Status of the Thirteenth - July 2018

Guild Meeting: Summer has taken some people away from the keyboard at times, but we’ve kept on enjoying the galaxy in between the moments of fun in the sun. For the meeting this month we took advantage of Rakghoul week to hunt down a special boss on Tatooine before taking a trip to Kaon to get covered in even more icky rakghoul goo!

**Guild meetings are on the 13th day of each month at 9pm EST.

Republic Ops:

We took a couple runs into the depths of Iokath to work on clearing the Valley of the Machine Gods of its overlords. We managed to get all the way to Izax, despite wiping on the treacherous Nahut a few times.

**This group is always looking for new members! We're in particular need of a full time tank! We run 8-person story mode, with occasional hard mode, Ops every Friday at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST.

Imperial Ops:

Vindicta might not have made the trip to Iokath, but there were Dread Masters, Kephess, and others, vanquished over the course of the last several weeks.

**This group is always looking for new members! We run 8-person story mode Ops every Thursday at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST.

RP: This month the Thirteenth thrashed some Mandalorians who’d been causing problems for citizens on Nar Shaddaa and did a bit of escort duty while helping out one of our resident smugglers. On the Vindicta side, the illusive “Wrath of Vindicta,” a powerful Darth, made an appearance by calling his subordinates together on Ilum to retrieve an artifact from the Jedi stationed there. We also took a trip to Makeb to help one of our bounty hunters do some clean up work for a client of hers.

**RP nights are Monday at 8:30pm EST/ 5:30 PST and Saturday, which starts at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST. All are welcome!

That’s all for July! See everyone around the galaxy!

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