Owner: Technically, Sybariti, but Lovelei is much more commonly on.
Keyholders: TBD!
Stronghold: Sybariti Station's Marketplace Cantina, Tatooine Homestead
Location: A few hours away from Anchorhead.
Premise: Republic-backed settlement of Zakuul resistance. Imperial presence tolerated (except at the Sun Reactor). More details below.
Security: A full Trooper squad, a lot of war droids, and turrets at every door.
Notes: Sybariti Station contains:
-Armed protection. Every indoor installation is protected by automated turrets with lights to direct people to take cover indoors during night raids or sandstorms, and the station also has close air support and artillery, as well as an early warning weather system.
-A high-end Cantina, with its own hydroponics greenhouse and kitchen. The Cantina has entertainment and dancing in addition to food and spirits.
- Full-service medical bay.
- Ore refinement facilities.
- Full-service mechanic's garage.
- An underground shopping mall and two open-air vendors (unavailable during sandstorms).
- The Flop House, bedding for up to 12 residents concurrently.
- A twice-a-day commuter speeder line to Anchorhead. Travel to Mos Espa occurs once a day as well.
- A Republic energy and science facility.

Imperial presence at Sybariti Station is tolerated at the insistence of the Station's supervisor.

Sybariti Station was founded by Sybariti Sunfire, a retired Echani Jedi who chose to raise a family on Tatooine. When Zakuul came to the planet to enforce its will, she helped organize the local resistance -- and when the Star Fortress was destroyed by the Alliance Commander, Sybariti's resistance salvaged several critical pieces for a Sun Reactor.

With the station also strategically located near a Rakata archaeological dig, the Republic chose to discreetly channel funds and send materiel and personnel to hold the point. The massive amount of energy generated by its Sun Reactor powers an overcharged vaporator network that helps maintain the station's stability in the face of Zakuul forces and Tuskan Raiders, while the Republic carefully studies the long-term stability of the reactor to various stimuli in a situation far removed from a true population center.

The Stronghold supports any kind of RP that makes sense to occur there within reason, so visitors to the Stronghold must be 18+ in real life. Contact me for a key. If your interest is primarily in an adult RP and you're not sure, please contact me first to ask.

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