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HoloTracker: Include (1) Character's In-Game Name, (2) Faction, and (3) Location
HoloTracker [1333]
Sun at 1:12
A bounty hunter in armor of vaguely-Mandalorian style has been spotted shopping on the Promenade. He appears to be looking for infant-sized clothes. (Eksa [alt code 0228 on the "a"] Bendak, Empire, Nar Shaddaa instance 3, coordinates X -1083 Y -712)
Sun at 2:45
The hunter has made his purchases and departed.
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IMPORTANT [Feedback] How Can We Grow?

11 replies
Actualy the removal of expertise should make world based pvp significantly more balanced. Because of the level scaling, one of the issues currently with world PVP is that expertise does not scale down. Without expertise all stats should normalize fairly close to each other with the level scaling.
I assumed that much, still we will have to wait and fully see the impact of its removal. As we already know now, PvP is now wager on two aspects. Stats and player skill. It is the stats aspect that has me curious and what it is we will expect in the coming months. I've already spoken with several writers of numerous PvP guides and many can agree we will see builds harboring towards min/maxing and stat layouts based around skills used. It's certainly looking to be a more diverse system than it once was.
Posted Oct 22, 16
Yes but none of that really matters for world pvp because of how the level scaling of stats works, it's only going to be even remotely relevant on higher level planets like Yavin.
Posted Oct 22, 16
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