to file a priority report to local garrison.
The 9-to-5
As to be expected, Imperial society has many careers paths that can be chosen, or assigned. However, many civilians may be re-assigned to other occupations or locations. The Empire relies on general slave labor for it's most menial of jobs, but due to the war with Zakuul, slave labor has slowly been growing more and more in the private sector, rather then public. Due to the constant crisis and uncertainty there has been a need for loyal, payed and trained workers to fulfill occupations rather then slaves. Labor varies in skill, however there are a variety of jobs that are common.Most work done pays rather low for the commoner, not resulting in much free-credits to spend on extreme luxuries.
Clothing and streetwear
Despite the hedonism and debauchery of the upper-class, many commoners choose to wear what is appropriate for their occupation. That is not to say there is no value for appearance, many commoners will attach cloth patches or string in order to replicate noble fashion in more extravagant local festivals such as birthdays, parties, family meetings or otherwise.
Most common fashion styles include:

Bantha-Hide Jackets and Pants
: Are a incredibly simple form of wear seen among planet side Imperials in industrial-districts. It is a cheap, affordable set of clothes that easily covers the arms and can be easily bought with gloves for toxic work or cold weather. Synthweavers will commonly offer these for cheap prices in any market place.
Industrial Jumpsuits and civilian fatigues: Another common suit for civilians, primarily seen in colonies and tenements. This jumpsuit is generally the staple of any mixed-districts (poorest areas in the Empire where aliens are more common, generally in the dregs of space-port districts) due to it's easy providence.
Ceremonial sash-garb and buckles A more expensive and well-kept suit for the poor-folks. Any Imperial party or gathering in industrial areas isn't complete with at-least one of the attendees wearing this. The buckles are primarily synth-leather of higher-quality, to show off wealth.
Daily Routine
A common day in the life of an Imperial varies from district to district and city to city, however an example we will use shall be a Imperial commoner of Dromund Kass industrial sector 10-34-B, Logii Oran, age: 21

6:00-7:00: Logii wakes up from his bunk, gets changed, reads some news on his personal datapad and takes care of simple morning tasks. He may also choose to eat whatever food he has purchased or been rationed from home, or go to the local market place.
7:15-7:30: Logii will make his way down to the crowded streets, perhaps stopping at small shops for caf, smokes or chatter, before proceeding to his assigned factory. Logii will present his ID too the guard, and step in.
8:00-12:00: Logii will begin this first shift in the factory, being the prime checker of the sheets of metal being moved down to the conveyor belt. He will occasionally speak too workers near him, or do other tasks, but mostly do what is required for his occupation/
12:00-1:00: Logii will go on an hour long break with his fellow employees, perhaps watching some holoshows, playing sabaak, eating, calling his family for short conversations or other tasks.
1:00-5:00: Logii will begin his final shift for the day, before signing off and returning home.
5:00-10:00: Logii will spend the rest of his free time doing what he pleases under the guide of law
11:00-6:00: Curfew will be in effect, causing Logii to move back to his apartment. He may choose to go to sleep or spend time with fellow workers in his apartment block.
Ma'lord/Mi'lord/My Lord/Lord (Name)/Me'lord: The term used when addressing a sith, regardless of rank or position. It is legally required unless instructed otherwise for citizens to use this.
The Empire is quick to wake: An expression used to display that word travels fast.
Glory to the Empire: A verbal salute, followed with Glory. A physical salute is generally used afterwards.
Alien: Any none human.
Tail-head: A derogatory term for Twi'lek.
Horn-heads: A derogatory term for Zabraks
Slimie/Slimer: A derogatory term for both the Hutt-Cartel or the Hutt species
Chattel: A slave
Anti-citizen: A former citizen who has been stripped of their status.
Rug-face:A derogatory term for any alien with noticeable differences to the human face or a deformed man
Scum-eater: A beggar, generally used as a slur for lazy people
Dreg-shit: Slang for trash
Tough as a rancor: Used when calling someone strong or physically fit
Pubbie: A slur for citizens of the Republic
Republican: A slur used for soldiers of the republic or leaders of the republic (senators)
Kriff/fuck: A curse used to refer to sexual reproduction
Arse/Ass:The Buttocks or a rude person.
Aristo: Noble/rich being
Slice-eyes: A slur for cyborgs
Mutter: Any mutant creature.
Enlisted: An older term used by the last generation to refer to the caste of Imperial commoners who were conscripted the most.