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Praxological Academy Office Building

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Darth Qûor-ïq'Lepton the Aberrant has opened the doors to his new public office building located in downtown Kaas City of Dromund Kass.

Having offered instruction & guidance for many fields pertaining to the usage of the Force & its relevant trades & crafts, Qûor-ïq'Lepton has expanded the aforementioned opportunities beyond the realm of personal apprentice to include public availability. Fields of his mastery include usage of the Force through its phases of Light, Dark, & Grey, Sith Alchemy, lore mastery of the Force, fleet command, starship combat piloting, meditation, & martial arts.

At any time the public is welcome to utilize the office space for business related work or training.

Below the quarters shall be listed & described:


Reception is equipped with a detailed security & scanning system. Each visitor shall have their identity confirmed VIA palm vein pattern & their background checks refreshed upon every entrance. No exceptions.

• The Voss Embassy offers a peaceful sanctuary to absorb the wisdom & mysterious culture of the Voss during your stay. Fully furnished with books, imported flora, & a tea shop & sitting lounge, the Voss Embassy of the Praxologics Academy is a safeguard for any faction & any person.

• The Engineering Room offers a fully functional robotics & trade workshop, including two direct order Galactic Trade Network kiosks to access any market at any time.

Corridor Aurek leads to Shuttle Service, Corridor Mern, & Astrobiology-Makeb.

Corridor Mern features specimens of alchemy grown & nurtured by the academy.

Corridor to Astrobiology-Makeb offers visual tours of history & fauna pertaining to the planet & its objective significance within the recent years.

Shuttle Service offers instant access to local & inter-planetary passenger transport (within the Kaas system only. Transport to any intergalactic spaceport of your choice is available on Dromund Kaas or any other planet in the system). The Fleet Logistics terminals are also located within this garage & are utilized for Darth Qûor-ïq'Lepton's fleet & business transactions. Work contracts for shipping/hauling & agriculture are available through these terminals.


• The Conference Room is complete with a beautifully arranged seating area with addition GTN access for immediate business interaction capabilities. The personal desk of Darth Qûor-ïq'Lepton is also located in this office.

• The Amionasium offers a quiet, peaceful, & nurtured space for meditation & study with powerful relics recovered from Yavin IV.

• The Greenhouse & Alchemy Lab offers a hands-on lab for the study & practice of Sith Alchemy & gardening.

• The café sports a luxurious selection of spirits, ales, & wine from across the galaxy, as well as a fully staffed kitchen that never closes.

The Martial Arts & Discipline Terrace is the ultimate location to hone abilities & train for any physical & mental needs. Transcension Peak is the final test for personal apprentices of Darth Qûor-ïq'Lepton & can only be described thusly. This location shall never offer the same experience twice for any individual. Due to its privatized nature, public classes will never experience this location & it is reserved for those personal apprentices worthy of completion.

All are encouraged to visit the offices for official purposes, & prospective students of the Force, history, or alchemy, are behooved to write a personal letter to Darth Qûor-ïq'Lepton so as to inquire about instruction!

Thank you for reading,
Admin. Feera
Posted Jan 30, 17 · OP
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Posted Jan 30, 17 · OP · Last edited Jan 30, 17
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