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Force-filled Temple Ruins open for any RP groups

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-to all Ebon Hawk Role Players!

I would like to offer an invitation to anyone who is searching for a temple setting to run events for their friends or guilds.

I have designed my Yavin Stronghold as a temple ruins site that is being excavated (meaning as I find new things like the ever elusive statues, they will be added). Here are some noteworthy points and areas of interest.

Noteworthy Points-
The Temple area is not filled with NPCs so as to give any group the stronghold as a canvas for your unique stories.
The jawas have sent up a camp of droids, scavenged junk, and supplies that any excavator may need
There is a gtn, mailbox and all storage compartments in the stronghold but they are built into the plan and do not overtly stand out.

Areas of Interest-
Crystal Room
Mediation Room
Ruins of a Throne Room
Areas for combat instruction
Archive Temples
Altar Ruins
Dueling Arena
Secluded Camp
**All known craft gathering nodes are available in stronghold (slicing nodes excluded since they only give credit cases)**

Find me online and I will happily give you a silver key to my Yavin Temple. Or you can leave me a message here and I will find you. This is a publicly listed stronghold (Kinsei's Jedi Academy), but I wanted to offer it as a place for events even when I am not online. All size groups welcome, just contact me for key!
Posted May 5, 17 · OP
Note: This is how the small group of RP'ers I play with use the temple stronghold, but as I said in the previous post, this temple is designed to be open to fit your needs...

The Temple of The Crystal Guard Enclave of the Je'daii Order

Owner: Kinsei, Grand Master of The Crystal Guard Je'daii Enclave
Keyholders: A'kaira
Stronghold: Kinsei's Jedi Academy (An Yavin 4 Stronghold open to both factions).
In-Character Location: Kalimahr in the Tython System
Premise: Ancient ruins of the original Enclave of Je'daii that became The Crystal Guard
Security: None, the enclave died out after the main population of the enclave left for the outer rim
Notes: Open temple for anyone from single player to large group RP'ing

History: When the Je'daii order first founded itself on Tython and established the 9 temples, a small group of historians and scholars sought to expand the teachings of the Je'daii to other planets in the Tython system. They received permission from the Council of Masters to build an enclave on the planet Kalimahr. The small enclave chose Kalimahr because of its three moons which to them symbolized Ashla, Bogan, and Bendu. While searching for a suitable site for the temple complex, the enclave stumbled upon a Star Temple with its Kwa delegation. Sensing the balance in the Force of the enclave, and listening to the philosophy of the enclave, the Kwa welcomed the Je'daii enclave to built their temple on the same grounds so the two groups could share their knowledge of the Force with each other.

The group built the complex with balance in mind: the main temple had a large center (Bendu) and two sides opposite each other (Ashla and Bogan). The two sides served as training grounds for padawans to learn about both Ashla and Bogan. At the apex of the main temple structure was the Chamber of Bendu where the Temple Master would help instruct padawans how to find the balance that was needed. The enclave also built two smaller temples on the complex grounds to house the knowledge the group gathered. The Temple of Ashla housed the knowledge of the light while The Temple of Bogan housed the knowledge of the dark. To balance the two, the Gardens of Bendu were grown between the two temple entrances.

The Star Temple was used as the endcap of the temple complex to help protect fledgling padawans from the wilds surrounding the temple. Padawans were to stay within the center of the 4 temples. Upon returning from the Great Journey, Rangers and Masters were allowed to venture to the outskirts of the temple complex where there was an Outdoor Training Arena to help keep their martial skills sharp.

Masters of the enclave discovered a hidden cave beneath a waterfall that was a great nexus of the Force. It was here in the Master's cave that the masters met to meditate, debate and hold highly sensitive discussions about the light and the dark side of the force outside of the ears of young impressionable padawans who may misinterpret the information heard.

Presently: The Crystal Guard has been searching for the ancestral roots of our enclave. Following the clues found within the archives found on Illum and the information found within the ancient flagship, The Silver Millennium, Kinsei has found the temple complex on Kalimahr. The following are holoimages of his excavation work...
Spoiler: Holoimages from Kinsei's excavation: Base Camp and FoyerShow

Rooms of the Main Temple-
Spoiler: Holoimages: Meditation, Crystal, and Medical ChambersShow

Upper Levels of Main Temple-
Spoiler: Holoimages: Chamber of Ashla, Chamber of Bogan, Chamber of BenduShow

Secondary Temple Grounds
Spoiler: Holoimages: Gardens of BenduShow
Spoiler: Holoimages: Temple of AshlaShow
Spoiler: Holoimages: Temple of BoganShow

Star Temple Ruins
Spoiler: Holoimages: Ruins of the Star TempleShow

Outskirts of the Temple Grounds
Spoiler: Holoimages: Outdoor Arena and Masters' CaveShow

1. Have fun! Its your story!
2. Please be respectful of any guests to the temple complex.
3. The temple is open for anyone who would like to RP in a temple setting away form crowds. This could be as small as 1-2 people and as large as 60. If I am online, ask for an invite or for a key, I will gladly hand give you one.
4. This is a neutral area so both republic and empire factions are welcome.
5. Since the stronghold is open to all, please be considerate if another group is there. Do not hesitate to contact me here or in game via mail if there is an issue of respect. Disrespect of others can result in loss of access.
Posted May 7, 17 · OP · Last edited May 7, 17
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