:evil: Spooktober greetings to all from the ICB! :evil:

I wanted to take a moment to go through a few updates regarding the guild:
1. Through this past month we have consistently held events on a weekly basis.
2. We have started to implement the Roll System Beta in several of our events, and so far it has proven to be a success. We plan to continue utilizing it and tweaking it as we continue testing it out.
3. We are continuing our current recruiting efforts, searching for the best we can find. If you have any interest in the guild, I encourage you to visit our website and apply; the website link is at the top of this forum chain.
4. We are in the midst of our fifth Vega Arc Multi-Event Chain, where members of the ICB must guard a mysterious tradesman and merchant while exploring a town of opportunists, bandits, outlaws, and even a cult. It has so far been hailed as another interesting and enjoyable Multi-Event Chain, with the conclusion (possibly) coming with the event next week.
5. Over the course of this week we are looking at several unique Events.
6. We hope everyone, whether in our guild or within the community, has been enjoying Spooktober thoroughly. Spread the memes, brothers, spread the memes.

If you have any interest in our guild, I humbly suggest you visit our guild website and apply.

Thank you all for your support of SWTOR and by extension, our guild and many others on this site and elsewhere.