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HoloTracker: Include (1) Character's In-Game Name, (2) Faction, and (3) Location
HoloTracker [1333]
Sun at 1:12
A bounty hunter in armor of vaguely-Mandalorian style has been spotted shopping on the Promenade. He appears to be looking for infant-sized clothes. (Eksa [alt code 0228 on the "a"] Bendak, Empire, Nar Shaddaa instance 3, coordinates X -1083 Y -712)
Sun at 2:45
The hunter has made his purchases and departed.
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Seraph's Personal Handbook: How to RP Law Enforcement

11 replies
Donariad -

I'm glad that you enjoyed the guide! I've been RPing a law enforcement character since late 2013. It's certainly not the easiest field of RP, that's for certain. I just hope that my personal guide helps facilitate RP for others and minimizes any negativity and OOC conflict for them :)

Stevemcgarret/Bukas Koyis -

Happy that my guide made an impression, and I hope that it serves as a proper platform for your Guild! Please do not forget to accredit me as the author of the guide when you post it, if you'd be so kind.
Report all crimes to the Ministry of Laws and Justice for due processing. It is not only your responsibility, but your moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety and security of our sovereign territories. Failure to notify Imperial authorities of unlawful elements is a punishable offense, resulting in appropriate sanctions.
Posted Mar 1, 17 · OP · Last edited Mar 1, 17
[quote=[GB] Ráylenn / Vaktun"]The GRPF's actually taking advice now?[/quote]

I'm assuming you have had a negative RPing experience with one of our guild members then, nevertheless we are actually pushing for chances in the GRPF's recruitment process, rules and their enforcement, etcetera. If you have any suggestions feel free to PM me them :)
Posted Mar 1, 17 · Last edited Mar 1, 17
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