Owner: (OOC) Zoma’Taz’Nuruodo
Stronghold: Rastapharian’s Marketplace cantina (Public Listing)
Location: Skyscraper over the Red Light District Strip
Premise: Underworld pit stop for drinks, relaxation, and regular partying all night on with other less desirable people who can find it or those looking for a good time with great company.
Security: Multiple hidden floor turrets at multiple at the entrance, balcony, hallway entrance, and cantina rooms. Also in the Skyscraper in the main security hub is multiple security droids that activate and protect at the moment a blaster goes off terminating the one responsible.
Key contact: Varria (Impside)
Stronghold Type: Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace
Alignment: Neutral
NPC Staff: two waiters, a server droid and three Twi’lek dancers
Rastapharian’s Tower of Surprises

Located on the crime infested world of Nar Shaddaa there is whispers of a tower that offers scoundrels and others a quick respite of their dangerous lifestyle. A tower that if found by those with effort and determination is rewarded a night they never forget or even a desire to leave till there kicked out. A tower that offers drinks, food, people, music, drugs, and so much more it has one title and one title only and that’s the Rastapharian’s Tower of Surprises owned by none other than the beautiful Blue skinned Chiss Zoma’Taz’Nuruodo.

1st Floor

The only known entrance to the tower is from the top from multiple landing pads, each pad is guarded by large red skinned hired muscle from a species not widely known by those from the Hutt moon say a few. After entering through the open doors you’re greeted to the upper level filled with green plants and seats to those just entering, waiting to leave, and too many closed doors to other rooms hidden, waiting to be open by you and your curios nature.

Spa Room

The room is filled with a sweet scent that you never smelled before you realize your mind relaxes and you’re greeted by some of the most beautiful TwI’lek’s sitting on the beds waiting for their patrons smiling at you. Labeled by blue crystals at the entrance and often called “The Blue Room” the spa rooms offers those looking to relax the soul and body with different scented oils as they lay down and are tended by our expert TwI’lek massagers. Leave your clothes and armors in the lockers and let our employees tend to your stiff muscles and leave you feeling refresh and ready to take on the galaxy.

Located not far from the “Blue Room” is the building medcenter catering to anyone who drinks too much alcohol or overdoses on the supplied drugs and stims offered to them. Handled by our train professional doctor and their two droid assistance you can relax knowing you’re in good hand. Filled with beds and a kolto tank the medcenter is one of the most fully stocked medical facility in Nar Shaddaa giving our patrons only the best of medical assistance in the galaxy. Furthermore your be happy to know that should you somehow die in our care your family and friends will never know with our reliable contacts in the black market organ trade your wasted life will help those less fortunate than you were, your life will not be in vain.
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Security Hub

Hidden behind a tightly seal door that only those who run the tower are allowed entry is the main security hub for the whole building filled with droids that will activate and defend the property in a moment’s notice. Filled monitors connected to cameras all around the tower recording faces of each patron and recording them in its database for future reference and for any rule breakers. The security Hub offers state of the arc protection for the whole building offering protection against outside sources and giving us a means to know exactly who enters and leaves. For protection against known rule breakers we’re allowed to deal with them in any way we deem fit to protect our patrons and give them a sense of peace to let their guard down and enjoy the fine luxury we offer.
(Inset Images of Medcenter)

Cantina Entrance

Through the double set of doors after walking down the hallway you enter into what we call “The Gate Way” a room filled with seats, music, food, entertainment, and company. The cantina entrance is the first cantina of our multiple roomed cantinas in the tower and serves as any regular cantina you’d find in the lower levels of Nar Shadda. The room is a place to meet up; with friends before going down the stairs to the lower levels and a waiting area of sorts for departing guests after having there fill. Offering dancer’s alcohol and a dance floor area you will not be without things to keep you busy we promise.

2nd Floor
Main Cantina

Going down our flight of stairs at either side will lead you down to our second cantina room that we like to call “Paradise”. For this floor it’s two parts the inner cantina which offers a more stocked minibar with a bit of food, seats, music and most of all wonderful dancers to entertain you with as you drink away your troubles. The second part of the main cantina actually leads you outside to our hidden balcony which gives our patrons a view of the brightly lit Nar Shaddaa skyline and barges that float by and another minibar to sate there appetite. Enjoy our hospitality a while before entering into the final rooms of our tower and you’ll learn why we add “Surprises” in our name.

3rd Floor
Gambling Room

Going down a short set of stairs you enter to the strong stench of smoke you’re all too familiar with common with deathsticks you gaze around seeing multiple races huddled around tables throwing around cards, chip, and most of all credits. Before you know it your annoyance at the smoke vanishes and a smirk forms as you head to the nearest table that will deal you in feeling lucky. Yes that’s right gambling is a large part of our surprises we offer to first timers to the tower. With multiple Pazaak tables set you’re able to bet, call, stay or just plain risk it all in our establishment with a chance to win big or go home a poor soul with an unlucky streak.

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4th Floor
Dance Room

After trying your luck or just plain passing through the room you pass through a final set of doors at the last floor of the tower and greeted by the load sound of music blasting throughout the entire room. Filled with people from all corners of the galaxy mingling at the bar or chatting at the edges of the room and dancing like no care in the world with dancers and other guests. The dance floor that we call “The Surprise” is a large room dedicated to one thing and one thing only partying like crazy. It offers the largest bar area in the entire building with drinks all over for multiple species and little corners to eat and socialize with friends as well as little spots with a view to enjoy and a large dance floor to shake that body of yours. With all these amenities we offer, we hope you had a wonderful time in Rastapharian’s Tower of Surprises and hope your visit us again with friends. See you then.

I would like to say thank you for reading if you got this far and if your still interested to come please feel free to PM me through Enjin or ingame with the my toon Zoma. If you’d like a key just ask and I’ll send you one as well also if you’d like to make this whole RP experience greater I have a favor to ask you wonderful folks. You see I need some people to help me, who will give there time to help make the tower that much fun since I’ll need dancers, bartenders, massagers (Women TwI’lek only) and maby you YES YOU!! *points at you* to let your friends, guild mates or just some random poor person (do not really) to let them know about this place. If you are interested PM me ingame or Enjin and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can I promise. I will also be changing the picture from time to time and will add the little link to the “Love Room” at a later date but really do I have to tell you what that mean just by the name? XD I will only say that unless I close the SH for that strictly otherwise such use of that room will only and must be used in private chat if you ignore that you will be given one warning if you ignore that as well you will be banned. I also ask that you do not harass anyone OOC that goes without saying I will also post a rules section to this at a later date but until then I expect you to act like adults and know the do’s and don’t’s at an RP if you do not ask me if I’m on or through Enjin as well. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you there with a drink in hand or dancing your ass off. See ya.