Since I spend a lot of time just figuring out ways to arrange the clutter of this game (items, abilities, etc.) I figured I'd share my approach to it, in case other people have struggled or are struggling. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's arrived at this, or even a better method of organizing, but it can't hurt to share it.

First, the Cargo Hold(s) and Legacy Bank. Crafting Materials in particular.

When you have a lot of characters and a lot of Crew Skills (all, or almost all of them), storing and moving materials can be a pain. This is how I do it on my characters, but if you have less materials and crew skills you might find this to be a waste of space rather than a convenient method of organizing them.

My 3rd Tab in my Legacy Bank is devoted to crafting materials. (You'll notice a lot of blank spots where materials are missing, this is generally because I've used them all up, but the moment you get more you know exactly where to put them.)

This one tab can hold all of the following Green, Blue and Purple Quality materials (ranks 1-10).
(Synthweaving / Artifice)
-Power Crystals
-Artifact Fragments
-Luxury Fabrics
(Cybertech, Armormech and Armstech)
-Scavenged Metals
-Scavenged Compounds
-Underworld Metals (Could swap for Researched Compounds if bigger into Armstech)


What about everything else? Color Crystals for example? The following materials (for example) can go into individual banks, particularly if you only have one dedicated Artificer, Biochemist, etc.

-Artifice Bonded Attachment
-Red, Blue and Green Color Crystals


-Biochemical Cell Grafts
-Biochemical Samples
-Biochemical Compounds
-Medical Supplies
-Medical Equipment (White Vendor Materials)


That's all for now, but I might post again with keybinds and my action bar layout incase anyone hasn't figured one out yet or isn't satisfied with theirs.