I am seeing if there would be an interest in exactly what the title states.

I have setup a Manaan SH with multiple outdoor vendor stalls as a sort of a flea market that players could come and use to sell of whatever wares they may wish. It would require players however to take a spot, and sell.

Inside on the Rooftop level I have a sort of executive lounge with the sunken floor area available for fighting / or dancing. The idea is to have fighting with a venue for others to watch. Again, requires players who would enter the fights.

Bottom level I have split in to a Casino and Strip Club. This as well, would require players interested in such a setting.

If I were to host this, perhaps bi-weekly, what I would need are:
3 to 4 Bartenders. I can use NPCs.
Up to 10 players to sell their wares in the flee market.
1 player to act as a dealer for high stakes gambling.
Up to 8 strippers to run the strip club.
And of course, people to come and enjoy.

So, anyone interested in filling these rules on a semi-regular basis?

If I can get this going, I'll setup the fights more like a regular fight card similar to professional boxing.

To check this out, the SH is publicly listed as Starforge Roleplay's. I'm usually online 7pm EST.
Also willing to give Silver Keys upon request. In-Game character Lunar 'Ven