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[KOTET Spoilers] The Future of The Old Republic

12 replies
Considering you can max your ranks in a month's time -- Its not going to last that long. There -is- a rank cap (300).

Where did you get that info from? Poeple on the Dulfy site say that even if you hit the caps as much as possible, it will take a year to get to 300. Not a month.

Seeing the weekly limit is less than what is needed to get a level for 2/3rds of the grind.... So 200 levels, with 1,5 weeks for each level is around 300 weeks.

I don't see how a month is possible. At least not unless you live on another planet.
Posted Dec 6, 16
I seem to recall them mentioned that while they didn't have anything planned for Darth Jadus in KOTET, they recognized his popularity among the playerbase. Perhaps he will have a role in whatever our next adversary is.
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Posted Dec 6, 16
Quite frankly, what I want to happen is the same thing I was hoping for after the Revanite expansion let out...

We get to go explore the Rishi Galaxy. New races, new planets, and new resources for the Empire and the Republic to wage war over. We've already learned through the Sith Inquisitor storyline that there is advanced alien life out there.
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Posted Dec 6, 16 · Last edited Dec 6, 16
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