STRONGHOLD: Brôn’s Jedi Academy (A publicly-listed Yavin IV Stronghold open to both factions)
IC LOCATION: Naboo (Mid Rim | Chommell Sector | O-17 Grid Coordinates)
PREMISE: Jedi Waystation/Academy
SECURITY: Natural defenses, a laser cannon emplacement, a few scattered turrets and the Jedi themselves.
NOTES: [http://www.starforge-rp.com/forum/page/1/m/17460172/viewthread/30484978-biweekly-fridays-jedi-practicum]Jedi Practicum[/url] event held Bi-Weekly
OOC INFORMATION: Even though it's main premise is to facilitate Jedi RP, the waystation is open to all weary travelers. Keys available to those who want to pop in whenever and hold their own RP.

During the aftermath of the Jedi Order’s dissolution Bron and Lirah Cuthus happened upon a group of marooned Jedi younglings and took it upon themselves to protect and provide for the children. The group hopped from system to system, trying to stay ahead of Zakuul’s forces.
Having no steady form of income, fuel supply become an issue and the pair needed a safe place to settle. The Mid Rim colony world of Naboo had managed to escape the notice of the Eternal Empire, so the small group of Jedi established a camp inside of ruins found at the edge of Naboo’s swamplands.

The ruins were excavated over time and, with assistance from several local artisans, the camp grew into a waystation for Jedi passing through the sector as well as a training facility for masterless younglings.

With the cease in aggression from the Eternal Empire, but absence of a resurgent Order, Master Cuthus has begun transmitting on old Jedi frequencies offering shelter, food, a place to rest, learn and share knowledge.



MAIN STRUCTURE: The first ruins excavated for habitation by the Cuthuses and their wards. It holds the main living areas with a mess hall and bunks, a communications station, storage, lecture space, medical equipment and a tactical display.
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MESS HALL AND BUNKS: Located within the main structure is a place for visitors to rest, unwind, socialize or prepare a meal.
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COMMUNICATIONS STATION: The main structure also houses a communications station composed of appropriated and scavenged computer systems. Master Cuthus’s astromech droid, Enthree, monitors communications and the signals on former Jedi frequencies.
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STORAGE: Spare parts and other scavenged items categorized and stored here for those who may need them.
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LECTURE / BRIEFING SPACE: A semi-formal classroom setup available for those who wish to offer lectures or discussions.
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EXTERIOR GROUNDS: With assistance from local artisans and masons, the Jedi were able to repair many of the surrounding structures. In this area many encampments and nooks have been setup for the use of travellers during their stay. An area has been cleared to create space for training.
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MEDITATION GARDEN: One of the smaller structures houses a garden and isolation chambers to assist with meditation.
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TRAINING GROUNDS: An area has been cleared for practical lightsaber combat and Force abilities training.
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CAVE: The cave houses the waystation's main power supply and a lightsaber forge.
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