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[RP] Force Abilities | Dark and Neutral

6 replies
This guide encompass nearly 6 months of work to create a Legends /Canon/Lore adherent guide of Force Abilities for the Dark Side. While some of the abilities are neutral many are Dark Side. Depending on how one RPs, I at least needed this list for several guilds.

I also expanded on just a simple list, and inorporated a learning path to include suggested 'Pre-Reqs' on some abilities and for most all abilities created learning path to each ability.

This is provided without license, and is free to anyone to copy, use, or modify to fit their specific RP.
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Posted Jan 12, 18 · OP
Force powers were the manifestations of a Jedi, Sith, or other Force-adept's connection with the Force, an energy field that binds everything in existence. These powers were supernatural abilities not described by scientists. The powers were usually taught by Force-using organizations, but there were examples of individual, self-improving methods of learning to use the Force. There were many kinds of Force powers, but not all were available to a single person, since some of them required a deep connection with one side of the Force and others were secret or very rare. Also, as a side note, it should be taken into account that the Force is not "magic," nor does it have specific "spells" or "powers," and they are far more interrelated than the list might suggest. Alternatively, the Force was used as a form of magic by users such as the Nightsisters, Mind-witches, and users of Sith magic and Sith alchemy.

The Force had a range of powers that functioned in accordance to fundamental attributes that were cardinal in nature, and categorized by the way in which a user was able to focus on the Force while using an ability. The aspects of the Force were divided into Control, Sense, and Alter. Under these three themes were several core abilities, that could be expanded upon and changed, depending on the user. Stemming from the core ability were several different ways to manipulate the Force, some of them mainstream within the Jedi and Sith teachings, others personally developed and unique.

The dark side of the Force, also known as the Bogan or simply as Bad force was an aspect of the Force. Individuals who used the dark side drew their power from more intense, raw and darker emotions such as fear, anger, hatred,passion, and aggression. The Sith were major practitioners of the dark side. Rather than allowing these emotions to run rampant, Sith were taught to control their emotions in a manner that wold allow them to manipulate the force. It is a key concept, where Jedi let the force flow through you, Sith control and try to dominate the Force as it's master, fueled by emotion.

All of the Force Powers listed herein are in accordance to Legends Lore / Canon for the current time period. While some are purely considered 'Dark Side' many are also considered 'Neutral'
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Posted Jan 12, 18 · OP

Required Korriban Graduate
Initiate (Usually Acolytes)
Adept (Usually Apprentices)
Expert (Usually Lords)
Master (Usually Darths)

These are cumulative, to mean for a certain ability you first learn it at an Initiate Level and then progress. You must crawl before you walk, and must walk before you run.

Darth Veron has not specialized on any specific group of abilities, but rather is a general practitioner. As such, to ensure some limitations and reasonable RP, Darth Veron cannot actually Master any single ability. At best he may have a few at 'Expert'.
Force Detoxify Poison : Adept (because although he learned the skill, he doesn't use it often and never pursued greater knowledge)
Dark Healing : Expert
Force Body : Expert
Force jump : Initiate (he never bothered to learned more in depth on this skill beyond it's initial teaching. He hates jumping anyway)
- and more, as you see just becuse he is a Darth doesn't mean he is a Master at everything. It depends on the time he spent to learn and research abilities as well as practice them.

Be sure to really think about your abilities. To many and you have just become so OP no one will want to RP with you. To few, and you don't befit the title/rank you carry.
Learning Abilities through DATACRONS is a joke. It's not even possible. Research what a datacron is if you would disagree.
Learning Abilities through HOLOCRONS is possible, however consider the RP around this. Do you want 'automatic' knowledge, osmosis? Or would you rather RP it?
Ensure you can explain how you have learned your abilities, and if you have in depth knowledge such as Master for an ability ensure you can explain how.
On the same note, if you are a Lord and has Mastered something, be sure to have in depth details as this is typically beyond a Lord's ability.

You must crawl before you walk, you must walk before you run.
You learn simple addition/subtraction before multiplication/division. You learn multiplication/division before Algebra. And Algebra before Calculus.
Learning a Skill (Initiate) and then advancing in the skill requires training, dedication and practice. This all comes in time, just as the Sith Order Ranks come in time. Hence the relation is made between Skill/Rank to provide a conceptual idea of this time it takes to reach -that level- of an ability.
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*Refer a Friend* SWTOR
Posted Jan 12, 18 · OP

Three main abilities were centered around Control: tutaminis, curato salva, and altus sopor. These three umbrella abilities incorporated many of the abilities used by Force Sensitives. From these three primary abilities the following power were discovered.

Accelerate Healing
This ability allowed the user to accelerate their own natural healing. Depending on the level of injuries and the users own ability would determine how fast, if at all, they accelerated their own natural healing.

Animal Bond
Animal bond, also referred to as Animal friendship, Beast Control or Beast Trick, was the Force ability to control an animal. Once calmed, the animal could be used by the Force user in various ways, including as a mount or guard beast.
*Certain Animals cannot be bonded, especially those whom feed off the Force*

Control Disease
Allowed the user to sometimes stabilize or even cure a disease they had contacted. This depended upon the actual disease, severity, and the users own ability.

Control Pain
This ability allowed the user to transform their pain in to anger or rage thus providing a fuel for other abilities that acted as a catalyst for greater Force abilities. The amount of pain able to be controlled was dependent upon the users level of understanding of this force ability.

Consume Essence (Pre-req Mind Probe, Force Persuasion, Dark Healing, Force Emotion)
Consume Essence, also known as Feed on Dark Side, was a Force power that allowed a dark side Force-user to feed on the fear, hatred, or other negative emotions of others to make himself more powerful. It did not matter why the others were filled with dark emotions; the feelings alone would suffice.

Force Detoxify Poison (Pre-Req : Dark Healing Basic)
A Control-based Force power that allowed a Force-user to detoxify poisons or eject them from their body in a much shorter amount of time than would normally be possible. It could also be used to cleanse their body of alcohol, allowing the individual to remain sober while consuming vast amounts of the drink.
Adept Able to contain the poison within the body and preventing it from spreading. Negates effects but must still be cleansed. No affect on airborne or gaseous toxins.
Expert Able to contain all forms of poison and to cleanse all forms except airborne and gaseous poisons.
Master Able to cleanse all poisons from self, and contain the poison in others to prevent it's effects. Containing the poison in others still requires some form of Medical detoxification.

Force Body
A type of Force technique which allowed any Force-sensitive to push their body's endurance past a safe limit, ignoring and sacrificing their health and well-being in order to sustain their connection to the Force. Very powerful connection to the Force was required for this ability's use.
Adept Increases physical Speed (also known as Force Speed)
Expert Increases physical Strength (also known as Force Strength)
Master Increases physical Strength, physical Speed, and physical Endurance

Force Choke / Force Grip / Force Crush (Pre-Req Telekinesis Adept)
Adept Force Grip : a technique by which a user of the Force uses telekinesis to control another's body parts, such as an arm or leg.
Expert Force Choke : a dark side Force power where one would use the the Force to choke or strangle a victim, oftentimes with a grip-like gesture. It was a technique of telekinesis that was frequently employed by the Sith and other users of the dark side of the Force.
Master Force Choke with Levitate / Force Crush : just was with Force Choke, however this level of the ability also allowed the user to lift their target off the ground, and then if desired slam them down. Target cannot be more than 2x the size of the user.

Force Dark Healing
At the cost of suffering and pain to the user or the recipient, a healing ability able to cure physical injuries. It did not work on such afflictions like disease.
Initiate Minor injuries such as a knife wound, minor pain to recipient.
Adept Major injuries such as a broken bone, larger wounds. Major pain to recipient, minor pain to user.
Expert Severe wounds that would normally require surgery. Severe pain to recipient and Major pain to the user.
Master Dark Transfer : At the cost of one's own life force, often times resulting in debilitating injuries such as inoperable limbs, or massive negative appearance changes, an ability where one could bring another back from the near brink of death

Force Jump
The ability to perform magnificent feats of jumping. Depending entirely on the ability of one's Force Ability would determine how high or how far one could leap.
Initiate Able to jump vertical and horizontal distance equal to one's own height.
Adept Able to jump vertical and horizontal distance equal to 3x own height.
Expert Able to jump vertical and horizontal distance equal to 5x own height.
Master Able to jump vertical and horizontal distance equal to 10x own height.

Force Emotion (Pre-Req Force Body)
By channeling one of the primary emotions used by Sith allowed for several effects to be possible. At a basic level these effects had minor enhancements to one of the following : Force Speed, Force Strength, Force Endurance, Force Agility
Adept Able to use Emotion as a catalyst to fuel other Force Abilities such as Force Body, Force Jump, Force Speed, Force Strength, Force Endurance, Force Agility. Utility type Force abilities only.
Expert Able to use Emotion as a catalyst to fuel other Force Abilities that were offensive in nature such as Force Lightning.
Master Able to use Emotion as a catalyst to fuel other Force Abilities that were defensive in nature such as a Force Barrier.

Force Concealment (also called Force Stealth)
Allows the force user to conceal their Force by varying degrees depending on the individuals ability. A Master of this art could completely conceal their 'Force' to even the greatest of Jedi, such as how Emperor Palpatine was able to cloak his Force even to the most astute Jedi.
50% Chance to conceal vs. Initiates of Force Sense and Miraluku.
25% Chance to conceal vs. Adepts of Force Sense.
10% Chance to conceal vs. Experts of Force Sense.
1% Chance to conceal vs. Master of Force Sense.
75% Chance to conceal vs. Initiates of Force Sense and untrained Miraluku.
50% Chance to conceal vs. Adepts of Force Sense.
20% Chance to conceal vs. Experts of Force Sense.
5% Chance to conceal vs. Master of Force Sense.
100% Chance to conceal vs. Initiates of Force Sense and untrained Miraluku.
75% Chance to conceal vs. Adepts of Force Sense.
50% Chance to conceal vs. Experts of Force Sense.
25% Chance to conceal vs. Master of Force Sense.
100% Chance to conceal vs. Initiates of Force Sense and untrained Miraluku.
100% Chance to conceal vs. Adepts of Force Sense.
75% Chance to conceal vs. Experts of Force Sense.
50% Chance to conceal vs. Master of Force Sense.

Force Cloak (Pre-Req Force Concealment , Force Body , Force Emotion)
The art of becoming virtually invisible to the naked eye, ear and Force Sensitives. It combines the illusion of bending light around oneself, concealing noise, and Force Concealment.
100% success vs. Initiate.
50% success vs. Adept/Apprentice.
25% success vs. Expert/Lord..
5% success vs. Master/Darth.
100% success vs. Initiate.
100% success vs. Adept/Apprentice.
50% success vs. Expert/Lord..
20% success vs. Master/Darth.
100% success vs. Initiate.
100% success vs. Adept/Apprentice.
75% success vs. Expert/Lord..
50% success vs. Master/Darth.

Force Tapas
Tapas allows the Force User to sustain themselves in moderate cold or warm environments.
Initiate Able to sustain oneself up to +/- 30 Degrees
Adept Able to sustain oneself up to +/- 60 Degrees
Expert Able to sustain oneself for a limited duration in the vacuum of space
Master Able sustain another for a limited time up to +/- 60 Degrees.

Tutaminis (Pre-Req Force Body Basic)
By definition Tutaminis is the ability to control, absorb, dissipate, or negate energy. At a basic level this allows the Force User to purge their emotions. Typically used at the end of a battle where the emotions used to control the Force could leave one exhausted and emotionally overcharged.
Initiate Able to purge emotions, usually caused by Force Emotion, from oneself.
Adept Able to absorb, dissipate or negate physical energy like a blaster.
Expert Able to absorb, dissipate or negate force energy such as Force Lightning.
Master Able to control physical and force energy, such as to redirect it incuding lightsaber attacks.

Mechu-deru [Pre-Req Telekinesis]
Was a dark side Force power that bestowed an intuitive understanding of mechanical systems upon the user. Invented by the Sith, the technique allowed its practitioners to exert their influence over inanimate and robotic constructs. Through mechu-deru, mechanical structures could be bound to the will of the user and imbued with the power of the Force itself. The dark side power of mechu-deru also enabled the creation of machine-organic Sithspawn mutants called technobeasts.

Electronic Manipulation [Pre-req Tutaminis OR Barrier OR Energy Resistance OR Force Protection Or Lightning Shield and Force Mind Control OR Force Persuasion OR Force Fear]
Was a dark side Force power that allowed the user to manipulate the electrical components of a computing device. The Sith utilized this technique by channeling their anger into the device, allowing them to reprogram it to a varying extent. Applicators of this technique were able to restore altered variations of original programming to the device, not rewrite it entirely.
To perform Electronic Manipulation, the user required some knowledge of absorbing energy and affecting the minds of other living beings through the Force.

Force Thought Shield
also sometimes called a mental shield, was a technique used by Force users, and telepaths, in order to keep their thoughts, emotions, and motives secret from others. It was taught from the earliest age, to Padawans, apprentices, and sometimes even diplomats, in order to keep their thoughts and emotions from being read and interpreted.
Initiate chance to succeed vs. Initiate 50% / Adept 25% / Expert 5% / Darth 1%
Adept chance to succeed vs. Initiate 75% / Adept 50% / Expert 25% / Darth 5%
Expert chance to succeed vs. Initiate 100% / Adept 75% / Expert 50% / Darth 25%
Master chance to succeed vs. Initiate 100% / Adept 100% / Expert 75% / Darth 50%

Instinctive Astrogation Control
was a Control-based Force power. It was a far more difficult and esoteric power than the Sense-based instinctive astrogation. Instead of feeling out the correct path and related equations, Jedi would use the Force to enhance their mental abilities, allowing them to calculate the incredibly complex mathematical equations of hyperspace navigation in their heads
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Posted Jan 12, 18 · OP

Sense abilities allowed Force-wielders to immerse themselves in the environment. By the end of their apprenticeship, Sith Lords are expected to use the Force as an additional sense, constantly attuned to the undulation of the Force.

Sense abilities are divided into four main groups: prima vitae, tactus otium, tai vordrax and projection. While there were many other styles to the Sense family, these were considered the most vital.

Force Sense
Force sense could be used to feel another being's feelings, or even sense other Force Users through the Force itself. Miraluka have this ability naturally. Darth Vader and The Emperor both used this quite often especially when dealing with Luke Skywalker. Force Sense allows the user to sense 'The Force' in many things, their surroundings, objects, living beings. It is the first ability taught, after all if you can't sense the force how can you manipulate it?
Initiate, Adept, Expert,
Master are up to the user, as each skill is considered automatic if the character is at these levels or titles. It's the only skill that increases in power as the character increases in power.

Force Suppression [Pre-reg Force Persuasion)
Was a controversial mind-affecting Force power that was employed by crafty Force-sensitives. It allowed a Force-sensitive to harness the Force in order to convince others that they had been cut off from the Force itself. As such, it served both to diminish an enemy's Force resistance and to negate a vast range of Force abilities, including but not limited to Force speed, Force valor, Force barrier, Force immunity, Force fury, Inspire, energy resistance, and even battle meditation.
Adept Able to stunt or temporarily remove Initiate level abilities, only if the target had no advanced knowledge of that ability. Thus limited to abilities where the target only had the knowdge of the ability at an initiate level.
Expert Able to stunt, or temporarily remove Adept level abilities.Limited to abilities the target possessed that were not greater than an Adept level of understanding.
Master Shatterpoint or Force Breach. Able to completely and permanently remove Master level abilities, Adept level abilities and Initate level abilities. However if the target possessed knowledge of an ability at a Master level, they wold be unaffected.

Advanced mastery of this technique was referred to as Force breach during the Old Sith Wars.[2][3] During the Cold War, that name was instead applied to the ability to deal catastrophic damage against targets by rupturing their shatterpoints.[1

Force Precognition
This ability is natural to all Force Sensitives. Ever wonder why it seemed that Force User were able to react faster, seem to think faster as if they had a glimpse in to the very near future? This is the answer.

Force Battle Precognition / Battle Meditation
The precognition ability, with training and practice allowed the Force User to perceive actions in a duel or even a fight as if they were happening in slow motion. This allowed them a faster reaction time and often gave them the edge in a battle.
Battle meditation was a Force ability that considerably boosted the morale, stamina, and overall battle prowess of an individual's allies while simultaneously reducing the opposition's combat-effectiveness by eroding their will to fight
Initiate Precognition : Allows for use against a single opponent as described above.
Adept Battle Meditation : Allows the user to meditate, they can take no other action. Creating a link of sorts between the user and up to 5 other individuals to give them an advantage in combat.
Expert Battle Meditation : Allows the user to meditate, they can take no other action. Creating a link of sorts between the user and up to 20 other individuals to give them an advantage in combat.
Master Battle Meditation : Allows the user to meditate, they can take no other action. Creating a link of sorts between the user and up to an entire FLEET other individuals to give them an advantage in combat.

Force Psychometry
Also known as Postcognition, or telemetry, it was a Force power that was a mental technique of picking up impressions and traces of information about the object touched and the events that have surrounded it.
Initiate Allows a trace image of up to 1 month.
Adept Allows a trace image of up to 1 year.
Expert Allows a trace image of up to 10 years.
Master Allows trace images, though the magnitude and details vary up to a lifetime.

Force Farsight (Pre-Reg Force Psychometry Basic)
The ability to gain vague impressions of events happening in other places or times using the Force. These visions focused on strong imagery and emotions. The future is always in motion, however, and is thus subject to change. The clarity of these images varies based on skill level as well as how far ahead one might see.
Adept Allows for current time in other locations, or near future like a week.
Expert Allows for greater clarity on current time, or distance future like a month.
Master Allows for precise clarity on current time, or very distance future up to a year.

Force Telepathy
This is the very basic ability to mentally communicate and project user's thoughts over small or vast distances with other individuals. The distance varies based on one's ability with the Force, and the relationship to the individual they are communicating with. Force Concealment would negate this entirely.
Greater skill allows for great distance, however this also is dependent upon the relationship of the people communicating.
Initiate Close distance, no greater than within the same building.
Adept Closer distance no greater than within the same city.
Expert Greater distance, no further than the same planet region.
Master Greater distance, no further than in the same Solar System.

Force Neural Storm (Pre-Req Force Telepathy Basic)
This ability was able to cause disorientation in others, as an attack on the mind. At greater degrees to even cause others to be appear drunk or intoxicated.
Adept Able to affect one individual to feel intoxicated.
Expert Able to affect up to five individuals to feel intoxicated, or one individual to become violently ill, as if over intoxicated.
Master Able to affect up to 10 individuals to feel intoxicated, or up to 5 individuals to become violently ill, as if over intoxicated.

Force Comprehend Speech
This allows the Force User, depending upon their Force ability and the difficulty of speech they are trying to comprehend, to understand the speech of languages they do not normally understand. Using both expressions, tone, influx and the actual spoken word to interpret the speech.

Force Comprehend Language (Pre-Req Force Comprehend Speech)
This allows the Force User, depending upon their Force ability and the difficulty of the writing they are trying to comprehend, to understand the writings of languages they do not normally understand.

Force Read Mind (Pre-Req Force Telepathy, Force Comprehend Speech, Force Comprehend Language)
The ability to literally read another person's mind. Though more difficult to read the mind of a Force User, with practice this can be accomplished and with great skill even be able to read the mind of a Force User intentionally trying to block such actions.

Force Energy Resistance
While primarily used by Jedi, there were a few notable Sith that also used this ability. Different than Force Barrier which primarily focused on protection from Physical attacks, this ability focused on Energy based attacks. Its main effect was to create a barrier of energy-absorbent force around the user, reducing the damage taken from energy weapons like blasters. This ability does not reflect such attacks, it only absorbs them.
Initiate : Absorbs minor attacks, such as a Blaster Pistol from a single target.
Adept : Absorbs minor attacks, such as a Blaster Pistol from multiple targets.
Expert : Absorbs larger attacks, such as a Lightsaber, or hand held cannon. Can also protect in a radius of 10 feet against minor attacks.
Master : Absorbs larger attacks and minor in a radius of 10 feet.

Instinctive Astrogation
was a Sense-based Force ability that permitted the user to find a route through hyperspace that was fast and safe without the help of a navigation computer or astromech droid.

Prima Vitae
was the traditional term for the ability also known as Life Detection, which is one of the most basic of the Sense abilities. Through Life Detection, a user could feel the presence of living things and track their positions at long range. Life signatures were said to each give a unique feeling that, perhaps, centered on the individual's intentions.
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Posted Jan 12, 18 · OP

An advanced form of Force-use, many non-trained Force-sensitives stumbled upon this group of powers accidentally, usually resulting in disastrous events. Untamed, these Force powers can cause mass chaos, as the art of manipulating other objects must be perfected and honed. Capable of affecting the environment, these abilities were vital to a successful, as without them, individuals could see the Force, but were incapable of manipulating it.

Alter Environment
Altering the environment is an attack on one's mind, to make them see an illusion. The brevity of this effect is dependent upon the user and the affected recipients abilities to control the mind and to resist such mind control. This was limited however to the physical surroundings.
Initiate The ability to create minimal effects on the environment. Simple things like create smoke, or small pockets of fog, and temperature up to +/- 20 degrees in a small area.
Adept The ability to create Moderate effects on the environment. Things like create smoke, fog, and temperature up to +/- 40 degrees in a small area. Even the ability to create a gush of wind or manifest a rain storm.
Expert The ability to create massive effects on the environment. Ability to create major thunderstorms, whirlwinds, minor tornadoes, small scale earthquakes, freezing or extremely hot temperatures.
Master The ability to create an entirely surreal fake environment similar to the current surroundings. This is almost limitless.

Force Barrier
Force barrier was a very basic application of the Force. Depending on the individual, it manifested itself differently, appearing as a shimmering, stasis field of Force energy, or sometimes not "appearing" at all. In combat, these barriers were capable of absorbing a wide variety of physical and energy attacks. Force barriers were only used as defense and couldn't be used as a 'wall'. Depending on the strength of the individual, the barrier could only withstand a few attacks before collapsing. There have been some cases where a barrier has repelled high and low pitched sound. It could not protect against Force Abilities.
Initiate Able to protect in a 10 foot radius against gaseous forms, or to create a limited oxygen bubble. At best able to protect against blowing dust.
Adept Able to protect in a 10 foot radius great objects, such as flying sticks or small stones.
Expert Able to protect in a 10 foot radius much great physical attacks, such as blaster fire or light sabers.
Master Able to protect in a 10 foot radius physical objects often intended to destroy mass machines, such as rockets or grenades. Even a planted bomb for instance.

Force Burst
Force Burst was a Force power that could be used by a Jedi or Sith. The strength of the Burst depended on the amount of time and energy put into it. A Burst's size and intensity could range anywhere from huge and combustible, to small, but relatively deadly. It was usually semi-transparent with a blue or green hue, where as the Sith variant had a reddish shade. The sphere of Force energy sought out it's intended target with the utmost accuracy and speed. This technique could be nullified by Force protection, Protection bubble, or set off course by a strong Force push, or even dissipated with another Force Burst. However, it was usually deflected by a well-timed Force shield.

Was a Force power that allowed a Force-user to alter their body chemistry, causing the skin to burn with incredible heat. While such concentration of Force energy did not cause lasting injury to its caster, it could be used to harm an opponent. Force using martial artists who knew the power could even set their targets on fire with their unarmed attacks

Was a Force power that allowed a Force-user to draw heat away from the object, causing its temperature to drop rapidly. This arcane technique caused the heat vitality of the victim to hemorrhage, but it was impossible for the caster to channel that vitality into their own body. The effectiveness depended on many variables, the users knowledge of the ability, the physical environment and of course the targets ability to resist.
Initiate -20 degrees against a single target.
Adept -40 degrees against a single target, or -20 degrees up to 5 targets.
Expert - 80 degrees against a single target, or -40 degrees up to 5 targets.
Master Near instant freezing of a single target, or -80 degrees up to 5 targets.

DarkShear or Spear of Midnight Black
It enabled the Force-user to summon the Force and forge with it an invisible spear from dark side energies which could be hurled at opponents, killing or injuring them as if it were a real, physical spear.

Force Combustion(Pre-Req Alter Environment Basic)
The ability to make things combust in flames or on fire. The magnitude is dependent upon the Force User's own ability.

Force Drain Knowledge [Pre-req Force Drain]
A dark side ability used to extract knowledge out of a sentient without his or her consent. Beyond simple reading of thoughts, the Drain Knowledge ability disrupted the Force to steal deep memories and information in a violent and merciless way. Such a process might damage the subject psychologically.

Force Mecu Macture
This ability allowed the Force User to stream Ionized Energy from the Force to manipulate droids, and only droids. It appeared similar to Force Lightning but was a different hue in color, more purple.
Initiate Stun, a single droid.
Adept Stun multiple droids or disable a single droid.
Expert Disable multiple droids or destroy a single droid.
Master Destroy multiple droids or Technopathy to take over a single droid and control it.

Force Bellow
A power in which the user would amplify their voice using the Force. Depending upon the Force Users ability, this could be used to project one's voice for a crowd to hear them at a basic level, or even to a point where it could destroy obstacles at a more advanced level. In combat it was often used to temporarily deafen and disorientate an opponent.
Initiate Project voice over a crowd. While not an attack, it could be used with other Force Abilities such as Force Perssuasion over a crowd.
Adept Deafening Roar, projecting one's voice to such an extreme it could cause those around them to go temporarily deaf and become somewhat disoriented.
Expert Projected Roar, this could be such a focused roar of one's voice to actually cause physical damage.
Master Destructive Roar, at such a level and volume this could cause damage to anything, even living beings in a radius around the user.

Force Memory Rub (Pre-req Force Persuasion, Force Mind Probe)
was a Force technique that allowed an individual to use the Force to alter or erase both the memories and/or learned skills of another.
Expert Able to alter memories, though the alternation still needed to be plausible to the target. Thus the alterations were typically subtle.
Master Able to remove a memory completely, or implant a completely fictitious memory.

Force Mind Probe (Pre-req force Persuasion)
This was a required Ability for all Inquisitors. Mind probe was a powerful ability of the Force that allowed the user to sift through the thoughts of the victim, seeking useful information. The mind probe was highly invasive and and those being subjected to it could feel great discomfort, to the point of extreme pain, making it useful in torturing subjects that attempted to resist. However, such resistance would be unsuccessful in a being without the power to use the Force. The effectiveness was based upon the users ability, and the targets Force resistance to such.

Force Mind Trick
*See Force Persuasion*

Force Mind Shard (Preq Force Persuasion, Force Mind Probe)
This was a direct attack against the target's mind. Though it was not physical, it was a mental attack in an attempt to rapture the target. Depending on the users level of the ability, and the targets ability to resist mental attacks wold determine the outcome. It could simply cause pain, erase memories, place the target in a coma, or even completely destroy their mind making them a babbling infant.

Force Persuasion
The ability to plant a simple idea or thought to it's target in an attempt to have the target agree with the Force User. The users own level of knowledge on this force ability, knowledge about the individual and the individuals own resistant to mental attack all determined success.

Force Fear (Pre-req Force Persuasion)
The ability to cause fear in one's target. At great magnitudes it was possible for the Force User to cause panic and fear in multiple targets at once.
Adept Able to fear a single target.
Expert Able to fear a small group of individuals, less than 5.
Master Able to fear an entire crowd.

Force Mind Control (Pre-reg Force Persuasion, Force Fear)
With this ability the Force User could dominate the mind of another. At lower effectiveness it would place the target in a catatonic state, or at greater effect even cause the target to fight for the Force User.
Expert Able to manipulate an individual up to, not including having them fight for the user. Possibly even cause a catatonic state.
Master Full control over the target, like a living puppet.

Force Destruction(Force Telekinesis)
A dark side Force power used by Sith and Dark Jedi, allowing them to create a massive energy field and throw it in any direction. More like a ball of Dark Energy. The effectiveness and damage it caused was dependent on the user's skill.

Force Illusion ( Pre-Reqs Force Persuasion)
Very powerful Force ability, a subset of the various mind trick powers. The user projected an image into the minds of beings within range, of anything from a pillar of fire to a horde of snarling monsters to a fleet of warships, depending on the range. The user could "see" the illusion as well, though it would be only partially there, semi-transparent like a hologram. In many ways similar to alter environment.
Adept Able to affect a single individual.
Expert Able to affect up to 5 targets.
Master Able to affect a crowd, an create a dreamscape for a single individual. A dreamscape was a completely alternate reality that only existed on the targets mind.

Force Lightning
The ability to manifest electricity in the form of lightning.
Initiate Force power that allowed the user to create an energy spark that would track and damage the nearest enemy, typically stunning them while causing very minimal damage.
Adept The ability to manifest actual arcing bolts of lightning that extend out towards a single target causing damage but unable to stun an opponent.
Expert Just as with Force Lightning Arc, however this Arc chains across multiple opponents.
Master The Master has complete control over a wild raging storm of lightning. Usually attacking a general area for effect up to 50' in diameter. Extremely damaging to everything in it's wake.

Force Shield, Lightning Shield (Pre-req Force Lightning)
Much like creating a Force Bubble of Protection, however this is a visible globe of protective lightning. The effectiveness of this was based upon the user's knowledge of the ability.

Force Telekinesis
The ability to manipulate objects.
Initiate Small objects, about 1/4 the size of the user at most.
Adept Medium objects, about 1/2 the size of the user at most.
Expert Large objects, about the size of the user.
Master Massive objects, boulders, small ships.
*Additional uses and Force abilities under Telekinesis would include*
-Force Wave, Force Shock Wave where depending on the ability of the force User could cause a wave of Force Energy in front of them able to knock back opponents or even destroy items.
-Shadowstrike was a form of Telekinesis that allowed the wielder to "send" a physical blow at an opponent without actually coming into contact with the opponent. The force of the blow would be equivalent to an actual punch thrown by the wielder, but allowed the wielder to remain at a distance from their opponent

Transfer Essence (Pre-req Dark Healing, Force Mind Control, Force Destruction, Force Drain)
Also known as essence transfer or transfer life, was a radical dark side Force power used to transfer a person's consciousness into another body, or in some cases an inanimate object. Ancient Sith Lords and other powerful darksiders used this technique to cheat death again and again, haunting their tombs and possessing those who stumbled across their sarcophagi in order to continue their reign of terror. In more recent eras, masters of this dark side art had used advanced cloning technology to assure their immortality.

Force Weapon (Pre-req Alter Environment)
Was a Force ability that allowed the user to imbue an unpowered weapon with the Force for a period of time. By channeling energy into the weapon, it allowed the wielder to strike and do more damage than the weapon's simple appearance would suggest. As a useful side effect, a Force-imbued weapon could be used to block lightsabers without damaging the weapon.

Force Bubble, Bubble of Protection (Pre-Req : Force Barrier)
With this ability, the user could create a defensive sphere around their body. It is described as a shimmering blue globe of energy. It could protect the user from a wide range of attacks, deflect laser blasts, defend against lightsabers, vacuums and even inflict certain amounts of damage upon contact with the enemy. Protection bubbles can also be used offensively. Should the user surround the attacker in a Protection bubble, it is possible the attacker will become a victim of their own attack, having been trapped within its destructive radius. Due to the extreme concentration needed to sustain the bubble however, the user would have to be momentarily immobile in order to enact the bubble, and sometimes, completely stationary in order to sustain it.
Adept Protection against Blasters.
Expert Protection against Offensive Force Abilities
Master Protection again Lightsaber and the vacuum of space.

Force Drain
Force drain referred to a spectrum of offensive and defensive Force powers, tied to the same concept, which used the dark side of the Force to tap into the strengths of an organic target. Mastery of each technique could scale the area of effect, sometimes dramatically, or exhaust the victims almost instantaneously.
Initiate Force Diminish : Able to cause minor damage to one's health. This is a pure Dark Side or Dark Energy ability that visual would produce blackish purple strands of energy as it reached out to it's intended victim.
Adept Drain Force : Just as with Force Diminish, however instead of causing damage to one's health, it instead stole a minor amount of Force energy from them and fed it back to the user of Force Drain.
Expert Drain Life : Just as with Drain Force, except instead of draining Force Energy it drained the life of it's victim and transferred that back to the user. If kept up for a long duration, alternating between Drain Force and Drain Life on might be able to literally cause rapid aging to the victim. This however is only in theory.
Master Death Field : The ability to create a Force Manifestation that appears as a poisonus black/dark purple cloud in an area, usually no more than 10' x 10' x 10' that would drain the life, and force essence of anyone within it. It did not transfer that back to the user.

Force Memory Walk / Torture by Chagrin (Pre-req Force Memory Rub, Force Persuasion, Force Mind Probe)
*Only able to be learned directly from a Sorcerer of Tund*
It consisted of mentally reaching into the victim's mind, forcing them to relive all the worst memories of their life, both painful ones and ones that were merely embarrassing, over and over and over again to the point where it almost seemed to cause physical pain.
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