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IMPORTANT Mission Statement and Forum Policies

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Mission Statement

The purpose of is to provide players of the Star Wars: The Old Republic server, The Ebon Hawk, a safe environment with which to connect with one another, to share and discuss topics of interest, and to provide a variety of tools and resources to enrich their SWTOR experience.

General Website Policies
(Site rules and Forum Moderator Actions are restricted to the Community Website. Misconduct that takes place off-site (i.e. in-game, on other communities or websites, as well as Enjin walls) is beyond the authority of any of the Staff, barring examples of excessive abuse or harassment.)

  • Users are expected to show respect to everyone on this site, regardless of Race, Ethnicity, Sex, Gender, Beliefs, Values, Guild, Faction, and Player Associations.

  • Users will not target or harass other Members or Groups in a libelous or defamatory manner, or in a way that is otherwise threatening, abusive, violent, harassing, malicious or harmful to any person or entity, or invasive of another’s privacy.

  • Users must avoid Trolling, Flame Baiting, and Spam, including, but not limited to irrelevant/unnecessary commentary (in the form of post-reply, pictures, gifs, memes, or otherwise) not conducive to thread discussions.

  • Users must not post anything in which they falsely claim to be the owner or creator of.

  • Users are expected to adhere to specific forum board guidelines, including the use of Labels, bracket tags, and formatting.

  • Users must ensure that all NSFW content is labeled appropriately and accordingly (see below).

  • Users will not partake in behavior that is in violation of the Enjin Terms of Service.

  • Users will not post anything that violates United States law, where applicable.

  • Users understand that failure to adhere to any of the aforementioned Website Policies - following ample warnings - will result in additional actions, including and up to permanent IP bans. Any attempts to subvert bans will be escalated to Enjin Site Staff.

Additional Forum Guidelines

The following sections serve as clarifications to existing policies listed above, or seek to explain policies that may fall slightly outside of the general forum guidelines.

Regarding Bans

Permanent site-wide bans may be appealed after a period of thirty days. Those seeking to appeal will be required to specify the reason for their original ban, the steps they've taken to address the behavior, and what they will do going forward to avoid further complications.

Site staff will review the matter and vote based on what information has been presented to them. Should the Staff find the response(s) adequate, the ban will be removed. Should the individual be found to have broken any further guidelines, another permanent ban will be applied to the user's account - this ban, however, can not be appealed.

Repeatedly Re-Joining the Website and Creating Multiple Accounts

As indicated above: In an attempt to prevent the ability or efforts to circumvent disciplinary action, and to reduce the inconvenience to the Staff, Users who (1) leave and re-join the Website or (2) create multiple accounts (excludes logging into Characters through Enjin Profile) on more than three separate occasions will result in:

1. A User ID and User IP ban;
2. Having all posts associated with each User/Account permanently deleted;
3. Escalation of the user's information and violations to Enjin Site Staff.

As an informal recommendation, if you are ever compelled to leave the website (for whatever reason), but feel you would like to continue to browse at some point in the future, you are not required to log-in or post.

NSFW Policy

Although does not feature NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, members are not restricted from posting NSFW content in their own posted threads. Since parts of the website may be viewed by the general public, or by users who may not wish to view certain content, it is out of respect that we ask users to label threads appropriately. As such, users are expected to adhere to the following guidelines when posting any NSFW content:

  1. Thread titles must contain and be proceeded by '[nsfw]'.

  2. The Original Post should contain a Warning at the top to briefly describe the content of the thread and its subsequent post-replies. This can be performed with the following BBC code: [warning]TEXT HERE[/warning].

  3. NSFW content includes, but not limited to: sex, sexual themes or graphic violence depicting excessive violence, gore, mutilation, children, infants, rape, and material that is otherwise unsuited for adolescent audiences or outside the typical themes commonly associated with the Star Wars universe.

  4. Review the example below.

NSFW Example wrote:
Thread Title: [nsfw] NSFW Pin-Ups

Thread Content:

The following contains graphical depictions of nudity and sexual intercourse

nsfw image links here

No Images/Video Allowed in the Chat Box

Due to technical issues caused by images and videos posted directly to the Chat Box, which has been found to disrupt the browsing experience for users, members are kindly asked to (1) post the URL of the image/video, or (2) contain the Image/video in spoiler tags.

Additionally, as with any posts or threads, chatbox-based links to NSFW images, videos, or content must be accompanied by a clear warning and disclaimer. Site Guidelines, updated January 2019
Posted Oct 1, 16 · OP · Last edited Jan 8, 19
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Chatbox Etiquette

Overview & Guidelines
While the original post in this topic was meant to cover every aspect of the site, the site staff have determined that some further clarification is needed in order to prevent further issues in our community chatbox.

Many new arrivals to the community see the chatbox first and foremost, and thus base their initial feelings off that first interaction (even if they aren't actively partaking in the discussion at that time). Unfortunately, time and time again, users have shown that they are fully capable and even willing to blatantly disregard the site guidelines when it comes to conducting themselves in the chatbox.

As such, users are reminded that they are expected to understand and comply with the following guidelines:

  • Respect everyone, regardless of their affiliations or views.

  • Do not target other users maliciously.

  • Absolutely no Trolling, Flame Baiting, or Spamming.

  • With regards to these three guidelines: Just because you may not like someone - or even simply disagree with them - doesn't mean you get free reign to treat them like garbage. Again, this goes for the entire site, and should be fairly obvious, but it's been determined that this needed to be pointed out once more.

  • By extension: if you have an issue with another individual, we ask that you please deal with it in private - do not utilize the chatbox as a platform for mudslinging. It is intended for discussion and coordination, not conflict resolution.

  • Users are not to incite blatantly controversial or hostile discussions.

  • While this is not intended to stifle intelligent discussion, users have historically been unable to maturely discuss complicated subjects (i.e. politics or religion) without resorting to insults or outright hostility. This type of behavior has no place on this website, and we kindly ask that users respectfully take such discussions to private - hopefully less volatile - channels.

  • We will be allowing users to utilize their own judgment to determine what constitutes appropriate topics for discussion, but should a moderator or administrator need to step in, it is expected that the topic immediately be changed to something less problematic. Ignoring or outright questioning the directive will lead to consequences.

  • NSFW content must be labeled appropriately, if posted at all.

  • Preferably, we would like to keep NSFW content contained to certain threads on the forums, but so long as the content is clearly labeled (to prevent errant mis-clicks), it will be allowed in the chatbox.

Handling a Chatbox Situation
Should a situation arise in the chatbox, the staff ask that users please not take matters into their own hands. In most instances it does nothing but fan the flames and cause further violations. Help us by holding yourselves to a higher standard, and by not making the problem bigger.

As for what to do:
Users should immediately contact the site staff (all of them) through appropriate channels and let them handle the situation accordingly. Contact information for the moderators may be found in the Staff Information topic. To assist with response time, we again ask that you reach out to all of us (this also ensures no matters slip between the cracks - we mean well, but we are human).

Though it should go without saying, we will require proof of any violations; sometimes situations may arise that are not readily apparent. Chatscroll can often go by fast, and if we're otherwise occupied at that moment, it may take us a little while to find what we're looking for.

Any users found to be in violation of the above guidelines will be severely disciplined. Obviously, we're seeking to curb this behavior, so we'll be treating chatbox violations in a harsher manner than in the traditional sense. As such, should a staff member be required to remove a user from the chatbox, the following punishment scale will be utilized:

  • First Offense: Revocation of Chatbox Privileges for seven (7 days).
  • Second Offense: Revocation of Chatbox Privileges for 30 (30 days).
  • Final Offense: Permanent Revocation of Chatbox Privileges

Permanent chatbox bans (much like standard site-wide bans) may be appealed after a period of thirty days; site staff will review the matter and vote based on what information has been presented to them. Bans will only be removed if the staff come to a unanimous decision. Chatbox Etiquette, October 2016 (Updated January 2019)
Posted Oct 1, 16 · OP · Last edited Jan 8, 19
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Moderator Code of Conduct

All EBHawk staff members, including Administrators, Moderators, and Site Contributors are volunteers who have chosen to take on the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of this website by upholding its Mission Statement and Policies, by acting in a professional and unbiased manner when exercising their permissions, and performing day-to-day tasks necessary for the website to continue functioning properly.

As such, EBHawk Staff are expected to adhere to the following directives:

  • Site staff will maintain and follow the site guidelines as laid out in this topic, without exception.

  • All website-wide and forum-based actions must be mentioned in the corresponding thread or recorded in the Forum Management Log.

  • All threads and posts are subject to be Moved, Locked, Edited, or Deleted if its content meets any of the following criteria...

    1. Belongs in a more appropriate location.
    2. Is found to be inactive, outdated, or irrelevant to current events and trends.
    3. Targets Members, Players, Guilds, or Characters with malicious intent.
    4. Is found to be unhealthy or unsuitable for the greater EBHawk membership.
    5. Contains private and sensitive personal information.
    6. Violates United States Law.

  • All conflicts and disputes will be approached on a 'case by case' basis by the EBHawk Staff, and if possible, will be addressed in private to limit outside escalation. Disclaimer: While maintaining privacy is EBHawk's goal regarding these matters, certain situations simply may not allow us this approach.

  • EBHawk Staff may be reached via PM to address any outstanding questions, comments, or clarifications with regards to specific staff decisions or actions.

Failure to adhere to the above will result in the forfeiture of the position(s) held by that individual. Any extreme violations will be handled in a fashion deemed appropriate by the remaining site staff, up to and including permanent User and IP ban.

EBHawk Moderator Code of Conduct, October 2016
Posted Oct 1, 16 · OP · Last edited Oct 1, 16
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