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Shereshoy - A Pub on Dxun

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Quick info:

Owner: Jàk (alt+0224) (Imperial)
Keyholders: Jàk (Imp), Ahuska (Imp), Jäk (alt+0228, Pub)
Stronghold: Jàk's Stronghold, Yavin IV Temple
IC Location: Dxun

Premise: A watering hole and a place to stay, Shereshoy is well known to Dxun locals but little spoken of offworld. Not that it's a particularly 'secret' place; it's simply small, simple, and not exactly a tourist destination. Mandalorian owned and run, the pub offers ample space for guests of all species to unwind for a while, grab a drink or a meal, have a casual spar... and there are bunks downstairs or a tent outside for tired wanderers who just need a place to shelter for a time. Pets, droids and children are all welcome inside but remain the responsibility of their owners and/or parents.
Though the majority of customers are local Mandalorians, the pub is open to all, and all sorts of travellers, drifters and underworld types can be found within, though anyone openly waving a lightsaber or getting about in fancy robes is probably going to be given a wide berth and treated with a good few measures of suspicion.
Security: Karnassa, Trandoshan Mandalorian, owns the place, runs the bar, and does her own bouncing. She's a formidable enough individual and not averse to throwing out troublemakers by the scruff of their necks, but honestly she rarely needs to step in; it's generally expected that serious disagreements are taken outside, where anything goes. Constantly by her side is P1-NT, the plucky astromech who alternates between spraying cheap ale on patrons, and hosing them down if they think they need it. Treat these two like communal NPCs - just don't murder/injure them and you can use them in RP as suits.

Notes: This is just meant to be a casual spot to facilitate community RP and maybe let me host a Mando-flavoured event or two in the future. Keys are welcome to anyone who asks (hitting me up on the server Discord is probably the best way to have this happen) and folk are welcome to use the space either actually as Shereshoy, or utilise it as a backdrop for whatever they've got going on. I'm not fussy and don't really intend to police what happens there, but common decency is expected and just try and keep to the flavour of the place, yeah?
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Posted Feb 13, 18 · OP
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Love this! Expect Ava of Clan Epsis to frequent this establishment when she goes on hunts on Dxun.
Posted Feb 27, 18