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Open RP The Smiling Sarlacc Cantina

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Cossick's brows perk up slightly, admitting a bit of shock. "I'd be a fool to say no." Gesturing towards the scanner. "But to answer your question, there are a few suspected." Tossing a data chip onto the table. "Names and basic information of those suspected. I'd check into myself, but I'm content with keeping to my business. I've seen enough war for quite a few lifetimes." The sleeve to his jacket slides down slightly on his right arm. A brief exposure of a tattooed serial number, bearing the indiscriminate insignia of the Zakuul. He was once a prisoner of war.

"Give the Eternal Empire my regards, and if you ever need anything in the future, I can be reached through a back channel in Imperial networks. Catalogued under a supply log, file zero three four. Anything sent and received self encrypts. Location provided, and payments will be dealt on delivery. Consider yourself lucky, Sith. I don't do this for anyone; but I have a good feeling about ya." He whisks up a drink off of a try from a passing serving girl, she was quick to turn around, giggling slightly at his brashness. It was clear he was a household name on Nar Shaddaa. "If anything else, I have to meet with a Hutt, should be arriving soon... The cartel and there appearances..." He muttered something under his breath before taking a drink, indistinguishable at best, but a clear disdain was obvious.
Posted Oct 26, 16 · OP
He nods and leans forwards in the chair slightly, saying:

It's a deal then, on behalf of the Sith Empire i duly thank you for the business, Cossick. As for the Hutt though, i'd expect a double-cross or a trap. Mind if i stay awhile? *He nods at and beckons Vrakkel over*
Posted Oct 26, 16
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