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Open RP [OPEN-Imperial] Assault on Bandomeer: Weeks 2-3 - Ground Invasion

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Weeks Two - Three: Forge Fires


With the Republic Fleet reduced to nothing but a debris field, and the planet's remaining forces cut off from the larger Republic;
The Sith Empire and it's allies have begun landing dropships. Deploying patriots, soldiers of fortune, and warriors of the darkside alike across the super continent in order to capture valuable mining facilities, before their Republic and Corporate Adversaries sabotage, or evacuate the much sought after materials. While crushing any form of resistance that would dare challenge the planet's upcoming new rulers...

Prompt: Have your character or forces seize the means of production from the planetary Corporate Rulers and Republic Protectors. By any means necessary. Additionally, there are several outpost surrounding the Capital City of Bandor that are armed with large garrisons of Republic Troopers and Shield Generators that protect the last bastion of freedom on the polluted world. Attacking these could provide a significant blow to the Capital City's defenders, and provide easier means of capture for the final assault. But of course, the Empire's need for the planet's rich resources should not be forgotten.

((This Thread will be open for replies till the 15th of August.))
Posted Aug 1, 17 · OP
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The bounty hunter, and mercenary, known as Exiitium Ran'tellick, or more recently as "The Hound", may prove to be a valuable asset to special operations. He possesses a past service record within the Republic Marine Corps, and could offer insight and possible infiltration into counter defensive operations against the aforementioned Shield Generators safe housing the final Republic defenders. This is of course, if he is willing to take up arms against a former banner of service, and if the pay is high enough. He is a mercenary after all.
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Posted Aug 1, 17
The dropship rumbled as it raced through the atmosphere of Bandomeer. Within it’s hull stood Lord Ravvok, having joined up with the invasion force onboard the warship Sword of Korriban after the space battle, and a regiment of Imperial shocktroopers armed to the teeth for combat. As the pilot skillfully maneuvered through the oncoming fire, Ravvok turned to face the troopers he was leading into battle. The Sith Lord’s intimidating visage bore into the soldiers behind his mask, and if it were a less-experienced and hardened group of soldiers perhaps they would have known fear in this moment. Instead, they simply turned their attention to their commander.

“Soldiers of the Empire. Today, we deliver the world of Bandomeer from the mining corporations of Bandor and their Republic defenders. They stand no chance of survival against the might of the Imperial war machine. Once we land, we push for the primary mining facility in this vicinity. From this facility, the sector’s resources are gathered and shipped to the capital city of Bandor. With the invasion force, however, shipments have stopped and the facility has isolated itself. A Republic garrison braces the facility’s defenses, but make no mistake: they will not survive. Our objective is to capture the facility and any resources gathered into it, and then we join with the main force and begin our assault on Bandor’s outer defenses. May the Force grant you strength!” Ravvok shouted over the noise of the ships engines.

The shocktroopers responded with a war cry as the ship came down for landing. Ravvok turned to see the light slip in from the dropship’s exit door as it opened, immediately charging from the hold and igniting one of his lightsabers to deflect the incoming blaster fire from the Republic defenders on the facility’s outer walls. The shocktroopers set up portable barricades alongside their commander, just outside the shuttle, and began to return fire with armaments of their own. As the fight raged, more Imperial dropships landed around Ravvok and his initial squadron, bringing with them more troops and armored vehicles. Two Imperial tanks emerged from a heavy dropship that landed behind the established perimeter and began firing on the walls with devastating effect. As they unleashed their volley, Ravvok ordered the shocktroopers to follow as he made a dash for the closest service entry to the mining facility. The Sith Lord used his lightsaber to slowly cut through the service door as his troops covered him, returning fire on any Republic soldiers who dared show their faces in the line of fire. Ravvok finished with the door and used the Force to cave it in, creating an entry for himself and the shocktroopers. The team moved quickly into the facility, deploying themselves into three small teams to capture different objectives. Ravvok, on the other hand, went straight for the facility’s main control room, deflecting the occasional blaster bolt and cutting down a few security guards en-route. Most of the Republic garrison was out defending the walls against the Imperial landing forces, leaving only the mining company’s security detail to defend it against the Sith Lord. It wasn’t long before Ravvok reached the security control room, ripping open the surprisingly weak door with the Force to come face to face with an armored Jedi knight, defending a group of engineers who were huddled in a corner cowering together.

“Well, well, I wouldn’t have expected a Jedi on this planet to be this far from Bandor” Ravvok mused out loud, pacing the entryway with his lightsaber still activated.

“Stand down, Sith! You will not take this facility so long as I stand here. I have trained tirelessly in saber combat to destroy your kind, and I have plenty of experience to show my proficiency. The Republic will be victorious” the Jedi gloated, entering a Makashi ready stance.

Ravvok cracked a bit of a smirk behind his mask as he recognized the Jedi’s stance. “Ah, so you left the Order to become a military man. Grave mistake, Jedi. If it’s a duel you want, then, it’s a duel you’ll get” the Sith Lord said as he drew his second lightsaber from his belt, igniting it.

The Jedi took no hesitation in striking first, coming at Ravvok with blinding speed in a slashing motion. The Sith quickly braced, blocking the Jedi’s initial strike before parrying the elementary follow-up, using his second saber to initiate a counterattack. Ravvok gained the offensive advantage quickly, pushing the Jedi back with a furious swarm of strikes and slashes to put him on his back heels. The Jedi deflected the strikes well, attempting to counterattack, but his attempt was quickly diminished as Ravvok simply sidestepped the pitiful thrust, batting it away with his offhand saber and using the hilt of his mainhand saber to bash the Jedi’s skull. The stunned Jedi stumbled backwards, holding his head in pain, before returning his gaze to his opponent just in time to react to a jumping overhead slash from Ravvok. The Jedi was once again on the defensive, but this time he was much more disoriented as he was pushed back against the wall. The Sith Lord took advantage of this, attempting a rather risky technique as the Jedi three up a blind block to one of his Jar’kai twin slashes: he deactivated one of his blades, bladelocking the Jedi with his mainhand and reactivating his lightsaber at the Jedi’s chest. The Makashi duelist’s expression turned to one of extreme pain as he was impaled by the Sith, faltering at the feet of his victorious opponent and dropping his lightsaber to the ground, dead. Ravvok took no hesitation in turning quickly to the security engineers and slaughtering them with a few swift slashes before moving to the command console. He deactivated the facilities outer defenses as he received reports from his shocktrooper teams that the shipping docks and main door had been secured. Upon his return to the exterior of the facility, he saw the Imperial assault group moving into the facility to completely take it over. Overhead, the screams of Imperial bombers could be heard heading towards the outer defensive stations of the capital city. The Sith Lord headed off to a pickup shuttle in order to join up with the main invasion force assaulting Bandor.
Posted Aug 1, 17
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The Insidious Reach hung over the planet below, Bandomeer, Feroxus had been on the ground and knew that the dark industrial world would be a challenge to conquer, but it would be a welcome one. The Empire would demolish the Republic on this planet, Feroxus would get his fill of blood, he would get his fill of combat. The Insidious Reach and it supports ships, the two Oblivo-Heavy Frigates were collecting wreckage, not something that Feroxus honestly enjoyed, but selling Republic parts on the black market had its uses. He hadn't thought that he would ever need such things a few decades ago. But here he was self-sufficient, and that meant doing what was necessary.

"Mi'lord." An ensign stated as he bowed before Feroxus, the man was young, maybe mid-twenties, short cropped brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. He seemed to bask in Feroxus' presence, and it was admirable even it was annoying. "Salvage team Alpha-Zeta found one of the Valor class cruisers, the life support system was disabled during a bombing run, but over all the ship seems to be intact other than that. Do you wish for the team to begin salvaging parts?"

Feroxus simply let out a small snicker, "No Ensign, have the salvage team return to Insidious Reach and order the Banished Zealot to tow the Valor toward us. Then send in a request to Imperial Command to send a repair ship to begin repairs. And we will now be referring to the ship as "Incorruptible Spirit."

"Yes, Mi'lord." The Ensign spoke in a cheery tone before bowing and then leaving.

Feroxus hummed softly to himself as he began to think of the possibilities that were on the new horizon. As he stared down upon the planet, a small smirk crept along Feroxus’ face, his mask barely able to hide the gesture as he stood there watching. It wouldn’t be long before the planet was fully the Empires. Feroxus heard the soft clatter of footsteps marching upon him, and he turned again to see a different Ensign; a pale human woman with ice blue eyes and platinum blonde hair -up in a bun as per one of the accepted hairstyles for the women in the Imperial Navy- she saluted him. “Milord, Captain Ra’zac is requesting you down to the hanger bay, he has his special forces gathered up.” although she seemed to hold her composure it was the slight hint of venom that made Feroxus chuckle. “Ensign, just remembers that there will be more Trandoshans and my my kin, on this ship in no time.” he then leaned in close to her ear before he murmured softly into her ear. “Don’t forget to come pick up your lace from my quarters, later on, tonight.” he didn’t have to see her face to know that she blushed heavily, and bore daggers into the back of his skull, and he had no doubt he would see her tonight.

Feroxus strode down toward the central hangar bay, he of course was escorted by two armed guards, both wielding a blaster rifle, and both issued with the standard Imperial armor configuration. Upon entering the hangar, he was greeted by the sight of nine Trandoshans, one of those being Feroxus’ captain. As he strode toward the group the captain saluted and the other eight followed suit albeit a bit slow, he looked over each one for a long moment before he nodded to Raz’ac. “This is the team then?”

“Yes Lord Feroxus, the best soldiers from my fold, they can be blades in the night, saboteurs, or they can hold a battle line for as long as needed they are the best of I have to offer you, milord.” Raz’ac bowed his head a little bit before barked out. “Sound off!”

“Vekol. Squad Leader.”
“Brunak! Medic!”
“Kroknath! Demolitions.”
“Dokss. Sniper and splicer.”
“Jeknik. Spotter and splicer.”
“Lsski! Close Quarters”
“Nekrit! Heavy Munitions.”
“Crask. Pilot.”

Feroxus had nodded his approval before he hollered out. “It is a pleasure to have you aboard. You will be acting as my special forces. What it means for you is that you only report to those I designate. I will have the list of names sent to your datapads, you only answer to them. Period, I don’t care if the Sith Emperor rises from the dead! You do not answer to him understood?”

“Yes milord!” each replied in unison, they didn’t seem phased by his tone of demeanor, they have done this song and dance for many years, and Feroxus could see it in their eyes, and he liked it. “Good.” a droid the size of a small child scuttled over toward the gathered group; it was very similar to an arachnid, and on the top of it was a holoprojector. Once by the group the holoprojector it showed a significant outpost designated as Outpost Gladius approximately located by a primary shield generator. “Your mission will be to disable the shield generator to the east of the outstation. The generator is preventing us from dropping any major forces close to the capital city, and we need it shut down. It covers the eastern region of the capital as well as an ore refinery. I’ll be leading assault forces at the main outpost, while I batter and harass their forces, once we engage you will have your chance to disable it, I’m sure that Jedi will be there to assist the Republic soldiers there so use caution. I’ll also send you with some backup to ensure your victory.”

“Jedi are not a problem for us, we all have had experience battling them. And keep your soldiers they will only slow down our progress.” Vekol hissed in a sinister tone, he then grinned showing his mouthful of fangs, he stood about the same height of Raz’ac, he was a sand coloration, and most of his body was covered in a bodysuit and then with a set of layered armor. “I’ll ensure we won’t fail milord.” he then bowed his head a little bit, Feroxus seemed a bit dumbfounded but nodded his head at the squad leader before chuckling softly. “Very well you are designated as Adder One if you split your team up you will go to Adder Alpha and Adder Bravo, if there is nothing else, we have a planet to invade.” None of them said anything they only bowed. Feroxus then motioned to Raz’ac. “Come to my friend let us rouse the troops.”

The Insidious Reach released a three dozen drop ships; each one carried about twelve soldiers, this would be the first battle group from Feroxus’ forces, not including the dozen from the Banished Zealot and the half dozen tanks that were being sent down from Rapturous Storm.

Feroxus joins the main forces dropping down in the lead drop ship, the AA Flak. Turbulence makes his teeth grit a bit as he was jarred a bit, taking a quick glance around he looked at his guards four of his clan members, all of them armored up in traditional Iridonian armor along with a personal Vibroblade and a blaster of some sort. The four Iridonians slammed a fist against their chest as Feroxus glanced upon them. The remaining eight soldiers had the standard kit and seemed just eager to get on the ground and begin the fight, as they checked their weapons. The dull red light in the troop bay reminded Feroxus of the first time he had killed an enemy; it made him smile as he licked his lips in anticipation.

Suddenly the light was green, and the side doors slid open, and they were into the fray. Feroxus forces were deadlocked with the Republic forces; this drop ship had landed in one of the larger courtyards. Feroxus drank this in for a second as he quickly deflected a barrage of bolts from a trio of soldiers, instantly he was upon them cutting into them as he roared with bestial voice. Each soldier died in a near instant as they were unable to avoid the violet double-sided blade. A pair of tanks had landed as one of the outpost walls exploded with debris and Imperial troops poured into the outpost firing into the enemy. The presence that Feroxus felt made him react in an instant, his blade barely blocked the green lightsaber and parried before he dodged a second blue lightsaber. Two Jedi Knights had nearly gotten the drop on him, they had used the force to shroud themselves from him, but their ploy had failed, and he let out a dark laugh as they circled him. “Oh, the joys of seeing such worms writhe!”

The trio were blurring, Feroxus rapidly blocked and parried each attack with ease, though he knew that winning the overall battle was more important. His soldiers though bloodying the nose of the enemy with the rapid strike were now fighting toe, to toe and heavy ordnance demolished three of the six tanks. The second wave was on the way, but it would take some time for them to arrive at the drop zone. Hurry up Vekol!

Vekol’s squad struck like Nexu stalking unfortunate prey, the forces had them outgunned three to one, but they were not prepared for the ferocity of the attack. The pair sniping the enemies dropped six soldiers in the two minutes of the assault, and then the remaining five soldiers cut through handfuls at a time, blaster fire was traded between the two groups, the Republic couldn’t hit the group. The generator was up on a hill with a small camp set up around it will prefabricated buildings the Republic used to form up a quick base of operations

Nekrit, the largest of the group, carried a heavy repeating blaster, drawing the attention of the bulk of the fire as he tore through the enemy lines. Kroknath and Lsski pushed forward and were greeted by a Jedi Knight. Both of them dodged and weaved as the lightsaber twirled and cut them. Lsski was able to produce his vibrosword and deflected the rapid attacks as held off the well-versed warrior. Vekol watched as Kroknath pushed through another pair of soldiers slamming one into a metal railing, and then smashing the second soldiers head under his heavy foot, as he began to set up the explosives.

Crask, Brunak, and Vekol moved toward Kroknath’s position and gave him covering fire; the soldiers poured on them relentlessly. “CHARGES SET! LET's LEAVE THESE SOFT SKINS TO BURN!” Kroknath roared out, Crask pressed a button on his chronometer, and the dropship began to head toward them. Lsski was of poor shape he had been cut twice by the lightsaber, though not fatal he was on the losing edge of the battle. Vekol hissed loudly as he rushed toward the Jedi, Jeknik and Dossk fired in rapid succession at the Jedi, the human was able to rapidly block each bolt sending the shots veering off in any which direction.

Vekol roared tackling the Jedi into a nearby wall, the Jedi yelled out in pain and instantly used the Force to launch Vekol through the air and to crash through one of the prefabricated buildings. The Jedi called his weapon back in hand, though it was too late by the time it reached his hand, Nekrit had unleashed three bursts into the Jedi, he fell to his knees and fell forward as he faded into the darkness of death. More soldiers were rushing into the camp as the squad retreated, Kroknath laughed savagely as they veered away, and after getting within minimum safe distance, the generator was nothing but a massive cloud of smoke. Vekol’s squad had completed its mission.
Posted Aug 4, 17 · Last edited Aug 17, 17
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