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Daeros's RP Dueling System (uses dice)

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This is a combat dice rolling system meant for 1 vs 1 person duels, focusing solely on lightsaber / melee combat. On each of their turns, an attacker will roll 1d100 and compare their result to the defender's 1d100 roll. If the attacker's number is higher, they score a hit. If it is equal to or lower, they miss.

Each duelist will have 3 hit points (HP). You can add more or subtract less, so long as everyone has the same HP.

To start, each character will have a set modifier added to both their rolls, based on their rank (Ranked-Applied Bonus, or RAB). This will stack with any other bonuses. It is as follows:

Rank-Applied Bonuses (RAB):
[*] Initiate: +0 to all rolls
[*] Padawan/Apprentice: +5 to all rolls
[*] Jedi Knight: +10 to all rolls
[*] Jedi Master: +15 to all rolls

But hey! These bonuses seem small! (See Spoiler below):
Spoiler: Show

Then a duelist will gain further bonuses based on the lightsaber Form they are using, as follows:

Form Bonuses:
[*] Form I (Shii-Cho): +5 to attack and defense.
[*] Form II (Makashi): +10 to attack. If you successfully hit your opponent, add +5 to your following defense roll. This effect can happen every round but does not stack over multiple hits and/or rounds.
[*] Form III (Soresu): +20 to defense, -10 to attack.
[*] Form IV (Ataru) : +20 to attack, -10 to defense.
[*] Form V (Shien/Djem So): +10 to defense. If your opponent missed you on the previous turn, add +5 to your following attack if you stay in this Form. This effect can happen every round but does not stack over multiple misses and/or rounds.
[*] Form VI (Niman): +5 to either: 1.) attack or 2.) defense, +10 to Force Powers/Abilities. Choose what gains +5 when you assume the Form. You may switch the +5/either around while staying within Niman at the start of your attacking turn (just like changing Form/Stance).
[*] Form VII (Juyo): +30 to attack, -10 to defense, -10 to Force Power/Abilities. After each attack, make an Aggression Roll. *It takes a full turn action to switch 1.) into or 2.) out of Juyo. -- given its need for constant rage/aggression
Aggression Roll: Roll 1d100 (adding RAB). On a roll of 44 or below, suffer 1 damage—which could be described as physical or mental pain/exhaustion.
(this form is restricted teaching for Jedi, unless given approval)

So, if a Jedi Knight assumes a Shii-Cho stance, she will have:

+15 to attack and defense rolls -- 10 from RAB, and +5 to each from Form

If she switches to Soresu, she will have:

+0 to attack, and +30 to defense -- +10 from RAB, -10 to attack (cancelling out) from Form, and +10 (RAB) + 20 (Form) = 30 defense

Remember, RAB always stacks with/against Form bonuses.

Stance Bonuses for Non-Jedi:
[*] Offensive Stance: +10 to attack
[*] Heavy Offense Stance: +20 to attack, -10 to defense
[*] Defensive Stance: +10 to defense
[*] Heavy Defensive Stance: +20 to defense, -10 to attack

Fatigue (optional mechanic):
Spoiler: Show

Here is the order in which the duel actions happen:

1. Players declare through /emote which stance they will start in. They are committed to this stance for the first round.
2. Players roll Initiative - each rolling 1d100 (unmodified - as in, no RAB or Form bonuses). The player with the higher Initiative roll chooses whether they go first or second.
3. The first attacker /emotes their attack or maneuver (staying in their first Form choice). They roll 1d100. The defender rolls against it (staying in their first Form choice).
4. After the first round, when a player is attacking (or performing a maneuver), they will emote what Form they are using/changing to (in parenthesis) before they roll. For example: Master Daeros: /e assumes an (Ataru) stance and attempts a combination of rapid strikes! I will apply a +20 to that attack roll (on top of my RAB), but will suffer the -10 penalty to defense until, at least, the start of my next turn (the earliest time I could change my Form again).

Turns alternate back and forth. When someone takes damage, they will /emote how that strike takes shape. It does not necessarily have to cause a physical wound.

When someone reduces their opponent to 0 HP, they have won the duel!

Copy and Paste Spams for Managing Duels
Just copy and paste the Form bonuses in the Stance Tracker when they change. At the end of each round, paste an updated version of each tracker.


=STANCE TRACKER= || DUELIST 1 (X RAB): +5 to attack and defense || DUELIST 2 (X RAB): +5 to attack and defense ||

Maneuvers are advanced/optional moves one can employ during duels. After playtesting them quite a bit, the only firm limitation on using maneuvers are specified within their individual descriptions. "Second Wind," for example can only be (successfully) used once per duel, but there is no limit to the number "Disarms" you can attempt. Other than that, use the maneuvers in whatever way seems reasonable/fits your character! And feel free to comment here or PM me with any feedback.

General Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Form-Specific Maneuvers:
Form I Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Form II Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Form III Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Form IV Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Form V Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Form VI Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Form VII Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Expert Training Maneuvers:
These maneuvers are developed by expert duelists and can be learned through sparring, lessons, etc. Below are examples of maneuvers from Master Daeros, Master Akacen, Knight Coriic, and others.

*** If anybody has ideas for specific Expert Training Maneuvers they would like to use/teach, PM with your ideas and we can hash out the mechanics. After we do, I will add them below. Then, you (and those you teach) can use these maneuvers in RP! ***

Master Daeros' Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Master Akacen's Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Knight Coriic's Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Knight Lian's Maneuvers:
Spoiler: Show

Other Expert Maneuvers:
(from those not listed above, organized by Form)
Spoiler: Show

Expert Training Forms/Stances:
Spoiler: Show

"The Aegis of Light" Expert Stance
Spoiler: Show

"The Way" Expert Form
Spoiler: Show

Thanks for reading and have fun dueling!
Posted Apr 6, 17 · OP · Last edited May 26, 17
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Untagged users
- Added new Expert Maneuvers from Coriic
- Added a new Form/Stance designed by Jedi Lian
- Added a new Form I Expert Maneuver that can be taught by Coriic or Daeros
- Added a new General Maneuver called "Disrupt", which adds a new strategy element! (that will help combat some of the more complex/effective maneuvers)
- Added a new Niman Form-specific move related to "Disrupt", giving Form VI users a (needed, I think) boost
Posted Apr 7, 17 · OP
Untagged users

-- Clarification: Regardless of the flavor of the "attack" or "defense" rolls (be they using agility, sabers, Force, etc.), all attacks use the attack modifier, and all defense use the defense modifier. This is to limit confusion (i.e. someone saying "I'm in Soresu which gives me a -10 penalty to attack, but I do a Force blast attack! So I don't have the penalty!" ... basically: you still do). For Niman users (or others experiencing a bonus to "Force powers/abilities"), that applies to anything that is specified as a Force power--such as "Second Wind", "Moderate," or using Force-assisted moves to recover from a "Trip" or "Disarm".

-- Core change to Niman Form bonuses!
-- Improved Niman's Form-specific maneuvers and added a new one, "Focused Force Blast"
Spoiler: Show

--New General Maneuvers: "Dun Moch Technique", "Power Attack", and "Precise Attack"
Spoiler: Show

-- Jedi Denhi has an Expert Maneuver incorporating "Dun Moch"

-- There's a new Expert Maneuver in Form II called "Seize the Advantage".

-- "Learned Defense" retooled a bit. You must declare if you would like to roll twice beforehand. And, the attack penalty for doing so is up to -10, rather than -5.

--Made slight mechanical changes to "Saber Lock," "Disarm," and "Trip."
Spoiler: Show

--Changed (mostly improving) some of Akacen's Expert Maneuvers and Stances. Their earlier versions were under-powered compared to others. Their wording now works with new mechanical changes.
Posted Apr 16, 17 · OP
Untagged users

-- Re-worked Fatigue numbers
-- Added new Expert Maneuvers: Master Daeros's "Combat Sense" and Coriic's "Sunder Assault"
Posted Apr 21, 17 · OP
Untagged users

- Added new Form III-specific maneuver: "Yield the Initiative"
- Added new Form IV-specific maneuver: "Hawk-Bat Reply"
- Added new Form V-specific maneuvers: "Brace and Counter" and "Capitalize"
- Added new Expert maneuvers "Way of the Echani" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Krayt Dragon" (Coriic); "Momentum Mastery" (Daeros); “A Fork Upon the Path” (Shai’ell) "Rapid Recovery" (Form III Expert)
- Tweaked some numbers/wording on "En Su Ma Flanker" and "Rising Whirlwind" maneuvers
- Removed "Knee-Strike Riposte" maneuver (its effect has become one of the basic uses of Saber Swarm, so it is no longer "Expert"-level or necessary)
- Changed the margin needed to trigger "Opportune Strike" from 20+ to 25+
- Adjusted the "Second Wind" fatigue regain to match new numbers for Fatigue
- Clarified wording on "Aegis Stance" Fall to the Current passive
- Added new Expert Stance “The Way” (Shai’ell)
Posted Apr 26, 17 · OP
Untagged users
- Core Form change to Juyo.
- Added new Form VII-specific "Relentless Assault" and Expert Form VII maneuver, "Fueled by Fury"
- Added Expert Maneuver "Ton Su Ma Razor" (Padawan Kaidan)
- Tweaked "Hawk-Bat Reply" -- it now has more specific triggers and now only attacks as an immediate action (removing "Disrupt" as an option).
Posted Apr 27, 17 · OP
Untagged users
- Added “Makashi Salute” Form II-specific maneuver
- Added the “Jar-Kai Focus” General Maneuver
- Added clarification to "Disarm" Maneuver concerning dual-wielders
- Changes to Juyo’s Aggression Roll. It is now 44 or lower to fail it.
- Tweaked numbers on pretty much all of Juyo’s form-specific and Expert Maneuvers
- Reduced “Sunder Assault” Power Attack bonus to +5 (was +10)
- Added “Resilient Guard”, “Fortified Shelter” and “Veteran Defender” Form III Expert Maneuvers
- Added “Force Overload” Form VI Expert Maneuver
- Changed “Guard” to read that it does not lose its stacks unless it is hit by an attack that does damage (so, for example, “Precise Strike” will not break “Guard” on top applying a penalty)
- Changed “Moderate” so that it cannot be attempted on consecutive turns (after a success)
- Changed “Pushing Slash” to be an activated maneuver rather than a passive with a trigger
- Organized “Other Expert Maneuvers” section by Form
Posted May 2, 17 · OP
Untagged users
- Re-designed “Circle of Shelter” completely
- Added new mechanic to “Disarm” General maneuver: it now deals 1 damage to an opponent who is disarmed while at 1 HP
- Increased “Disarm” bonus (from +5 to +10) on “Tempered by Purpose” Form I-expert maneuver
- Removed “Fortified Shelter” and “Ripples through the Force” (from the Aegis) [due to CoS re-design. They can be re-worked to fit the new mechanics]
- "Learned Defense" can now only be used against attacks that would deal damage and is an Expert Maneuver rather than a Form III-specific
- Added new Form III-specific “Minimalist Defense” (similar to “Veteran Defender” expert maneuver, which is now removed)
- Added new Form I-specifics “Ari Strike” and “Uio Strike”
- Clarified “Moderate”’s 1/round use
- Added new General Maneuvers “Force Barrier” and “Force Sustain”
- Added new Form VI-specific Expert maneuver “Force Adept”
- Added new Form II-specific Expert maneuvers, "Arrow Strike" and “Ysalamiri Riposte"
- Added new Expert Maneuvers: “Dragon’s Roar”, “Hurricane Barrage,” “Forging Dominance”, and "Physical Strength"
(Knight Coriic)
- Added “Constant Barrage” Expert Maneuver (Master Daeros)
- Removed “Saber-Throw Feint” maneuver and replaced it with “Crippling Feint” (Master Daeros)
- Added new section for Knight Lian's Expert Maneuvers
- Lian’s “The Aegis” (now “Aegis of Light”) has been re-worked
Posted May 16, 17 · OP