***Disclaimer: While these organizations are genuine bureaus from the Legends lore, information regarding whether or not they are currently active, as well as which Ministry they fall under and answer too, can be disputed. Therefore, this guide contains mild speculation. When viable, speculated information will be colored in YELLOW.***

The Core Governance

Legislative Body: The Galactic Senate
Judicial Body: The Supreme Court
Executive Body: The Supreme Chancellor

The General Ministry
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The Four Ministries of the Supreme Chancellor's Office

Ministry of Defense -
Alternately known as the Defense Committee, was responsible for the management of the Republic’s armed forces. All military organizations fell under this Ministry’s purview.

Ministry of Economic Development -
The Ministry of Economic Development was tasked with aiding in the economic advancement of Republic-aligned worlds. Agencies that revolved around agricultural needs, education, health and safety, science, and the economy were matters that this Ministry oversaw.

Ministry of Internal Security -
The Ministry of Internal Security was responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the Supreme Chancellor, senators, dignitaries, diplomats, ambassadors, and other V.I.P.s.

The Ministry of Jurisprudence -
The Ministry of Jurisprudence was responsible for administration of matters that centered around the principles of Laws and Justice. The Republic’s Supreme Court and Regional Courts operated under the purview of this Ministry and law enforcement endeavors were also under its supervision.

Alternate Agencies and Bureaus by Field of Interest

General Services and Record Keeping -
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Media and Outreach -
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Commerce and Budgets -
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Treasury and Taxation -
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Health and Public Safety -
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Scientific Advancement and Agriculture -
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Law Enforcement and Judicial Practice -
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Intelligence and Diplomacy -
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