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[Interest] NYE Event outside of the Senate Tower on Coruscant

2 replies
I was thinking about organizing an event for New Year's Eve outside of the Senate Tower on Coruscant. Force knows a lot of us have enough fireworks taking up space in our various cargo bays that we could put on a good show!

I figure that I could roust up my available guild members, and our friends, and that other guilds could do the same. It would be important to me that this would be an IC event, though. Our folks can 'bring' drinks, snacks, etc (maybe even a whole bunch of Holiday Specials or Spiced Nerf Milk consumables to share/give away, and use as a non-toasting drinking emote). People could even use the various toys ICly (some of the acrobatics, the one-man-band, kloo, xantha, etc.) to do street performance. Folks who RP politicians and Senators could go around shaking hands. Security RPers could patrol around. Pickpockets could thieve. Con artists could con. :d

It might be a nice opportunity to fill the in-game space with RP!

What do y'all think?
Posted Dec 23, 17 · OP
I'd be down with this, if I can make it. Already got someone in mind who would show up for some hand shakes :)
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Posted Dec 24, 17 · Last edited Dec 24, 17
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That character did cross my mind! :cool:
Posted Dec 24, 17 · OP