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Looking For RP - Sith Noble

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Hi there just wanted to quickly make it known that I'm looking for Noble Sith RP via Discord. For various reasons I can't download the game client (unstable internet) since I have moved to Australia, until then I would appreciate company from anyone in a similar time-zone/Oceanic time-zones as most of my old friends in Europe roleplay at opposite times to me.

I've created a new Sith character, she is a Human in her late twenties and is a part of the Noble House Versa. We're still working on getting all the details smoothed out but until then, anyone interested would be most welcome!

The focus of House Versa is military Conquest, with the ultimate goal of securing dominance in the Galaxy now that the Zakuulan threat is dealt with. Indora Versa, my alt, is the youngest of five siblings, the eldest Lord Anori Versa is the families military leader and strategist, while the politics are left to the family Elders. I have created several NPC's to better facilitate discord RP until we have higher numbers of active family members!

Force serve you all ^-^
Posted Sep 29, 17 · OP
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To clarify I don't mean this as a recruitment message for the Family, merely as an open invitation for anyone and their characters to interact with me VIA discord. If the RP interests you of course any are welcome to join as a member of the House! PM me if you wish to know more.
Posted Sep 29, 17 · OP