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[RP] Light Saber Crystal : ALL

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This is a complete list of all Light Saber Crystals based on multiple resources indicated at the bottom of this post. It is based on the SWTOR Era, Legends Canon/Lore.

The most common Lightsbaer Crystals used by Sith are the Synthetic Crystals. These crystals caused the blade of the lightsaber to appear Red and were not natural occurring, but rather fabricated.

Synthetic Crystals

Though synthetic crystals were ordinarily unsuitable for use in lightsabers, the Sith discovered that they could create synth-crystals that were energized, magnetized, and modified with the power of the dark side of the Force in special furnaces, causing the crystal to glow in harmonic vibration. As a result of their artificial origins, synthetic crystals created more powerful lightsaber blades and could be more easily augmented. Also, their common usage by Sith and other Darksiders after this discovery caused synthetic crystals to become something of a staple among such groups, and their use among Jedi was strongly discouraged.
Most synthetic crystals were red, a result of the forging process, and often times the initiate's intentional manipulations, as most individuals who utilized synthetic crystals were Darksiders. The red-hued lightsaber blades generated by such crystals were often nicknamed "bloodshine blades". The crystal's ability to change to reflect the intentions of the creator could be said to foster a stronger bond between the resulting lightsaber and the wielder. However, synth-crystals could be made in any color, requiring only slight adjustments of the creation process and special manipulations through the Force during the forging.

Synthetic lightsaber crystals were manufactured within a machine known as a geological compressor. The original purpose of the compressor was to replicate geological conditions on distant worlds in a laboratory setting, and it was easily adapted for creating synth-crystals; simply replicating the geological processes that create crystals. The raw materials that the crystal was fashioned from were easily accessible, simply being minerals with a high carbon concentration. The raw minerals would be placed within the machine and essentially left to bake for a period ranging from twenty-four hours to four days, during which time, the initiate creating the crystal would meditate on it with the Force, guiding the formation and increasing the potency. This level of control over the formation process allowed initiates to create crystals that best suited their needs.

Types / Results

A standard synthetic crystal was created through the successful replication of the geological structure of natural crystals. Standard crystals set the baseline for synthetic crystals in general; they generated a more powerful lightsaber blade than natural crystals, and often demonstrated a red coloration, though that was easily controlled.[3] In fact, synth-crystal blades were so powerful that they had the rare potential to "break the blade" of standard lightsabers by overloading the energy matrix and instantly burning out the other lightsaber. Though this happened extremely rarely, it was a known and frightening possibility in combat.[5]
However, synth-crystal generated lightsaber blades were in general less maneuverable than the blades generated by natural crystals, and were generally more unstable.

Compressed synth-crystals were a result of a failure to accurately replicate the natural geological process that formed crystals. The result was a crystal that was far more compressed than natural crystals, causing the blade generated to be considerably thinner than standard blades. However, a byproduct of this thinner blade was that it allowed for greater precision and control.[3] In addition to a thinner blade, the other visual indicators for a blade generated by a compressed synth-crystal were oscillations of energy that rapidly ran along the length of the blade at regular intervals.

Like compressed crystals, unstable crystals were the result of the initiate failing to accurately replicate the natural formation processes of crystals. The blades generated by unstable crystals were obviously more unstable than the norm, causing the blades generated to crackle with energy at erratic intervals, sometimes causing sparks to fly or streaks of electrical energy to run along the length. Due to the energy sparking from the blade, unstable synth-crystals caused more damage than normal when they hit enemies. However, they were much more prone to shorting out, causing the lightsaber to deactivate for a time.
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Posted Jan 13, 18 · OP
Lightsaber Crystal Locations / Types / Effects

Color Key:
Additive Property
Jedi Only
Sith Only

Ankarres Sapphire
Locations : Random
Also known as the Antares crystal, was a crystal that possessed legendary healing powers and numerous other effects. It was one of the most potent crystals that could be used in lightsaber creation. It was also a crystal of great power and could aid a Jedi in battle.
Legend has it that this sapphire could only be wielded by light-siders. If the crystal or saber was to be touched by someone dark, it would slowly heat up and burn their hand. Supposedly, this effect could apparently be reversed if it fell into the wrong hands.

Adegan Kathracite, Relacite, Danite [Training Saber Only]
Locations: Adega System, Ilum and Dantooine
Was the most common form of Adegan crystal, followed by relacite and danite. These crystals didn't focus energy as well as their rarer cousins, and thus were usually reserved for use in training sabers.

Adegan Mephite
Locations : Adega System, Ilum and Dantooine
Common first crystal used by many Jedi. No special properties.

Adegan Pontite [Jedi Only]
Locations : Adega System, Ilum and Dantooine
Was the rarest and most powerful type of Adegan crystal. Nearly impossible to find, it resonated with a powerful aura that cooled both skin and tempers

Bravis Crystal
Locations : Bravis System Planets
Was a Lightsaber crystal used by the Bravis Sith of the Bravis system. The blades had unique properties, having a sparkling affect.

Locations : Alderaan System Asteroids
Was a type of lightsaber crystal used in the construction of lightsaber. An asteroid in far orbit around the Alderaan system was the only known source of bondar. This crystal was capable of briefly stunning an opponent if the lightsaber scraped their flesh.

Barab Ingots
Locations : Barab I, inside radiated ore
(also called Barab ore ingots) were rare lightsaber crystals found on the planet Barab I, found inside the ore littering the planet's radiation-baked surface.[1] Though the radiation on the surface made it difficult to find these crystals, a few managed to locate Barab ingots suitable for use as focusing crystals[1]. When used in a lightsaber, the ingots produced a clear blade that burned almost to the point of losing its cohesion.

Bane's Heart [Unique]
Location : Vault with Sphere of Mysteries (Or to be RP'd as an event)
Was a unique carmine lightsaber crystal given to Darth Zannah by her Master, Darth Bane, following the Seventh Battle of Ruusan. She used it in her double-bladed lightsaber.
The lightsaber and crystal later came into the possession of a Dark Jedi murdered by Qymaen jai Sheelal, otherwise known as General Grievous, Supreme Commander of Droid Armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, either on Dica or Necropolis. Grievous stored the weapon aboard his personal starfighter, which was later recovered by Imperial forces and used as part of the N-K Project. The Bane's Heart lightsaber was wielded by N-K Necrosis during the Galactic Civil War until he was killed by a group of spacers who took the crystal from his dead body.
When tuned to be used in a lightsaber, it caused that lightsaber to release an electrical discharge and made it difficult for anyone other than the rightful owner to use the lightsaber.

Compressed Energy Crystal
Locations : Can be part Crystals found throughout the galaxy. It's an additive property.
Also called compressed crystals and abbreviated CEC, was a type of lightsaber crystal. CECs were also the central component in Ves Volette's light sculptures. Removing the crystal from a sculpture would result in the collapse of the gaseous light within. Certain compressed crystals, when used in lightsabers, caused the energy blade to take on a peculiar "pulsating" appearance with a thinner core. Lightsaber blades created by compressed crystals appeared to be more precise than normal blades. Compressed energy crystals included but were not limited to Luxum, Ilum and Adegan crystals, and Corusca gems.

Corusca gems or Corusca
Locations: Yavin Prime
Stones were extremely rare and valuable crystals. They were produced by a combination of the extreme pressures present in the atmosphere of Yavin Prime—pressures great enough to crush elements together—and the scraping of the liquefied air of the planet against its metallic core. The sizes of Corusca gems increased with proximity to the core of Yavin. They could be found only in very select locations in the galaxy, and their vibrancy resulted in them becoming the namesake of the galactic capital: Coruscant. The Corusca Gem casino was also named after these gems.
Corusca gems were some of the hardest objects known to the galaxy, and had industrial as well as decorative applications. Large Corusca gems were mounted on drills and used for precision drilling when explosives could not be used.
Despite their well known strength, Corusca gems had shatterpoints, minuscule points where multiple edges and facets would come together, forming an extremely weak spot. If delivered at exactly the right point, and exactly the right way, the slightest tap could cause the entire gem to crumble.

Damind [Sith Only]
Location: Daminia
Was a type of lightsaber crystal used in the construction of lightsabers used by the Sith. The planet Daminia was the only known source of damind. In its mineral form, the crystal was known as damindium.
When set in a lightsaber's crystal chamber, damind created a wider and longer blade than seen on a standard lightsaber, able to more-easily deflect blaster fire.

Dantooine / Dantari crystals
Locations: Dantooine
Also known as Dantari crystals, were a type of lightsaber crystal found on Dantooine, in the eggs of the native kinrath. Some crystals from those eggs supposedly reflected the alignment of the wielder, as was the case with the Meetra Surik crystal. Dantari crystals were popular with the Jedi prior to discovery of the better source of lightsaber crystals on Ilum.
In addition, Dantari crystals allowed the user a better focus on recovering spent Force energies, occasionally recycling the fierce, wild energy of combat to the wielder to fuel their Force power.
The Dantari crystals come in most rare colors, such as purple, pink, and yellow. But they are also in the common colors of red, green, and blue.

Dawn of Dagobah
Locations: Dagobah
Was a namesake of crystal seldomly used in lightsaber construction. The crystal imparts an acidic effect when used during combat, inflicting a minor amount of poisoning. The Dawn of Dagobah crystal gave a lightsaber blade a distinctive teal color.

Dragite crystals
Locations: M'haeli in the D'olop Mountain Range.
The crystals were highly valued as a power source and were sometimes used to focus lightsabers. The beam they created resonated loudly when it struck, inflicting a minor amount of sonic damage.

Durindfire Gem
Locations: Tatooine
A Durindfire gem was key in adding a distinctive silver sheen to any lightsaber blade.

Locations: Erai third moon.
Was a type of lightsaber crystal once mined on the third moon of the planet Erai, though orbital bombardments by ancient Sith forces against the moon made them very rare. If they could be found, Eralam crystals produced a clear, superior lightsaber beam. Its mineral form was known as eraladium.

Firkrann Crystals
Locations : Rafa V
Were a comparatively heavy lightsaber crystal mined on the planet Rafa V. The crystal imparts an electrical charge to the weapon that contains it making the saber especially devastating to droids. They were noted to be used specifically by the Dark Lords of the Sith.

Heart of the Guardian [Unique]
Locations: Yavin 4 Originally
Was an ancient crystal that was rediscovered on the surface of Yavin 4 by the Rodian inventor Suvam Tan some time prior to the Jedi Civil War. Possibly utilized as a lightsaber crystal by the redeemed Revan, it gave the blade of any such weapon into which it was installed a unique bronze hue and yellow core. The Heart was one of two legendary crystals that Revan possibly obtained from Tan near the end of his quest to find and destroy the Star Forge, the other being the Mantle of the Force.
When placed within a lightsaber, it altered the properties of other crystals that the lightsaber carried in a positive way; this crystal created a fast yet devastating blade that was perfect for lightsaber combat.
It is believed that the Heart was involved in the founding of the Jedi Order. According to prophecies of the Order, the Heart would appear at the time of greatest turmoil and help in bringing the galaxy into salvation. However, the Sith also believed it to be an object of their heritage, which in turn would have brought about their domination of known space.

Hurrikaine Crystals
Locations: Hurikane
Were deep blue to violet lightsaber crystals from the planet Hurikane admired for their unparalleled beauty. When used in lightsabers, they created blades that were very good at penetrating defenses

Ilum Crystals
Locations: Ilum
Were the most common lightsaber crystals used amongst the Jedi until up to the Great Jedi Purge. Found in crystal caves on the Unknown Regions planet of Ilum, they were similar in structure to the Adegan crystal variants of mephite and pontite, which produced the best lightsaber blades. However, while those crystals were rare even in the Adega system, Ilum presented to the Jedi Order entire caves full of high-quality crystals. Most Jedi Padawans underwent the ritual on construction of their first lightsaber at Ilum.

Jenruax Crystal
Locations: Random planets across the galaxy.
Was a type of lightsaber crystal occasionally used in lightsaber construction. A refined form of Opila, the Jenruax crystal had to be cleansed of impurities before use. When set in a lightsaber's crystal chamber, jenruax made the blade more agile and thus, more efficient at deflecting blasterfire.

Kaiburr Crystal
Locations: Circarpous V, locally known as Mimban
Was an ancient Force relic, initially located on the planet Circarpous V, locally known as Mimban. When in its natural location in the Temple of Pomojema on Mimban, the crystal increased a Force-sensitive's power one thousand times over. Among its magnification of abilities were the ability to heal, to further augment a Force-user's connection to the Force, to project Force lightning by those typically unable, and to empower and energize a tired being close in proximity to the crystal. If cut properly, the Kaiburr crystal also worked as a lightsaber crystal.

Kasha Crystals
Locations: Cerea
Was a crystal traditionally used by the Cereans as a meditation tool. They were used to clear the mind of distractions in order to create a perfect meditation environment. Patterns were scribed on each face of the crystal to harness its full energy potential, possibly created by Bi-Dar Tyunda thousands of years before.
When used as a lightsaber crystal, it helped clear the wielder's mind of distractions, even during tense combat.

Katak Crystals [Sith Only]
Locations: Sphere of Mysteries, Very Rare to find on Ziost.
They were generally only found in the lightsabers of dark side Force users. Users of this lightsaber crystal managed to drain some of the life force of those within close vicinity. This would not be enough to instantly fatigue the victim, however; prolonged exposure would prove to be fatal.

Krayt dragon pearls
Locations: *Inside of Krayt Dragons* on Tatooine
Were lustrous, colored stones found in the last chamber of the gizzard of krayt dragons. The stones were used to help crush food eaten by them, and over time, they became rounded because of how much they moved around. They could be found in colors such as blue, green, red, white and black. Due to a refractive quality peculiar to the pearl, they could be used in a lightsaber if properly cleaned, prepared and installed, though it was a difficult task. The pearls were seen as exceptionally valuable by the public (easily worth upwards of a hundred thousand credits each), as well as proof a person had killed a krayt dragon (to Tusken Raiders, a sign of bravery).

Lava crystals
Locations: Volcanic Planets
Was a lightsaber crystal that could only be found on volcanic planets and moons such as Mustafar. It generated a blade that resembled lava. The crystal itself was less focused and concentrated than normal crystals, therefore lava itself was generated from the extreme heat of the dense, heavy blade, creating bits of flame and lava that sometimes splashed and dripped out from the blade itself. This crystal was rumored to be very powerful.

Lignan Crystals [Sith Only]
Locations: Phaegon III's largest moon, Kesh
Were powerful lightsaber crystals crafted from Lignan ore which enabled the blade of a lightsaber to last longer and burn hotter than normal crystals. Lignan crystals were exceptionally powerful lightsaber crystals that were made from Lignan ore—an ore that was very powerful in the dark side of the Force. Lignan crystals enabled a lightsaber blade to burn hotter and last far longer than normal lightsaber crystals. This allowed the Lignan-enhanced lightsabers to cut through objects faster.

Lorrdian Gemstones
Locations: Llord
They originated during the Kanz Disorders, when the enslaved Lorrdians were forced to develop kinetic communication to communicate with one another. This gave the Lorrdians the ability to better predict the actions of others, including their Argazdan overlords, by careful observation of subtle changes in body language. A few Force-sensitive Lorrdians imbued certain gemstones with similar abilities. When these gems were installed in a lightsaber, the user was better able to read the actions of their opponents. This enhanced the wielder's overall defenses and ability to deflect blaster bolts.

Luxum Crystals [Sith Only]
Locations: Ambria
Sas a type of crystal that could be used in lightsaber construction. These crystals were from the world of Ambria, a planet gripped by dark energies, where they were formed out of the minerals and Force energy contained in Lake Natth through long and deep meditation. They were more effective against droids, imparting an ion effect to a lightsaber blade when used the construction of the weapon.

Mantle of the Force [Unique]
Locatoins: Unkown
Was a powerful crystal rediscovered by Suvam Tan and possibly used by Revan. It added a cyan color to a lightsaber.
Revan purchased this crystal from Suvam Tan near the end of his search for the Star Forge, as well as another legendary crystal, the Heart of the Guardian. He discovered that when placed in a lightsaber, its properties altered depending on the other crystals the lightsaber carried, making it more powerful in the areas that the other crystals improved; though it always enhanced Force abilities.

Locations: Randomly found on various planets.
Was a type of gemstone that could be used as an energy source. Around the time of the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, crystals for lightsabers and blasters were sometimes made using marilite, which was also used in the construction of other weapon components.

Meditation Crystals [Jedi Only]
Locations: Tython
Were naturally-occurring rocks that assisted in inducing meditation. Growing naturally on the Deep Core world, Tython, slivers of a meditation crystal could be placed inside the hilt of a lightsaber to produce a coherent beam of energy, as well as assist the wielder to stay in closer connection to the Force during combat. This enhanced connection allowed the user to retain energy while fighting rather than losing it.

Meetra Surik Crystal
Locations: Dantooine
Was a naturally-formed crystal that had forged a bond with the Jedi Meetra Surik, resonating with her and her relationship with the Force. As a result, the crystal acquired its character from Surik and had the ability to augment her powers. In the wake of the Jedi Civil War, Surik—an exile from the Jedi Order due to her participation in the Mandalorian Wars—found the crystal formation within a Force-sensitive crystal cave located on the Outer Rim world of Dantooine during her search for Jedi Master Vrook Lamar. The use of the crystal as a lightsaber focus ensured that the weapon could only be used by Surik as well as enhancing the other components and subsidiary crystals found in the lightsaber.
The infamous green crystals found on Dantooine, said to have similar properties for anyone whom tunes them, as above.

Locations: M'haeli
Was a type of crystal occasionally used in lightsaber construction. The crystal was mined in the mountains of the world of M'haeli. When set in a lightsaber's crystal chamber, nextor generated a highly volatile, yet powerful blade.

Locations: Fyrth System asteroids.
Was a type of crystal occasionally used in lightsaber construction. The crystal was mined in an asteroid field in the Fyrth system. When set in a lightsaber's crystal chamber, opila generated an intense blade capable of cutting through most materials quickly.

Locations: Randomly found on various planets.
Was a strange byproduct resulting from rare impurities bonding during the making of certain alloys due to as-yet-unknown external conditions. This crystal produced a fiercely burning lightsaber beam.

Qixoni Crystals
Locations: Qixoni Nebula
Were exceedingly rare lightsaber crystals of a dark red color. he crystal was said to enhance one's Force abilities, in addition to enhancing the lightsaber blade's power to a significant degree.
These unique, powerful gems were formed when a planet of the Qixoni system was consumed as its star went supernova, millennia before the Jedi Civil War. The heat and energy of the star caused metals and minerals in the planet to become fused into crystals which was then blasted into the Qixoni Nebula when the planet was destroyed.

Rainbow Gems
Locations: Gallinore
Were brilliant treasures that were not actually gems, but silicon-based lifeforms native to the planet Gallinore.
They matured only after thousands of years, and the glow they produced was caused by their inner light. Despite their biologic nature, rainbow gems could be used as lightsaber crystals.

Rol Stones
Locations: Randomly on various planets.
Were sparkling red gems used to make expensive jewelry and lightsabers.

Rubat Crystal
Locations: Phemis
Was a type of crystal used in the construction of lightsabers, also known as lightsaber crystals. The planet Phemis was the only known source of rubat. When placed in a lightsaber's crystal chamber, rubat sharpened the appearance and definition of the blade, allowing its wielder to easily track the blade and strike opponents properly. The crystal would also help its wielder attack faster.

Ruusan Crystals
Locations: Ruusan
Came from the Mid Rim planet of the same name. While not directly affecting a lightsaber's effectiveness, they aided in focusing the Force.

Sapith Crystal
Location: Lwhekk
Was a type of crystal occasionally used in lightsaber construction. The crystal was excreted by the now extinct Volice worm, a creature from the Ssi-ruuvi homeworld Lwhekk, once every eleven standard years.
When set in a lightsaber's crystal chamber, sapith generated an intense blade, easier to control than most other blades.

Sigil Crystal
Locations: Sigil System
Was costly but worthwhile due to the searing effect it has once properly placed in a lightsaber. It was a brownish-yellow color in nature, and when used in a lightsaber, the beam produced was incredibly potent and dealt greater damage.

Solari Crystal [Jedi Only*]
Locations: Heirloom, handed down. No natural sources known to exist any longer.
Was one of the oldest and most powerful lightsaber crystals of the Jedi Order. It was a light orange gem that only a Jedi who was pure in spirit and an ardent follower of the light side of the Force could use. It could not be corrupted by the dark side and its owner had to always stay pure of heart for it to function.
Although the Solari crystal was an artifact of light side power, the Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force lightsaber crystals could remove the light side restriction and allow a non-lightsider to use the crystal.

Stygium Crystals
Locations: Aeten II
In its pure crystal form, it was known to be suitable for use as a lightsaber crystal. It was known that when refined Stygium was mounted on a personalized lightsaber and wielded by a Force-sensitive, the natural cloaking attributes of the crystal would augment the power of a stealth-minded Jedi in remaining unseen.

Synthetic Crystal
Locations: NA : Manufactured
Commonly referred to as a Synth-crystal, was a type of lightsaber crystal that was artificially created, rather than naturally formed by geological processes. Due to the methods used in their creation, they were often formed with a red coloration, though they could be made with any color through special manipulations of either the creation process or the crystal itself, often through the Force.

Ultima Pearls
Locations: Dac
Were uncommon, silvery, lustrous, spherical pearls found on the deep ocean floor of Dac, that could be used as a form of lightsaber crystal. It required considerable skill to properly install an Ultima Pearl.

Upari Crystal
Locations: Forest Worlds such as Yavin 4, Kashyyk
Was a type of lightsaber crystal primarily encountered scattered in the orbit of forest worlds. It was brittle but versatile. A Wookiee clan on Kashyyyk could cut an Upari stone to use as decorative jewelry. The cutting altered the effects of the crystal making it more powerful.

Velmorite Crystal
Locations: Velmor
Was a yellow lightsaber crystal found only on the planet Velmor. They were used to produce high quality Velmorite energy swords, though other applications were certainly possible. When used in a lightsaber, this crystal created a fine, thin blade for graceful, fluid wielding.

Vexxtal Crystals [Sith Only]
Locations: Heirloom, handed down only. No known natural resource.
They are generally only found in the lightsabers of dark side of the Force users. A corrupting aura is left on those wounded by lightsabers with this crystal.

Viridian Crystal
Locations: Randomly on various worlds.
Was a rare type of crystal that was used for the color crystal in a lightsaber. This lightsaber crystal produced a lightsaber blade with a silvery-green color.
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Posted Jan 13, 18 · OP
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Posted Jan 13, 18 · OP