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Skylight Hotel and Café - Classy Imperial Social Nexus

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Posting this here for a good friend and fellow roleplayer, Ereniseth/Lykaios , who is wanting to open up one of their strongholds up to public use by the rest of the imperial community :) The following will be her words!

So I made a thing after I got tired of all the trolling on Vaiken. For a while it was more of a private setting, but I'm now opening it up to others who are looking for a more 'classy' setting to rp in. The Skylight Cafe and the Darth Marr Memorial Museum is open to anyone that wishes to peruse the archives, museum, and enjoy a cup of cafe, as well as make use of the conference room, medbay, and private restaurant. It was a blast putting the stronghold together so please feel free to use it! It can also be reserved for guild functions and events.
Posted Feb 20, 18 · OP
Banned users

Memes aside I like the idea, best o' luck dudebros
Posted Feb 20, 18